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Chapter 83: A Sky Full Of Fireworks

Chapter 83: A Sky Full Of Fireworks

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[Dark Entry]: Uncommon Skill, user transforms into a dark mist and becomes immune to physical damage while gaining the ability to fly. Enemies in the mist receive 70% of user's magical attack as damage per second.

Class Requirement: Dark Shaman

After Wang Yu sent the screenshot to the guild chat no one could even respond. After a few seconds, Spring Halo finally managed to compose himself and said: "Where did you find this?"

"I fought a dark type boss near Deep Night City this morning and it dropped two skill books and a staff." Wang Yu replied as he sent the screenshots for Jack's Wish and [Fear] to the guild chat.

Although these two items weren't as overpowered as [Dark Entry], they were still rare and valuable items.

The moment he saw Jack's Wish, Fearless immediately shouted; "I want that staff! I'll give you 20 gold for it!" Right now the only thing that Fearless lacked was a good staff. Jack's Wish would allow him to drain health from enemies and greatly increase his survivability.

Although a Priest's role on the battlefield was to ensure the survival of his team, it was even more important that he himself could survive!

"Do you own this game or something? I've seen more than three uncommon skill books in your hands already!" Frost Blade indignantly cried out.

As Wang Yu's biggest customer, Frost Blade was well acquainted with every item that Wang Yu had ever acquired. What he didn't know was that the Large Jack O Lantern was a one time boss like the Silver Wolf King. Naturally, its drop rates would be incredibly high.

"I'll give you 5 gold for [Fear] and 100 for [Dark Entry] after we kill this boss!" Seeing that Fearless had already made an offer for the staff, Spring Halo immediately made an offer for the skill books he wanted.

Although [Fear] was an uncommon skill, it wasn't as rare as [Dark Entry] since it could be dropped by any dark type boss or even large beast bosses. In fact, it's price was actually lower than poison crafting skills.

[Dark Entry] on the other hand was incomparably rare. Since <<REBIRTH didn't have any Druid jobs, there weren't any skills that allowed platters to morph. A skill that allowed its user to fly and even granted immunity to physical damage was already on the level of a hack!

"Ok! No rush!" Spring Halo was someone that Wang Yu trusted so he didn't fear that he wouldn't be paid. With a light chuckle, Wang Yu tossed the two skill books to Spring Halo.

"Hahahahaha! Your father can fly now!" Spring Halo madly laughed after learning the skills and happily floated up the boulder.

Watching this scene, the other couldn't help but feel an itch in their hearts. Ming Du tightly clenched his fists and emotionally asked Wang Yu: "Brother Bull, when can we go to Thunderstorm City and kill Grand Magician Reynolds and get me [Instant Teleportation]?"


Grand Magician Reynolds was one of the seven heroes from the background story of the game. He was a Magician that specialized in spatial magic and was on the same level as the Martial God! Fighting him and committing suicide was pretty much the exact same thing.

After solving Spring Halo's problem, the rest of plan would be smooth smooth sailing.

With the lack of explosions, the Nian began to calm down slightly as well with its dodging speed gradually decreasing.

Suddenly, Wang Yu pulled out another firework and threw it right at the head of the Nian.



After being stunned for a brief moment, the Nian angrily charged towards Wang Yu again.

Wang Yu immediately turned and ran towards the boulders they had prepared their ambush at.

Seeing that there was only a dead end ahead, the Nian used [Sunset Charge] straight towards Wang Yu.

Holding his breath, Wang Yu tightly gripped the pole. Right as the Nian was about two meters in front of him, Wang Yu thrust the pole forward and viciously swung it up and shouted: "Azure Dragon Ascent!"

With Wang Yu's shout, the Nian's body flew into the air and landed in the center of the four boulders.

Without wasting a second, Spring Halo casted [Distortion] on the ground.

Meanwhile, Wang Yu hurriedly wiped the sweat from his palms. This Nian was much harder to deal with than Andrea was!

Since pole arts were mostly focussed on techniques, Azure Dragon Ascent was a skill that that borrowed the forward momentum of the target and changed its trajectory to send it flying. In theory, the stronger the opponent was, the more effective this technique would be. However with Wang Yu's limited attributes, there was only so much he could do.

After the Nian had been trapped amongst the boulders, it became much easier for them to land the firecrackers on its head.

By the time that the Nian had only 50% of its health left, Wang Yu's supply of firecracker had also finished.

Switching to their muskets, the Quan Zhen sect continued their barrage on the Nian. The combined damage of the five muskets was also very significant.



The Nian's body flashed with a golden light as it began to enter rage mode. Right as it was about to escape from their trap, Wang Yu took out a firework and threw it at the Nian's body

"Peng, boom, crackle…"

The system really wasn't lying. Even though it was dusk, the explosions and lights were still completely visible.

The beautiful scene before their eyes stupefied the members of the Quan Zhen Sect. What was the most important was this one firework was many times stronger than the firecrackers had been!

With just one firework, the Nian who was just about to escape their encirclement was immediately blasted back into the ditch.





The last 150 000 hp that the Nian had was reduced to barely 30 000 with just one firework!

After the smoke cleared, the Nian seemed to be on its last legs and was gasping for breath. Even its [Sunset Guard] had faded away... At this point, the Nian had already given up resisting and just fell to the ground, allowing the Quan Zhen Sect to freely attack it.


After dying, the Nian turned into a flash of golden light and left behind a pile of items on the floor.

<World Announcement: Twilight City's Nian Boss has been slain! The army of Nians surrounding Twilight city has retreated and will be back tomorrow! Players can now safely resume their regular training. We wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year!

At the same time, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect also received this message.

<System Notification: You have slain the Nian Boss, Sunset.You have been awarded 10 000 Chinese New Year points and [Sunset's Blessing]

[Sunset's Blessing](Passive): Increases all defensive attributes by 100% for 24 hours. Not stackable.

Since this was the first Nian Boss that was slain, Twilight City was awarded an additional 1000 Chinese New Year Points.

10 000 points… A normal Nian only awarded 100 points. One needed to kill a hundred of them to gain this many points!

In this event, there were only a total of three thousand Nians that were spawned in all three hundred home cities and only one boss per city.

Fearless and the rest were all long time experts and were already accustomed to appearing on the world news. They had received such awards numerous times in the past and were not surprised by the number of points slaying the Nian Boss awarded.

The four girls, on the other hand, weren't experts in any way… They were merely a gold farming group and had never received such a reward in their lives!

Things really weren't the same with experts!

"Don't just stand there, go see what it dropped!" After looking the event points they received, everyone held great expectations for the items the boss dropped.

Ming Du was the first one to run forward and reached the pile before anyone else had so he quickly picked up all the items.

Still standing on the large boulder, Spring Halo urgently shouted: "Ming Du if you dare to pocket any of the items without telling the rest of us I'll make sure I choke you to death!"

"Brother Spring aren't you going to come down?" Crotch Lord raised his head and asked.

Spring Halo sat down on the boulder in a cross-legged position and profoundly replied: "The scenery up her is really beautiful. This poor cleric wants to appreciate it for a little while longer…"

Hearing his words, the rest couldn't help ask: "Isn't it all just boulders and cliffs around here? What nice scenery are you even talking about?"

"You plebeians will never understand the feelings of the elderly!" Spring Halo mused.

"Bullshit! You're waiting for the skill's cooldown!"