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Chapter 80: Nian Boss

Chapter 80: Nian Boss

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Since it was still early, Wang Yu naturally didn't just return to the city to log off. Instead, he went directly to the smithy.

A few hours had already passed and Wang Yu's weapon had already finished upgrading. In the real world, Wang Yu didn't rely on weapons. However, in game, the difference between high grade and low grade weapons were really really too vast.

Twilight City was usually very peaceful but for some reason, fights were breaking out everywhere on the street.

"Holy shit is everyone going insane?" Wang Yu asked.

"Who knows man. Maybe it's because we stole that monster or something. These Nian are pretty rare actually and fighting over monsters like these is actually quite common in games." Spring Halo lightly answered.

When Wang Yu entered the smithy he found that it was almost empty. Ever since the event started, most players were out hunting monsters rather than crafting.

When Wang Yu entered the smithy, one of the Blacksmiths named "Building The Future" immediately greeted him: "Boss you're back!". One look at his name made it obvious that this player was completely dedicated to crafting.

After watching Wang Yu convince Simba to help him, Wang Yu had already become a god in the eyes of these Blacksmiths.

Wang Yu lightly nodded before walking up to Simba and asking: "Uncle Simba are my gloves ready?"

Simba lazily looked up at Wang Yu and yawned: "10 gold!"

"What? Didn't I already give you the three jars of wine?" Wang Yu choked.

"The three jars were just the deposit! You think such a paltry amount of money can pay for my divine skills?" Simba arrogantly replied.

"Alright alright, whatever you say then…" Fortunately, Wang Yu wasn't lacking any money at the moment so he just took out 10 gold coins and traded them for his gloves.

<Martial Artist's Regret (Fist Weapon) (Gold) (Broken) (Repairable)

Physical Attack: 80-80

Magical Attack: 80-80

+ 10 Strength

+ 10 Dexterity


[Haste] (Passive): Attack speed is increased by 30%

[Spread] (Passive): 15% of physical damage dealt to the target will hit the monsters surrounding it, up to a maximum of 65% of the original attack.

[Battle Fury] (Passive): Every 5% of health lost grants one stack of Battle Fury. Each stack of Battle Fury increases attack by 1%.

Special ability:

[Swallow] (Passive): This equipment can merge with other equipment of the same type, to repair itself and advance its grade.

Level Requirement: 10

Job Requirement: Martial Artist

The main attributes had doubled and a new passive [Battle Fury] had been added! Overall, Wang Yu was incredibly satisfied with the results.

"Thank you very much, Uncle Simba!" Wang Yu exclaimed as he took out another jar of wine and handed it to Simba.

Although the old coot's fees were exorbitant, the final product really did exceed expectations. Furthermore, out of all the NPCs, Wang Yu had met, he was one of the most honest.

"Heh! Not bad kid! Really worthy of being someone recommended by that damned Informant! Do you have any interest in inheriting my skills?" Simba asked as he accepted the wine.

Hearing this, the ever silent Building The Future suddenly emotionally shouted: "Boss the Divine Smith wants to take you as a disciple! Quickly accept it!"

"This…" Wang Yu hesitated.

Taking up a sub class was something that he had never considered before. Training a sub class was not as hard it seemed. However, after looking at the musket around his waist, Wang Yu suddenly changed his mind.

"Yes! I do!" Wang Yu resolutely replied.

To craft a gun type secondary weapon, one needed to be a Blacksmith. If he actually managed to acquire the blueprints for it then crafting would definitely be more lucrative than fighting bosses.

"You got guts kid! I like that! In my youth, I wholeheartedly pursued the path of a Divine Smith so I went to the Dusk Mine to gather materials. However, after increasing my rank, I lost the hammer in the depths of the mines, the Dusk Quarry. Can you retrieve it for me?" Simba asked.

<System Notification: You have triggered the hidden quest: Divine Smith's Lost Tool. Difficulty: A. Accept?


<System Notification: You have accepted the hidden quest: You have accepted the hidden quest: Divine Smith's Tool. Go to the Dusk Quarry to retrieve it. Thunderclap 0/1

Things said by the system really weren't logical. Simba was probably about fifty or sixty years old now. It should have probably been tens of years since he dropped Thunderclap yet Simba had never tried to find it himself.

After accepting the quest, Wang Yu didn't rush to complete it but logged off on the spot.

After logging off, Wang Yu went to the kitchen with the intent cooking himself a meal. After struggling for awhile, Wang Yu realised that aside from turning the stove on, he knew nothing at all.

Was the oil or vegetables supposed to go into the wok first? No… he needed to chop the vegetables first… Wait no, he needed to wash them before chopping…

Wang Yu held an eggplant in one hand and a cucumber in the other at a loss for what to do.

As Wang Yu was trying to make up his mind, Mu Zi Xian walked into the kitchen and saw Wang Yu struggling and couldn't help but giggle: "Honey you're hungry right? It's all my fault… I played till I lost track of the time."

"No no darling it's fine. I wanted to prepare a meal for you actually…" Wang Yu replied.

Hearing this, Mu Zi Xian immediately ran in front of the stove and inspected the gas before finally calming down and saying: "You're not allowed in the kitchen anymore understand!"

"Ok…" Wang Yu replied. There really was still was some distance between Wang Yu and his ideal of a good husband…

"How come you logged off?" Wang Yu asked.

"I saw you log off so I logged off too…" Mu Zi Xian chuckled.

"Oh…" Wang Yu was stunned for a moment before lovingly stroking her hair and mumbling: "Silly girl… just enjoy the game yourself… you don't need to worry about me…"

After finishing the meal, Wang Yu logged back into the game only to find the city engulfed in the flames of war.

Seeing this scene, Wang Yu couldn't help but shake his head. Were these players really that free? Couldn't they just forgive and forget for the new year? Or at the very least sit down and talk it out?

Just as Wang Yu was about to go to the Dusk Quarry, his notification tab suddenly flashed.

"You're finally online! Quickly come to the headquarters, there's a Nian Boss!" Fearless shouted.


Wang Yu sent a one word reply as he rushed to the movement formation.

When he reached the headquarters, Wang Yu saw the entire Quan Zhen Sect currently facing off with a Nian Boss.

<Sunset Nian (LV 30) (BOSS) (Special)

HP: 500000

MP: 100000

Skills: [Beast King's Roar], [Sunset Charge], [Sunset Guard]

This Nian was much larger than the Baby Nian and normal Nian that Wang Yu had encountered before. It was almost the same size as Andrea in her Queen of Hell mode.

Spring Halo was currently controlling his ghosts to surround the boss. With a wave of his staff, a layer of green light emerged on the ghosts bodies.

This was the [Vitality Boost] that he had recently picked up which increased the heath of his summoned ghosts by 400!

Crotch Lord was also currently on the frontlines. After using [Taunt] to draw the aggro, he then used [Shield Bash] to follow up.

Even though both Spring Halo and Crotch Lord were tanking, the Nian Boss' attack was so high they were barely holding on.

Behind the two of them was Fearless who was also covered in a layer of sweat. Li Xue was in an even sorrier state and consuming numerous mana potions at the moment.

"You guys can't handle it?" Seeing the situation, Wang Yu immediately charged into the fray.

"We can tank it, but it's defenses are just too motherf**king high! Even my [Lightning Blast] only does a few tens of damage!" Ming Du shouted from the backlines.