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Chapter 79: The Unobtainable Musket

Chapter 79: The Unobtainable Musket

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After killing Nian, Spring Halo suddenly noticed the Musket hanging by Wang Yu's waist.

"Is that a secondary weapon?" Spring Halo pointed at the Musket as he asked.

Secondary weapons were extremely hard to find in <

The Musket had turned into a crafting recipe that could ultimately turn into a weapon.

"..." The duo stared speechlessly at Musket... it seemed as though the system had already predicted that players would try to do this.

Musket recipe... This would require someone with a Blacksmith crafting class to use. Spring Halo had chosen a Pharmacist as his sub class, while Wang Yu had yet to obtain a sub class, this recipe was useless to both of them.

"F*ck it, let's just slowly train, must as well take advantage of the situation." Spring Halo dejectedly said.

Just like this, this duo spent the entire afternoon killing Vagrant Musketeers and Baby Nian's.

But Wang Yu didn't give up, occasionally still trying to steal the Musket from the Vagrant Musketeers, hoping to find one that could be used. But reality told him that the system wasn't so kind.

Wang Yu's stubbornness had caused even Spring Halo to be surprised as he asked: "What's the point of trying?"

"I'm training my martial arts! This is quite a good skill to practice, who knows if anyone will ever point a gun at me." Wang Yu indifferently replied.

"..." Spring Halo was speechless, exactly what kind of background did this guy have, why would anyone point a gun at him.

"I think it's time for me to go, it's quite late already." Spring Halo said after they had killed another wave of Vagrant Musketeers.

"But it's still so early." Wang Yu looked at the time and realised that it was only 5 in the afternoon. Wang Yu's impression of the Quan Zhen Sect was that they hardly ever logged off the game.

"I'm going to cook for my wife." Spring Halo replied.

"Aren't you afraid others will say that you're henpecked?" Wang Yu curiously asked.

"Listen carefully young man, in this world, there's no such thing as a henpecked husband, only a man that respects his wife!" Spring Halo laughed.

"Makes sense, then let's log off together!" Wang Yu looked at Spring Halo with admiration in his eyes.