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Chapter 91: Found You!

Chapter 91: Found You!

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"I can craft equipment now!"

After receiving all the rewards, Wang Yu happily sent a message to the entire Quan Zhen Sect.

"F**k man it's just crafting, why are you so excited anyway? I, Old Li, can craft magic scrolls as well!" Ming Du scoffed.

After that, the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect voiced their disapproval one by one. They didn't understand why Wang Yu would have been so excited over a sub-class like this.

However, they all fell silent the moment Wang Yu sent a screenshot of his sub-class on the guild chat.

"[Low Grade Engineering]? Does <<REBIRTH even have such a thing?" Frost Blast muttered. [Low Grade Refining] was still acceptable since it was still a branch of Blacksmith skills but this [Low Grade Engineering] on the other hand raised a lot of questions.

"It's a hidden class!" Wang Yu beamed.

"I know that, but [Low Grade Engineering] isn't considered a Blacksmith skill in any way… The basis for hidden jobs in any online game are always the same." Frost Blade continued.

One skill was focused on research and the other was about forging. The couldn't be any more different!

"Is there anything about hidden classes online as well?"

"No there isn't. <<REBIRTH is on a new platform, it's technology won't be that advanced yet. Right now, many of the game's systems and interactions are still very similar to traditional computer games. This [Low Grade Engineering] you have is quite frankly something that exists outside the confines of a traditional hidden class shouldn't even exist. Fearless explained.

"What Fearless said is correct Brother Bull. If we take hidden jobs, for example, they will all be based on one of the seven main jobs. There definitely wouldn't be one that isn't related to any of the existing jobs!" Boson added on.

"Really? Doesn't that mean I've found a gem?" Wang Yu asked.

"As if there's anything in the game that uses spare parts!" Crotch Lord shut Wang Yu's happiness down.

At this time, Spring Halo suddenly spoke up and said: "The simpler the game's design, the greater the freedom for the players. There's nothing too surprising about something like this existing anyway. Of course you shouldn't be too sad Brother Bull, who knows, maybe there'll be a day when we really need your spare parts! By the way, where are you now?"

"In the city!"

"Let's go train then!"

"Ok! Wait for me!"

Closing the guild chat, Wang Yu quickly ran to the spawning ground of the Vagrant Musketeers.

When he reached, Wang Yu saw Spring Halo hunting alone.

Out of all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect, Wang Yu enjoyed hunting together with Spring Halo the most. With the two of the working together, the speed they killed these monsters was much higher than when they were alone.

After hunting the entire morning, although the two of them gained a lot of experience points, they didn't pick up any muskets…

During this time, they had even found a Bronze grade boss that could shoot further than ordinary Vagrant Musketeers. The boss had managed to corner the both of them to the point where Spring Halo couldn't even show his face in the open. After a long drawn out battle, Wang Yu and Spring Halo almost vomited blood when the boss didn't drop a single item at all!

Just as the two of them were about to find a new place to hunt, they received a message from Frost Blade saying that the location of the Nian boss was on the forum.

"For real?" After receiving the message, Wang Yu found it hard to believe that someone would be foolish enough to share the location of the Nian Boss.

"Of course it's real! The Nian Boss is too strong for ordinary players to handle. What's more, Sanguine Alliance and False Symphony are in an all-out war now so they wouldn't be bothered with this news so these players are trying to gather others to help them!" Spring Halo explained.

"Ohhhhhh so it's like that…" Wang Yu nodded in understanding. He had seen people kill each other over a boss before so he found it hard to understand why someone would be so willing to share a boss like this.

"It's just a game anyway! And besides, games aren't meant to be played alone!" Spring Halo chuckled.

By the time the Quan Zhen Sect reached the location where the Nian Boss was, the entire area was overflowing with players.

Just like the Nian Boss they faced yesterday, this one was practically impervious to all forms of damage. While these players were still cursing and trying to figure out how to deal with the boss, the Quan Zhen Sect merely watched from the side.

After a while, the players realised that they couldn't do any meaningful damage to the Nian Boss and decided to stop wasting their time and go back to grinding.

After the players all scattered, the Quan Zhen Sect began to surround the Nian Boss with devilish smiles on their faces.

The location where the Nian Boss had spawned this time was within a jungle and didn't have many good spots for them to trap then Nian Boss. However this time, the Quan Zhen Sect had already stocked up on firecrackers and fireworks and were fully prepared for it. Using sheer firepower, they ended up blasting the Nian to death with the sheer amount of firecrackers they had.

The Nian boss that they had killed was really the same one as yesterday. Though the amount of even points they received was the same, the items that the Nian Boss had dropped this time around was much less appealing than the previous day. Most of the items that it had dropped ended being Silver tier equipment. This time, they all took what they needed and handed the rest to Frost Blade to sell.

After killing the Nian, they all decided to go to the inn to rest while Wang Yu logged off to eat.

Just as Wang Yu left, another man walked into the inn and towards the Quan Zhen Sect.

Seeing him walk over, the members of the Quan Zhen sect didn't mind too much and just called out to him: "Didn't you log off already? Did your wife not cook for you or something?"

The man was briefly stunned by their question before he smirked: "Are you all from the Quan Zhen Sect?"

"The f**k are you acting now? Quickly sit down and drink man!" The joking scolded.

"Kekeke!" With another laugh, the man grabbed Vainglory's head and slammed him into the ground, followed by a powerful stomp, instantly killing him.

"F**k! Iron Bull have you gone mad?" Fearless shouted as they all scrambled to their feet.

"No! This man isn't Iron Bull!" Spring Halo exclaimed as he suddenly noticed the discrepancy.

"It's not? Are you sure?"

"His equipment is different!" Spring Halo replied.

Looking closely, they realised that Spring Halo was right. Although the man in front of them was also a Pugilist and had extraordinary equipment, it still couldn't be compared to Wang Yu's equipment. At the very least, Wang Yu didn't have any Bronze tier equipment on him!

If one looked even closer, they would have realised that although the man bore a seventy to eighty percent likeness to Wang Yu there were still subtle differences. For one, the man's eyes were more shifty and he was slightly fatter than Wang Yu was. Furthermore, his aura was much less honest than Wang Yu's and even had a cunning and evil air about it.

At this time Vainglory had finally revived and quickly sent a message in the guild chat: "His name is Evil Rampage! It's not Uncle Bull!"

"I asked you guys a question. Are you all from the Quan Zhen Sect?" Evil Rampage impatiently repeated his question as he kicked the table and sat on the chair that Wang Yu had been using previously.

"F**k him up!!!!!!"

Seeing that this man wasn't Wang Yu, Fearless immediately gave the command.

The members of the Quan Zhen Sect were all little tyrants themselves that had always found pleasure in bullying others so how could they swallow such an insult? The moment Fearless gave the command, Bosona and Crotch Lord ran forward while Frost Blade activated [Stealth].

Spring Halo casted [Distortion] and summoned his four ghosts to surround Evil Rampage while Ming Du casted [Lightning Blast] at his face.

Facing the entire Quan Zhen Sect, Evil Rampage lightly twisted his body to avoid the [Lightning Blast] and then kicked off the table to escape Spring Halo's [Distortion].

The flying table was smashed to pieces by Crotch Lord and Boson raised his sword and activated [Charge].

Evil Rampage unhurriedly sidestepped and tapped Boson's elbow, causing his entire hand to go numb and drop his sword…

What was the most shocking was that from the start of the fight, Evil Rampage had not even got off the chair!

"F**K! He knows martial arts!"