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Chapter 82: Taking Advantage Of The Terrain

Chapter 82: Taking Advantage Of The Terrain

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"Ah? What's this?" Seeing the familiar shape of the item Wang Yu pulled out, the rest couldn't help but ask.

"A firecracker! Haven't you seen one before?"

Having seen the damage that the musket did to the Nian, Wang Yu instantly thought of the firecracker and fireworks that he picked up earlier. Maybe the drops from the other Nians were meant for players to use when fighting the boss!

"Ohhhhh! No wonder it looked so familiar! We have it too!" The rest nodded. Ever since the event started, all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect had already encountered and slain a few Nian by themselves.

"Take it out and blast it then!" Wang Yu shouted as he charged forward.

Muskets were a physical damage weapon so it was only natural that Wang Yu gave them to the three highest damage dealers in the team. Secondary weapons all added on the base attributes of the players so the damage that Boson and the rest dealt to the Nian was much higher than Spring Halo.

Frost Blade's attacks even managed to deal over 1800 per shot!

The higher the damage that the others dealt to the Nian, the more unstable the aggro became. If Spring Halo didn't have a musket of his own and constantly used [Distortion], the boss would have long since decimated the party.

The lower the Nian's health was, the higher the pressure on Spring Halo and the rest. Right as the Nian was about to unleash another skill and they were about to lose control, Wang Yu suddenly roared.

"Get out of the way!"

The four of them quickly scattered as Wang Yu flew past them.


With a loud roar, the Nian's [Beast King's Roar] echoed through the valley. Right at this moment, Wang Yu's muscles bulged as he forcefully threw the firecrackers into the Nian's mouth.


An enormous blood red number floated above the Nian's head.


With another roar, the Nian lunged towards Wang Yu again.

Before the Nian had landed, Wang Yu quickly rolled to the spot its belly would be at and lit up another firework.



At this point, Wang Yu noticed that the Nian was trembling slightly as though it was afraid.

Having been hit by firecrackers twice, the Nian lost its will to fight and immediately turned and fled.

Seeing the Nian fleeing, the rest couldn't help but wonder aloud: "What skill is this? Is it setting up some kind of ambush?"

"Ambush your mum! The f**king thing is running away!" Fearless shouted.

"F**k! It can do that?" They all cried out in shock.

An in game boss knew how to run away? Wasn't this design a little too moral-less?

Without a second word, the entire Quan Zhen Sect immediately ran after the Nian. If they really allowed an event boss to run away right under their noses then how could they still call themselves gamers?

Activating [Ghost], Wang Yu's speed instantly increased as he raced towards the Nian. Casting [Rippling Wave] on the ground, Wang Yu launched himself into the air with the shockwave and then immediately pulled out his pole and jabbed towards the canyon walls to boost himself in front of the Nian.

Seeing the tall and imposing Wang Yu blocking its path, the Nian angrily roared and bared its fangs as though it was trying to say: "You think you can stop me alone?"

With a cold laugh, Wang Yu pulled out another firework and threw it towards the Nian.



Having already been hit twice by the same attack, the Nian knew what was coming and immediately tried to dodge the firework. However, it was still caught in the explosion and was damaged.

In its fear, the Nian turned around and ran back towards the valley and almost trampled the others in the process.

Fortunately, Spring Halo pulled out a firework in the nick of time and threw it on the ground, causing the Nian to turn around again.

The regal and powerful Nian Boss had been reduced to nothing more than a stray dog being chased away wherever it went.

Due to the Nian's sudden change in direction, Vainglory and the others weren't able to properly grasp its position and ended up missing all their firecrackers.

"We can't keep this up forever! How many firecrackers do you guys have left?" Seeing them miss two throws in a row, Fearless frowned and asked.

"I still have six!" Wang Yu replied.

Baby Nians spawned in groups three and dropped one firework each. Wang Yu had slain four such groups before this and had already used six of the firecrackers.

"I still have two!" Spring Halo replied.

"We need to find a way to lock this thing in place! Otherwise our last few firecrackers won't have much effect on it!" Fearless shouted.

"How about there?" Wang Yu asked while pointing at a nearby hill and asked.

Looking in the direction of Wang Yu's finger, Fearless noticed that the hill had a slight depression on it that was surrounded by four large boulders. The boulder that was the nearest to them was only half a meter high and was the perfect place to trap the Nian in!

"It is an excellent position, But how are we going to get it inside? What's more that boulder is only half a meter high, what if it jumps out?" Fearless asked.

No matter what, at the end of the day the Nian was still a computer generated monster. It definitely wouldn't foolishly walk into a trap on its own accord.

"If we're close enough, I can probably throw it in. After that Brother Spring just needs to use [Distortion] and it'll be fine!" Wang Yu confidently replied.

[Distortion] was a skill that changed the terrain it was casted at. Even though the crowd control didn't work on the Nian, changing the ground it stood on would still have the same effects.

"Th...throw it in??" The girls gasped in shock.

If someone who had never met Wang Yu before heard these words, it was indeed rather hard to believe. However, the Quan Zhen Sect had already cleared a dungeon with Wang Yu before and had all seen how he threw Andrea towards them in her Hell Queen form.

Gazing at the boulder, Spring Halo hesitantly said: "I don't think that will work… The requirements to use [Distortion] are actually quite strict. I need to be higher than the location I'm casting it on or it won't work. If you want me to cast it on that boulder, then I'll need to be floating half a meter in the air above it..."

"Then just let Crotch Lord piggyback you!" Ming Du laughed.

Fighting while being piggybacked by someone? What kind of horrible idea was that? Merely imagining it was enough to cause the others to be dumbfounded. Such an idea really spoke volumes about Ming Du's character.

What's more, players weren't able to battle while mounted either.

"Motherf**ker! I knew you were a retard!!!" Crotch Lord loudly cursed.There was no way in hell he would ever become someone's mount!

"Honestly even if I'm half a meter above that boulder I would still probably get killed by the boss. It's much safer if I do it from the boulder on the west!" Spring Halo corrected himself.

The Nian was roughly two meters tall and its attacking range was four meters. Even though Spring Halo added points to vitality, he was still a Dark Shaman at the end of the day. Without his ghosts, he was just a thin blood bag.

The western boulder was over five meters high and was barely within Spring Halo's cast range. Standing on it, Spring Halo would be able to avoid all of Nian's attacks, making it the ideal spot for him.

"F**k me! Brother Spring you really know how to choose a location. How're you even going to climb a boulder so high?"

"I can climb it!" Wang Yu replied.

"The f**k is the point of you climbing it? Can you use Dark Shaman skills?" The rest gloomily cried out. What was the point of a close combat character like a Pugilist jumping so high?

"Brother Spring just forget about it. With your age there's no way that you'll be able to climb the boulder unless you can fly…" Ming Du mocked.

"Fly?" Wang Yu suddenly lit up and pulled a skill book out of his bag and said: "Brother Spring, will this help?"