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Chapter 86: Dusk Quarry

Chapter 86: Dusk Quarry

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"I'm serious! Apparently this guy called Sanguine Gangster took advantage of the moment when the False Symphony were fighting Nian to ambush them! He brought twenty men with him and massacred their elite team, even their leader 2012 died..." Frost Blade blatantly stated.

"Twenty men..." Wang Yu mumbled to himself before asking, "They caused so much trouble for just 100 points?"

"Of course you wouldn't understand the pains of regular players since we've killed the Boss Nian, but these other players place an immense importance on killing even those Baby Nian's!" Crotch Lord explained.

"That's right. And Sanguine Warflag denied even having such a player in his guild when 2012 confronted him... This simple disagreement sparked a massive war between the two guilds..." Frost Blade shook his head as he spoke. As a pacifist himself, Frost Blade was one who fervently believed that everyone should cooperate and prosper together.

"You mean that still don't doubt the authenticity of the name Sanguine Gangster even after having fought for so long?" Wang Yu jokingly asked. Sanguine Gangster was nothing more than a fictional name that Spring Halo had created. All the Sanguine Alliance needed to do was to open their friend list and they could prove their innocence, were they really that stupid?

"It doesn't matter if the player Sanguine Gangster exists or not. Given how deep the grievance between these to guilds was, they were just looking for an excuse to start a war." Fearless suddenly interjected.

Wang Yu realised the truth to that statement after pondering for a moment

The tyrannical and arrogant Sanguine Alliance had already been suppressed by the Quan Zhen Sect, how could they bear the provocation of yet another guild?

Even though False Symphony had been around for a shorter time than the Sanguine Alliance, their leader was also an expert on the leaderboards. How could such an arrogant person possibly stomach the shame of leading the number two guild in a city?

These two guilds had long harboured discontent with each other and had intentions of fighting for supremacy in Twilight City, wantonly wrecking chaos and mayhem in Twilight City.

"Frost Blade, how many firecrackers have you collected?" Fearless asked Frost Blade in the guild chat.

"I've collected forty firecrackers for 5 silver a piece and three fireworks for 50 silver a piece." Frost Blade proudly reported.

No one else in Twilight City had discovered the use of the firecrackers yet, hence they were still willing to sell them at a low price, but the moment this secret was discovered the prices of these two items would skyrocket.

For a single use item, 5 silver was an extremely generous price, it was no surprise that Frost Blade managed to acquire so many.

"The only people with the capability to fight the Boss Nian are currently at war and the rest of the players in Twilight city aren't it's match! There's no need for us to search for the Boss Nian ourselves, someone will report to us when they find it later!" Fearless added.

"Alright, I'll trust you this time!" Wang Yu laughed.

Once everyone had logged one, they once again challenged the Blood-Soaked Church.

Armed with their experience from their previous dungeon run, the Quan Zhen Sect was able to easily clear the dungeon in less than 30 minutes.

But their rewards were not as generous this time, everything was only Bronze tier, not a single Silver tier piece of equipment.

Unfortunately, the bonus drop rate from the event only affected monsters in the wild, those in the dungeon were completely unaffected.

After receiving Mu Zi Xian's advice, Wang Yu had reminded Spring Halo to collect the components for his poison while they were in the dungeon. They even found some uncommon herbs which they gave to Li Xue to train her subclass.

Basic recovery medicines were only able to allow its users to recover 30% of their health in 15 seconds but it had a 30 second cooldown. But medium recovery medicines were able to allow its user to recover 60% of their health in 10 seconds and only had a 25 second cooldown.

Even though she had only made ten bottles, the fact remained that medium recovery medicines were extremely valuable in the early stages of the game.

After clearing the dungeon, Wang Yu left by himself and headed towards the Dusk Quarry to complete the quest that he had received from the Simba the Divine Smith.

The continuous battles on the way to the Dusk Quarry made even Wang Yu sigh in frustration, these game designers really were ruthless.

The Dusk Quarry was situated in the outskirts Dusk Mountain's and was surrounded by monsters over level 20.

According to the background story provided by the game, this quarry was Twilight City's main quarry for mining. But when the darkness descended, countless workers were unable to escape back to the city in time. The darkness consumed them and turned them into zombies.

Truth be told, this background story meant nothing to the players. The only reason that players even came here in the first place was to mine in the Quarry.

The Blacksmith was not the only subclass that required these minerals, even Enchanters and Gem-crafters needed these crafting materials.

A grade 10 silver or ruby ore could be sold on the market for 1 gold! An incredibly steep price.

Once he reached the Dusk Quarry, Wang Yu realised that everyone here were also professional gamers, furiously mining as though their lives depended on it.

The ores that could be commonly found in the outermost region of the Dusk Quarry were the more common ones like iron ores or bronze ores. The rarer ones like silver ores or gold ores were located in the depths of the quarry, where the stronger monsters were. Even though the level 20 zombies in the outermost areas were still relatively easy to deal with, the level 25 monsters in the depths of the quarry were by no means pushovers. There were hardly any players that could fight monsters 10 levels stronger than them, even if they could do so they probably wouldn't be mining for ores.

Just as Wang Yu took a step into the quarry, several players surrounded him.

These players wore extremely flashy equipment, fully decked out in Bronze tier equipment. They could easily be seen from afar even without any torches simply from the greenish hue that their equipment emitted.

"You have to pay an entrance fee, 10 silver!" A Warrior declared as he stretched his hand towards Wang Yu.

"Entrance fee? You guys own this quarry?" Wang Yu was taken aback by this statement.

In the eyes of Wang Yu, only NPC's had the rights to collect entrance fees, anyone else was probably a scammer. 10 silver was equivalent to 100 dollars in the real world, this wasn't a small sum.

"We don't, but we've cleared all the monsters in this area, collecting 10 silver from you shouldn't be much right?"

"It really isn't" Wang Yu nodded his head as he handed over 10 silver to the Warrior. Even though Wang Yu did not agree with the entrance fee, he did not want to argue with someone over 10 silver during the new year.

"Alright, you can mine here." The Warrior cheerfully answered after he had received Wang Yu's money.

Wang Yu smiled as he walked past the Warrior and headed straight to the depths of the quarry. Since he did not even own a pickaxe, it was obvious he wasn't here to mine.

A look of displeasure appeared on the faces of the players appeared when they saw the direction that Wang Yu was headed.

"Hey hey hey, Pugilist, who let you go that way?"

"What's the matter? Didn't I pay?" Wang Yu asked.

"For people like you, you should be content with just mining at the outermost areas of the mine. The monsters at the deep parts are level 25, are you seeking your own death?"

"No worries, I don't need your protection!" Wang Yu dismissively asked.

"Who the f*ck said that we would protect you? The deeper parts of this mine are reserved for our Peerless Heavens guild! Only our people are allowed to enter, you got that?" A Warrior standing at the back of the pack coldly laughed.

"Does this quarry even belong to the Peerless Heavens guild?" Wang Yu questioned as he glared at the Warrior who just spoke.

Wang Yu had already paid 10 silver to these people and yet they still didn't allow him to enter the quarry.

"I don't need your f*cking protection. I only gave you 10 silver to give you some face, yet you dare to push your luck with me, are you asking for a beating?" Wang Yu muttered under his breath