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Chapter 90: Low Grade Engineering

Chapter 90: Low Grade Engineering

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After being attacked by any player, the system will send a message saying that XXX has attacked you. The first time around, Unstoppable Thunder was the one who had attacked Wang Yu so he didn't find out Wang Yu's name.

Only after he had died the second time did Unstoppable Thunder learn his killer's name.

Peerless Heaven wasn't a guide based in Twilight City so naturally they wouldn't read the Twilight City forums. The only times they came across Wang Yu's name was when it appeared on the world announcements.

"Quan Zhen Sect's Iron Bull? So it was him… Hmph! Does he dare to f**k with our Peerless Heaven? These dogs really don't know what's death!" Unstoppable Thunder spat as he opened the guild chat and sent a message: "Boss there's a bastard in Twilight City that's disrespecting us and he's an expert!"

"Oh? An Expert? How good is he?"

"The kind that can fight ten alone!" Unstoppable Thunder replied.

"My dad's calling me now, I'll come over when I'm back in the afternoon!"

The leader of Peerless Heaven was a great expert as well but he was deathly afraid of his father. There were even times where he logged off when they were in the middle of a dungeon because his father called him. Although this vexed the members to no end, there was really nothing that they could do about it.

Inside the quarry…

The third level of the quarry was the true mining spot in the Dusk Quarry and was much larger than the second level. After losing the protection of all the tanks and melee players, the remaining peerless Heaven players were exposed to the Zombies that were still lurking around.

Since they could not continue fighting, these players immediately turned around to flee. Being a martial artist, Wang Yu didn't try to block their way. Since these people had already given up then it would have been dishonourable for him to continue attacking them.

After all the Peerless Heaven players had left Wang Yu became the target for all the remaining monsters and Zombie King Jesse. With a loud roar, Jesse lunged towards Wang Yu.

While Wang Yu was still on the third level, he had already memorized the attack patterns of Jesse. What's more, Jesse didn't even have his Zombie hoard now so he wasn't a threat anymore. The only thing that Wang Yu had to watch out for was his [Stone Gaze] but the [Sunset Shift] on his Sunset Warboots would easily take care of that.

Seeing Jesse's fist approaching him, Wang Yu ducked underneath it and ran behind Jesse. Using Jesse's body as a stepping stone, Wang Yu jumped into the air and used [Eagle Stomp] to hit Jesse three times on its head.

When Jesse tried to turn around, Wang Yu merely stepped on it's face again before somersaulting behind it again.

As a Zombie, Jesse had incredibly slow movement speed and his turning speed was naturally nothing but a joke compared to the Silver Wolf King that Wang Yu had faced before. Wang Yu was like a phantom that constantly appeared behind Jesse. Using its body as a springboard, Wang Yu stuck closely to its back and continuously attacked it.

After turning around for more than three times without being able to catch Wang Yu, Jesse angrily roared and thrashed about. Even though he was a Zombie King, Jesse was still nothing more than a powered up Zombie. As a Zombie, all his skills could only attack the front. No matter how indignant he was there was nothing he could do about it.

Jesse had already been fighting The Peerless Heaven players for quite some time so he didn't have much health to begin with. With Wang Yu's insane damage, Jesse soon fell to the ground and dissolved into a black smoke.

Even though the current drop rates were tripled, Jesse didn't drop any skill books or equipment at all! All that he dropped were a bunch of ores and a small tablet.

Hidden Silver Ore: A uncommon ore with magical properties.

Mystic Gold Ore: A uncommon ore containing magical energy within it.

Jesse's Identity Tablet: Blacksmith Apprentice Jesse. Return it to his master for a special reward.

<System Notification: You have completed hidden quest: Divine Smith's Lost Tool. Difficulty: A. Return to Divine Smith Simba to receive your reward.

"A uncommon crafting material… I bet it's worth quite a lot… I better check with Frost Blade later when i get back." Wang Yu mumbled to himself as he picked up the drops and left the quarry.

Returning to Middle Street, Wang Yu entered the smithy and handed Thunderclap to Simba and smiled: "Your hammer!"

Seeing Thunderclap, a pained and longing expression emerged on Simba's face as he shakily reached his hands out to receive his hammer. Caressing his hammer, Simba absent mindedly muttered: "My poor baby… I haven't seen you for decades..."

Watching this scene Wang Yu felt a cold chill run down his spine. This old coot couldn't possibly have some kind of hammer fetish right?

"Here's your reward." After some time, Simba finished his romantic moment with Thunderclap and beamed. With a wave of his hand, a bright golden light covered Wang Yu's entire body.

<System Notification: You have received 100 000 experience points.

<System Notification: You Have received the hidden class Artisan.

<System Notification: [Mining: Low Grade] has risen to [Mining: Middle Grade], 30% chance of finding uncommon materials when mining.

<System Notification: You have received the engineering skill [Low Grade Refining], there is a fixed chance of crafting a high rank item when crafting.

After all the system notifications popped up, Wang Yu levelled up to level 19 from the massive amount of experience points that the quest had awarded him.

Ordinary Blacksmiths possessed the skill [Low Grade Forging] when they first started out and yet Wang Yu had learnt [Low Grade Refining].

[Low Grade Forging] had a small chance of creating a high rank equipment when crafting yet [Low Grade Refining] had a fixed chance to craft one. Although both these skills were very similar, the difference in the chance to craft a high rank item completely changed the value of [Low Grade Refining].

Wang Yu happily shook Simba's hand and was just about to leave when he heard Simba sigh: "Ai… Poor Jesse… He really was a talented young man. I wonder when he'll finally listen to reason..."

"Jesse?" Wang Yu thought for a brief moment before pulling out the identity tablet. "Do you recognise this?"

The moment he say the identity plate, Simba immediately sntached it out of Wang Yu's hand and exclaimed: "This is Jesse's identity tablet! How is he now?"

"He's at peace now." Wang Yu replied. No matter what he couldn't say that he killed Jesse.

"That's good then, that's good… Jesse was my favourite pupil back in the day. But when he power of darkness seeped into him I wasn't strong enough to purify him so I had no choice but to seal him inside the quarry… I would have never imagined that you would have been able to free him from his suffering. I really don't know how to thank you…"

So the Zombie King was chained to the wall by Simba. No wonder he has so full of hatred.

"Just give me whatever I'm supposed to get." Wang Yu blandly replied. When it came to NPCs in <<REBIRTH, Wang Yu had no faith in them. He didn't even trust them to give him the quest rewards he earned.

"Back then Jesse was obsessed with that filthy engineering. No matter what i said to him he refused to listen to me… To prevent him for straying down the wrong path I destroyed most of the books I had regarding the subject. However after the darkness started spreading, I came across his dairy and realised that engineering did come with its own benefits. Since you helped his be at peace then you can have his diary." Simba mumbled softly.

As he spoke, Simba took out a dusty old book and handed it to Wang Yu.

When Wang Yu opened the book to read it, it quickly dissolved into numerous light particles and flew into his brain.

<System Notification: You have read Jesse's Dairy and have understood its content. You have learnt [Low Grade Engineering].

[Low Grade Engineering] (Defective) (Cannot be upgraded): Can craft low grade spare parts.

"..." Wang Yu was speechless. Books could be read like this is the game?

However, no matter how rare this skill was, in a world of magic what was the use of crafting spare parts?