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Chapter 74: I“m Not Running Because I“m Scared!

Chapter 74: I'm Not Running Because I'm Scared!

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Just as Mu Zi Xian finished speaking, a mass of bubbles suddenly floated up from the depths of the marsh. Amidst the bubbles, a large head with a putrid rotting smell emerged.

"The game designers really do have a very strong taste for horror… they could have just let the boss spawn normally…"

HP: 30000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Fear], [Life Drain], [Soul Transfer], [Dark Entry]

This was an Independent Mode Magician boss. Wang Yu didn't want to take any chances and immediately swung his pole.

The Jack O Lantern was bashed by Wang Yu till it couldn't even float steadily. All of a sudden, it suddenly vanished and reappeared behind Wang Yu with its huge mouth open to bite him.

Wang Yu was instantly able to sense the Jack O Lantern's position. Without even turning around, Wang Yu jumped backwards and landed on its face. He instantly swapped to his gloves and used [Crushing Blow] on its face.

However, at this moment, the Jack O Lantern uttered an ear piercing laugh, causing Wang Yu's body to run backwards.

This was the fabled [Fear]! It didn't matter if the player was actually afraid, as long as the system decided that you were afraid, your character would naturally run away!

The Jack O Lantern seemingly realised how powerful Wang Yu was and immediately used [Fear] on him before charging towards Yang Nuo. Seeing it approach her, Yang Nuo immediately sidestepped as she raised her bow and shot the monster's only eye.


The Jack O Lantern let out a pained cry and immediately started chasing Yang Nuo around.

Yang Nuo unhurriedly shot an arrow as she retreated. Yang Nuo was currently less than three meters away from the boss as she continued to dodge its attacks and shoot arrow after arrow with pinpoint accuracy! Everytime the Jack O Lantern was about to bite get, Yang Nuo would twist get body slightly and avoid it!

Seeing this, Wang Yu could only coldly laugh.

Although Yang Nuo's actions weren't large, Wang Yu was still able to follow it with his incredible eyesight and could tell that it was the Yang Clan's evasion art, the Seven Star Steps!

Yang Nuo really was using Independent Mode!

If it wasn't for that, what kind of Archer would try to fight a boss in melee range like this?

Since Independent Mode didn't have the assistance of the system, arrows naturally wouldn't be as accurate. Only by fighting in close proximity like this could one ensure that the arrows would land!

What's more, doing something like dodging while shooting was something that even an Olympic medallist wouldn't have been able to accomplish.

The Jack O Lantern had originally thought that Yang Nuo was a weak little archer that would have been easy to deal with. However, it's poor judgment had led it to suffer serious losses. After [Soul Transfer] had ended its cooldown, the Jack O Lantern immediately used [Fear] and then teleported next to Mu Zi Xian.

Mu Zi Xian was a more strategic and theoretical player. When discussing the fight she was still ok, but when it came to an actual fight, she wasn't even comparable to Li Xue and the rest. Seeing that the Jack O Lantern had come to attack her, she immediately covered her face with her shield and squatted down to scream.

Before attacking, the Jack O Lantern shot a green beam from its body and linked itself to Mu Zi Xian.

As Mu Zi Xian's health steadily dropped, the damage that Yang Nuo had previously dealt quickly recovered.


As Mu Zi Xian was about to be drained to death, a pole flew forward and struck the Jack O Lantern's face, forcibly shifting its body and disrupting the [Life Drain].

Without waiting for the Jack O Lantern to stabilise itself, Wang Yu dashed forward and grabbed the pole. Slamming it onto the ground, Wang Yu flew into the air and landed a vicious stomp on its face!

"Boom!" The Jack O Lantern was knocked into a stunned state by Wang Yu's attacks. Even the creator of [Thunder God's Stomp] wouldn't have thought that the skill could be used like this.


Lighting damage had always had a suppressive effect on dark affiliated monsters. Wang Yu's high level of perfection had caused his attack to have a stunning effect. The attack caused a small cluster of revolving stars to appear above the Jack O Lantern's head.

After sending the Jack O Lantern flying, Wang Yu didn't let up at all and continued to strike it with the pole. As Wang Yu swung the pole, a flurry of pole afterimages sealed of the Jack O Lantern's escape path. With his high attack and true damage, Wang Yu had beaten the boss to the point where it couldn't resist at all!

When Yang Nuo's fear status had finally worn off, she stood behind Wang Yu and fired arrow after arrow. Within moments, the boss had only 30% of its health left!

"Shaaaa! Shaaaaaa! Shaaaaaaaaa!"

When the Large Jack O Lantern's health fell to 30%, it let out a pained cry and activated [Soul Transfer].

Seeing this, Wang Yu and Yang Nuo immediately jumped back and prepared to defend Mu Zi Xian.


When they raised their heads to look at the source of the sound, the two of them saw the Jack O Lantern's hideous face dissolve into a dark mist and charged towards the three of them.

Yang Nuo quickly notched an arrow and shot it only to discover that physical attacks weren't able to damage it at all!

As the mist approached them, Wang Yu swung the pole and sent Yang Nuo flying out of its range. Meanwhile, he rolled out of the way and used [Void Seizing Palms] to pull Mu Zi Xian to safety.

After being smacked by Wang Yu, Yang Nuo viciously glared at him.

He had been so gentle with his wife and yet just hit her away without any hesitation! Was the bastard still human?

Wang Yu ignored Yang Nuo and shot a [Rippling Wave] at the approaching mist causing it to be knocked back slightly. Seizing the opportunity, Wang Yu immediately used [Thunder God's Stomp] on it.

After being hit by two of Wang Yu's skills, the black mist dissipated slightly before immediately trying to fly past Wang Yu at the two girls.

Just at this moment, Wang Yu's [Void Seizing Palms] just finished its cooldown and he immediately used it on the boss. A white vortex appeared and pulled the black mist black to him.

With the Pugilist's naturally low cooldowns and mana costs, Wang Yu then seamlessly chained the three skills together and beat the boss into a tiny wisp of black smoke before it disappeared altogether and left a pile of items on the ground.

Yang Nuo walked forward and picked up a token out of all the items that the boss dropped. The rest was given to Wang Yu.

Physical Attack: 12-19

Magical Attack: 30-45

+ 7 Intelligence

+ 3 Spirit


[Life Drain] (Active): Constructs a life draining chain between the user and the target. Deals damage to the target to the target every second and heals the user based on damage dealt. Lasts for 5 seconds.

[Silence] (Active): Silences target for 3 seconds.

Job Requirement: Priest, Magician

Level Requirement: 15

[Fear]: Uncommon Skill, use the power of darkness to terrify a target. Target will flee from the user for 5 seconds.

Class Requirement: Dark Shaman

[Dark Entry]: Uncommon Skill, the user transforms into a dark mist and becomes immune to physical damage while gaining the ability to fly. Enemies in the mist receive 70% of user's magical attack as damage per second.

Class Requirement: Dark Shaman

The staff had average attributes, however, the two skills could deal damage and restrain opponents! These two were extremely valuable!

These two skill books were something that players would definitely yearn for, especially [Dark Entry]. Not only would it give physically damage immunity, it even granted users the ability to fly! Even a noob like Wang Yu could tell how valuable it was.

Mu Zi Xian gently trapped Wang Yu's shoulder and whispered: "This is her quest! She's already contributed so much so how can you just take all the items?"

"I'm preventing any misfortunes from befalling her due to too much wealth! What's more, it's not like she needs these items." Wang Yu replied.

Looking at Mu Zi Xian's awkward expression, Yang Nuo laughed: "Don't take it to heart Sister Xian! All I wanted was to kill the boss and retrieve this token. I don't need any of the other items!"

"See? What did I tell you…" Wang Yu mumbled.

"Urk…" Mu Zi Xian felt very helpless. She knew Wang Yu's temperament very well. He was usually very magnanimous and understanding so she had never seen him pick on anyone like this before.

After another quick sweep of the area, Wang Yu looked at the time and suddenly noticed that there were only a few minutes before the new year event started and hurriedly said: "I need to rush off now."

"En. Go on then." Mu Zi Xian nodded. Since the two of them had just started, they naturally didn't bother with the new year's event.

"Add me as a friend please!" Yang Nuo cheerfully shouted as she sent Wang Yu a friend request.

After receiving the request, Wang Yu privately messaged her: "I don't care what's your agenda against me but you better not touch a hair on Sister Xian's head! I'm not running because I'm scared, it's because I don't want to make things difficult for everyone, understand?"

After looking at Wang Yu's message, Yang Nuo just silently closed the chat.