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Chapter 84: Sunset Warboots

Chapter 84: Sunset Warboots

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The items dropped by a special boss really wasn't stingy at all! There were four pieces of equipment and one blueprint!

<Magical Spring (Necklace) (Silver)

Physical Attack: 2-15

Magical Attack: 27-35

+ 11 Intelligence

+ 12 Spirit


[Magical Surge] (Passive): Increase all magical damage by 10%.

[Origin Of Mana] (Passive): Increases user's mana by 10%.

Job Requirement: Magician, Priest

Level Requirement: 20

<Sage's Ring (Ring) (Left Hand) (Set Item)

Physical Attack: 5-15

Magical Attack: 15-22

+ 10 Intelligence

+ 12 Vitality

Sage Set 1/2

Set Bonus:

Sage's Ring (Ring) (Left Hand) 1/1

Sage's Ring (Ring) (Right Hand) 0/1

[Sage's Return] (Passive): Regenerate 1% of MP per second. (Unlocked)

[Sage's Strength] (Passive): Cast speed of skills reduced by 5%. (Locked)

Job Requirement: All jobs

Level Requirement: 1

These two items were both accessories which were relatively rare drops in <<REBIRTH.

The necklace was immediately taken by Ming Du while the ring went to Fearless.

"I finally found a piece of the Sage's set!!!" Fearless clutched the ring and emotionally cried out.

Seeing this the others couldn't help but raise their eyebrows. So this bastard had a set item of his own.

There was also a pair of shoes that dropped.

<Sunset Warboots (Shoes) (Silver)

Physical Defense: 30-30

Magic Resistance: 30-30

+ 11 Dexterity

+ 6 Strength


[Sunset Tyranny] (Passive): Increase attack speed by 15%

[Sunset Shift] (Active): Teleport to a fixed point in a 5 meter area. 60 second cooldown

Job Requirement: All jobs

Level Requirement: 1


Seeing this treasure, no one in the Quan Zhen Sect could stop themselves from drooling.

High defensive attributes were already highly sought after in items and this Sunset Warboots even had a weakened version of a teleport in it!

Right now in <<REBIRTH only two such skills existed, [Soul Transfer] and [Flash]. However, both of these skills were late-game Magician skills. A teleportation skill like this at such an early stage of the game was completely broken on its own, much less on an item that was meant for any job to use!

Imagine this, an Assassin, Warrior or Pugilist being able to teleport right in front of a ranged character… That would be a complete nightmare!

"How do we decide who gets the shoes?"

As the guild leader, Fearless was in quite the predicament. No matter who he gave the shoes to, he would be offending all the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect. What's more, there really anyone in the Quan Zhen Sect he could afford to offend.

"What's there to decide? Just stick to the old rules, the highest bidder gets it!" Wang Yu shouted.

"Bid your mum!" The rest cursed. At this point, Wang Yu was the undisputed richest man in the entire game. Even a hardcore casher like Frost Blade could only cower in fear if Wang Yu decided to truly use his wealth.

"Then what do you guys want to do?"

"We'll follow heaven's will then! Let's roll for it!" Fearless resolutely declared as he pulled out a large dice.

"Doesn't that mean that everyone else who doesn't get the shoes will suffer a loss?" Wang Yu reminded.

"Alright then, whoever wins it will pay market price for the shoes and then we can split it to those who didn't win it!" Fearless declared.

"Is this how everyone else does it?" Wang Yu curiously asked.

"F**k that! Our Quan Zhen Sect is a heaven defying existence anyway!" Fearless arrogantly shouted as he rolled a 15.

Seeing Fearless' 15, Ming Du couldn't help but mock: "Hahahahahaha! What kind of bullshit are you spouting? Watch your father's skills!"

17… That wasn't really much better in any way…

Aside from the four girls, every other member of the Quan Zhen Sect tried to roll for the shoes.

The highest was Spring Halo with 82 and the lowest was Vainglory with 2…

"Why aren't you guys rolling for it?" Wang Yu asked the four girls.

The four of them simply shook their heads and replied: "Fighting is the duty of you men anyway so we won't interfere."

In all honesty, the four girls really didn't contribute much aside from Li Xue's healing spells. The other three of them were nothing more than cheerleaders providing moral support. Receiving experience and event points was already more than they deserved. So naturally, none of them were shameless enough to try and roll for the shoes.

"Less bullshit Brother Bull. Quickly roll for the shoes or this old man is going to put them on!" Spring Halo laughed.

[Dark Entry] had a very long cooldown so Spring Halo was still stuck on the boulder. If he had the Sunset Warboots then he wouldn't need to wait and could directly teleport to the rest of them.

"Alright then." Wang Yu casually laughed as he tossed the dice.


"Haha it's mine! I guess the heavens know that it suits me the best!" Wang Yu happily laughed. He grabbed the shoes away from Ming Du and then threw his old pair to Vainglory and said: "It's not easy to roll a 2 you unlucky child. Take these and wear them."

"Thank you Uncle Bull!" Vainglory gleefully called out as he put them on.

The last piece of equipment that they picked up stunned the rest when they looked at it.

Strictly speaking, it wasn't actually an equipment but rather a fragment of one.

<Despair's Sting (Fist Weapon) (Ancient) (1/8)

Legendary and Ancient tier equipment were the apex in this game. Furthermore, items of this tier were unique and only one of it would exist in the entire game!

Such equipment couldn't be crafted and could be obtained from extremely high grade questlines or from fragments dropped by very high level bosses. After a player obtained all the fragments of a particular piece of equipment, they would then have to gather numerous rare materials to cleanse the equipment of impurities before they could be equipped.

Wang Yu possessed a half complete and damaged legendary item but up till now, he hadn't found a trace of any of the materials he needed to fix it.

"Th...this item is quite something…" Fearless numbly muttered.

Although it was merely a fragment and wasn't worth that much, it was still part of a one-of-a-kind weapon in the game. Even if they couldn't complete the whole weapon, it would still be a nice collectable.

"I don't need this toy, just give it to Little Chicky!" Wang Yu laughed. The Martial Artist's regret that he possessed was already giving him enough problems so he really didn't want to have to gather the fragments and materials for this weapon either.

"F**k you already for the Sunset Warboots and you still wanted the fragment? Shameless bastard!" The rest disdainfully shouted.

Lastly, there was still a blueprint for a set called "Christopher's Battle Regalia".

It was a set of 3 blueprints for level 20 Warrior equipment.

<Christopher's Fury (Weapon)

<Christopher's Conviction (Armour)

<Christopher's Spirit (Arm Guard)

The blueprints were taken by Boson in the end.

Equipment sets were even rarer than Silver tier equipment, especially a complete set of blueprints like this. After reaching level 20, Boson's strength would definitely soar.

Looking at the blueprints in Boson's hands, Wang Yu lightly said: "I can help you craft that for free next time!"

"Oh? Are you a Blacksmith Brother Bull? What level is your class skill now?" Boson asked.

"I haven't learnt it yet! But I'm planning on soon!" Wang Yu honestly replied.

"Forget it then, I'll find someone else to do it when I actually reach level 20…"

Boson wasn't a fool so he definitely wouldn't hand over such a precious blueprint to Wang Yu who wasn't even a Blacksmith yet to craft.

After dividing up the items, Fearless announced: "Tomorrow we'll hunt the Nian Boss again. Frost Blade go buy some more firecrackers for us!"

"Sure! I'll use the money in our guild's treasury then." Frost Blade replied. Frost Blade was essentially the treasurer of the guild and was the one who managed the sale and purchase of all the guild's items. With him handling their finances, no one was afraid that they would be shortchanged.

"Remember to use the market price. Don't let anyone else find out the secret to beating the Nian Boss!" Ming Du sternly reminded.

"Please, I always use the market price! You think I'm some kind of noob?" Frost Blade countered.

"Does anyone want to go to the inn for a drink now?" Fearless suddenly asked.

"Another time, I still have quests to complete…" The rest replied one by one.

"Iron Bull?"

"I need to log off..."

"Go then! Go log off! I knew you were going to say that! Are you that scared of your wife?" Fearless disdainfully scoffed.

"Young man remember this, there's no such thing as a man who's scared of his wife, only one that respects her!" Wang Yu copied Spring Halo's tone and replied.