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Chapter 93: You Can’t Beat The Local Tyrant

Chapter 93: You Can’t Beat The Local Tyrant

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"I'm being serious, stop making such a fuss!"

Everyone had assumed that Fearless was just joking.

If you thought about it seriously, how was it even possible for eight people to fight against tens of thousands of other players? Only an idiot would suggest such a thing.

"So what if Peerless Heaven has ten thousand members in their guild? Do you really think that they'll mobilise all their forces to deal with the likes of us?" Fearless seriously asked.

"That's true."

There were three hundred cities and fifteen districts in <>. While players were able to use the movement formation to travel between cities in the same district, they could not do so between different districts but had to physically travel between cities instead. It was illogical to expend so much time and resources to deal with eight people.

"But we can't even deal with a few hundred players head on." Frost Blade replied.

"Have you heard of the saying 'you can't beat the local tyrant' before?" Fearless chuckled.

"But we only have eight guys..." Frost Blade sighed.

"Ha ha ha, who even said that we were the local tyrant..." Fearless evilly grinned.


The other members of the Quan Zhen Sect let out a long sigh when they understood Fearless' intent. This man really was the bringer of calamities...

"All we need to do is to stick to my plan when the time comes and not even Peerless Heaven will be able to escape unscathed..." Fearless laughed.

"That's truly despicable, I wonder if Uncle Bull will accept this idea. Those martial artists are really eccentric...." Vainglory whined.

As someone who had prior interactions with martial artists, Vainglory had a pretty good understanding of their mentalities. The things that they despised the most was using underhanded methods to deal with others.

"Don't worry, he'll do it for sure!" Frost Blade indifferently replied.

Wang Yu was not as innocent as he seemed. Frost Blade had personally seen the underhanded methods that he used in the Secret Jungle to wipe out the members of the Apocalypse guild.

"This old man will find a way to convince him even if he's unwilling." Spring Halo added.

"Why are you grown-ups all so evil?" Vainglory exasperatedly sighed.

"It's called the Art of War, take some notes kid! You have to understand that we are the glory of Twilight City! How can we throw the face of the entire city if we lose? It's our duty to uphold the honor of this city by winning this war!" Fearless righteously declared as he rubbed Vainglory's head.


Right at this moment, Wang Yu returned. Only after confirming that it was the right person did the members of the Quan Zhen Sect heave a sigh of relief.

"What's the matter? Why do you guys look so shocked to see me?" Wang Yu asked as he saw the apprehensive looks on their faces.

"Just now someone imitated you and gave us a thorough beating..." Ming Du angrily replied.

"Are you serious? Did anyone die?" Wang Yu gasped.

"Che, how could a minor character possible do any harm to a god like me? Only Vainglory ..." Ming Du boasted.

But before he even managed to finish his sentence, Vainglory had already appeared at his side and strangled him.

"Vainglory was killed once but everyone else is fine, we managed to chase him off. But that guy was extremely ferocious!" Frost Blade explained.

"How could you guys be so careless? How were you even tricked?"

"Perhaps he used some special methods to make himself look like you." Spring Halo replied.

"Is there even such a thing?"

"Yes, the Grand Wizard Moricia in the Magic Academy can change your appearance for thirty minutes..." Ming Du answered.

"F*ck! How dare this man impersonate me to do this kinds of things! What's this f*cker's name, I'm gonna find him!" Wang Yu bellowed.

"Evil Rampage!"

"Hm? He's not online..." Wang Yu opened his friend's tab and tried to search for this player.

"You can't do anything even if he was online. He's the guild leader of the Peerless Heaven guild with over ten thousand members under his command!" Fearless replied.

"Peerless Heaven? I think I've killed them before..."

"I knew it was you! Only you would dare to offend someone like that!"

"They aggravated me first so I kill a few dozen of them and caused the deaths of many more." Wang Yu honestly replied.


Everyone stared at Wang Yu with awe. This man in front of them was probably the only person in the game that could single-handedly deal with over a dozen opponents.

"So what are we going to do about it? Shall we kill the players in the Peerless Heaven guild?" Wang Yu asked.

Everyone else was shocked beyond reason. This man clearly knew that we were going up against ten thousand opponents yet he still brazenly suggested to seek them out to kill them.

"What's the rush, it's been roughly twenty minutes since Evil Rampage left. His men should be arriving soon!" Fearless calmly answered after looking at the time.

Just as Fearless finished speaking, a commotion could be heard outside the inn. It seemed like a crowd had gathered.

These were all unfamiliar faces that they had never seen before, wearing an unfamiliar emblem on their chests. The only leading the group was a player that Wang Yu had slain twice, Unstoppable Thunder.

Unstoppable Thunder led his men through the door and headed straight for the table that the Quan Zhen Sect were sitting by, stomping his leg on the table and menacingly shouting: "Are you guys from the Quan Zhen Sect?"

"That's right! Are you guys looking for a fight?" Wang Yu challenged as he swept Unstoppable Thunder's foot off the table.

"Eh?" Unstoppable Thunder stopped in his tracks when he looked at Wang Yu's face.

Unstoppable Thunder did not have a clear look at Wang Yu's face when they had met earlier in the quarry. But now that he had a clear look at Wang Yu's face in the inn, he was scared out of his wits.

"Bo...Boss... didn't you say that your dad was asking you to go for lunch? You..."


Unstoppable Thunder had been reduced to a ray of white light in a split second.

"What the f*ck are you talking about? Do I know you guys?"

Wang Yu recognised Unstoppable Thunder from the quarry and didn't hesitate for even a second, killing him without even saying a word, but poor old Unstoppable Thunder didn't even understand what had happened...

"Bull, you can't be that rude, you didn't even hear him out..." The other members of the Quan Zhen Sect teased.

"No problem... he's used to it!" Wang Yu indifferently stated.

Unstoppable Thunder had been killed by Wang Yu three times in a span of an hour.

"What's going on, why did Evil Rampage kill Unstoppable Thunder?" The members of the Peerless Heaven started to grow nervous as they watched this scene.

"How should I know?"

It was only at the respawn point did Unstoppable Thunder finally get over his state of shock, opening his friend list to confirm that Evil Rampage was not online. Then opening his battle log only to see that the one that killed him was a name that was all too familiar, Iron Bull.

"F*ck, those guys from the Quan Sect really are shameless! TO think that they would impersonate our leader to kill me!" Unstoppable Thunder angrily roared.

"So that's the case!"

"F*cking hell, how dare they trick us!"

The players from the Peerless Heaven guild shouted as they drew their weapons, charging straight at the members of the Quan Zhen Sect.

Fearless threw a bag of gold towards the owner of the inn, decisively instructing the rest: "Brother Spring! Seal the exits! Everyone else let's proceed according to the plan!"

Boson immediately raised his blade as he smashed the window beside him, creating an escape route for the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect.

Spring Halo had beautifully held the crowd in place with his ghosts and [Distortion].

"They've escaped through the windows! There's about even of them each wearing a yin yang emblem on their chests! Those in the streets better be prepared to surround them!" A player from the Peerless Heaven Guild shouted as he fought to break free from Spring Halo's control.