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Chapter 87: The Weak Are Definitely Wrong!

Chapter 87: The Weak Are Definitely Wrong!

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"Heh, you really didn't listen to anything we said huh kid? You either behave yourself and mine here or you get the f**k out! Or maybe you don't believe that I'll give you a free trip back to the city?" Hearing Wang Yu's question, the Assassin pointed at Wang Yu's face and sneered.

"I don't!" Wang Yu shook his head and blandly replied.

"F**k your mother!" Wang Yu's blatant disrespect towards the Assassin briefly stunned him before he madly cursed and pulled out his dagger.

The Assassin then lunged towards Wang Yu without even bothering to use [Stealth]. For an Assassin to face a normal Pugilist head-on was completely suicidal, much less one as skilled as Wang Yu.

Wang Yu didn't even bother to dodge the attack and merely grabbed the Assassin's hair. With a violent tug, Wang Yu pulled his head down and kneed him straight in the face, turning him into a bright flash of light.

Huala… As the Assassin exploded, all the equipment that he was wearing dropped on the ground.

This Assassin had already slain countless other professional gamers and he was killed so easily? Was this real?

"You dare cause trouble here?"

Seeing Wang Yu suddenly lash out and kill the Assassin, his comrades were in complete disarray. However being professionals, they quickly snapped out of it and surrounded Wang Yu while one of them ran forward to retrieve the equipment. In this game, one's equipment was worth much more than one's life.

"What's going on? Who's causing trouble now?"

At the same time, the other players deeper in the quarry heard the commotion and around eight of them quickly ran out.

The other players that were mining also began to gather around to see what was going on.

"F**k me! Who is this guy? He actually dared kill someone from Peerless Heaven ?"

"Who cares who this guy is. He's definitely kicked and iron board today…"

"That's right. All he had to do was pay the entrance fee and then quietly mine around the entrance. What's the point of going so deep in anyway? I just hope that they'll still let us continue mining here after this nonsense is over…"

Just as the surrounding players were discussing the situation, a Warrior suddenly walked out from the group of Peerless Heaven players. The Warrior pointed at Wang Yu and shouted: "Kid, this isn't a place you can just do whatever you want! Peerless Heaven isn't a guild that you can afford to offend either! In future, no one from Twilight City can enter this mine!"

This Warrior had a tall and well-built body and was dressed from head to toe in Bronze tier equipment. The sword in his hand even gave off a faint silver radiance. From his equipment alone, it was obvious that he was the leader of this group.

Hearing his words, Wang Yu raised an eyebrow and asked: "Oh? So you're saying that this mine is the territory of your Peerless Heaven ?"

"Hmph! If you can slay all the monsters inside then the area naturally belongs to you!" The Warrior coldly snorted.

The Warrior's intentions were very clear. Whoever could kill all the monsters in the area would be the owner. Such a method demonstrated the power that a particular group had and also acted as a deterrent against anyone who had designs on it.

"I never asked you to kill the monsters for me, and I definitely don't need your protection! Why can't you guys be more reasonable…" Wang Yu leisurely replied.

The Warrior couldn't be bothered to argue with Wang Yu and stabbed his sword into the ground and shouted: "Don't give me your f**king bullshit! You killed one of our own and dare to talk to me about reason???"

Wang Yu glanced at the other Peerless Heaven behind the Warrior and blandly asked: "So whoever is stronger is right?"

"Peh! What nonsense! The strong might not always be right but the weak are definitely wrong!!" The Warrior boomed. As he finished speaking, all the Peerless Heaven players immediately rushed forward with the intention of killing Wang Yu.

"Well said!" Wang Yu laughed as he casually sidestepped the Warrior's attack and used [Crushing Blow] to close the gap. This one attack by Wang Yu was enough to almost kill the Warrior. Without giving him any time to retaliate, Wang Yu delivered a hook to his face and turned him into a ray of light.

After killing the Warrior, Wang Yu effortlessly dodged the attacks from the other members of Peerless Heaven. He then grabbed the Assassin that was the nearest to him and used him as a shield to block the arrows and spells from the ranged player.

[Lateral Kick]!


Without turning around, Wang Yu sent out another three kicks at the nearby players.

Following this, he grabbed another two Assassins and slammed them into the ground, turning them into white light.

There were actually only twelve Peerless Heaven players in the quarry. Two Magicians, two Archers, two Priests, four Assassins and two Warriors.

Three of the Assassins and both of the Warriors had already been killed by Wang Yu and one of the Assassins had died being used as his shield. Right now only the six ranged players remained.

The space within the quarry was relatively small and there wasn't much room to escape.

With a step, Wang Yu was within three meters of the two Magicians.

Wang Yu had already gauged the power of these Magicians so he knew they wouldn't pose a threat to him. Wang Yu activated his [Energy Shield] to block their spells and then killed one with a [Rippling Wave]. Right as the other Magician tried to retreat, a white vortex formed around Wang Yu's hand and pulled him back.

Wang Yu grabbed the Magician's head and viciously slammed it into a wall, killing him on the spot.

Seeing how ruthlessly Wang Yu killed their comrades, the two Archers immediately turned around to escape. An Archer's main attribute was Dexterity so their speed was without a doubt top notch. However, before the two of them could even take two steps, the crashed into Wang Yu's towering figure.

"What? How's this even possible????"

Wang Yu was too lazy to explain that he had used [Sunset Shift] to teleport in front of them so he just grabbed the two of them by the throat and choked the life out of them.

All that was left was the two Priests…

Facing Wang Yu, the two of them couldn't help but be flustered. They were both healers but had never imagined that there would be a day where they wouldn't even have the chance to heal anyone.

Even facing these two powerless Priests, Wang Yu didn't show any mercy. Before they even had the chance to react, the two Priests were killed by Wang Yu's [Thunder God's Stomp]

"F**k me..."

The other players in the quarry couldn't contain their astonishment.

Peerless Heaven had been the rulers of this quarry since the home city update was released. All these miners were already familiar with their tyranny and never imagined that someone would ever rise up against them!

These Peerless Heaven players had the power to clear the entire quarry of monsters while they were under level 20 so their strength was evident. However, in the blink of an eye, all these experts had all be annihilated by Wang Yu… What's more, they were all killed without even touching the clothing on his body…

"Who is this guy…"

Staring at Wang Yu, the other players couldn't help but try to guess his identity.

The Pugilist was considered as the worst job in <> and there was only one player in Twilight City who could use it so well… Could this man be the legendary Great God Iron Bull?

But why would Great God Iron Bull be in a quarry trying to mine? What was wrong with his head this time?

Ignoring their murmuring, Wang Yu continued into the depths of the quarry.

The depths of the quarry was actually much wider than the outside. There were a few lit torches inside illuminating the areaThis allowed Wang Yu to see a few players diligently mining away. With a glance, Wang Yu was able to tell that these players were part of Peerless Heaven as well.

These players also knew what had happened outside, If their elites couldn't even touch him then what chance would they have against this blood-thirsty devil?

Players would lose experience points after death and this included their subclass' experience as well…

Knowing this, Wang Yu didn't lay a hand on any of them. If he attacked these crafting focused players who didn't have any power to resist then he really would be a demon. Furthermore, Wang Yu knew that the lives of these professional gamers weren't easy.

With a glace, Wang Yu pulled one of the torches off the wall and continued on deeper into the quarry.

TL Note: We've changed Wang Yu/Iron Bull's weapon from 'cudgel' to 'pole' to more accurately reflect the author's intentions.