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Chapter 94: Run

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By the time they had fled through the window of the Inn, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect realised that they had been thoroughly surrounded by the Peerless Heaven guild. There were over five hundred players in the vicinity, ready to pounce on them.

The members of the Peerless heaven guild immediately sprung into action the moment they saw the first person jump out of the window.

"You guys leave first!" Spring Halo shouted as he casted [Distortion] once again, directing his ghosts to block the enemies within the inn.

The members of the Quan Zhen Sect immediately fled without even a shred of hesitation.

Even though Boson and Crotch Lord did not choose jobs that excelled in speed, they were still able to narrowly escape the encirclement by relying on each other and their [Charge] skills.

Ming Du capitalised on his ridiculously high Magic Damage to kill an entire crowd of Peerless Heaven players with a single lightning spear, throwing them into a state of temporary chaos while he snuck away.

Vainglory was a Pugilist that had chosen to add most of his attribute points into dexterity which allowed him to nimbly evade most of the enemies, now that he had recently gained a new pair of boots. Vainglory leapt above the crowd, stepping on the heads of his enemies while casually throwing a few [Crushing Blows] while running away.

Frost Blade, on the other hand, had arguably the easiest time getting away. All he needed to do was to use [Stealth] and stick close to the wall while creeping away...

Fearless had received the short end of the stick. Even though he did not have even the slightest shred of combat prowess, not a single person stayed behind to help him. He could only run for his life, sprinting and rolling out of harm's way as he desperately tried to reach the respawn point...

"Who hasn't left yet?" Spring Halo shouted as he recalled his ghosts, making a mad dash towards the window.

"Uncle Bull is still in there!" Vainglory replied through the guild chat.

"F*ck that shit, do you think he even needs your concern?" Boson scolded.

"Then I'll take my leave as well!" Spring Halo laughed as his body turned into a cloud of smoke, drifting towards the adjacent street.

"Hah! You guys must be shocked right? Didn't expect me to fly did you?" Spring Halo taunted as he flew away.

"Shoot him!"

The members of the Peerless Heaven guild angrily shouted after they heard Spring Halo's taunts, drawing their bows and taking aim at him.

The quick arrows from the Archers were able to easily catch up with to the slow flying speed of Spring Halo. But the arrows did not manage to strike his body, flying straight through him instead...

[Dark Entry] allowed him to be completely immune to physical damage...

"Ha ha ha!" Spring Halo continued to laugh as he materialised on the opposite side of the wall.

"Don't let this f*cker get away! Hunt him down!"

The commander of the Peerless Heaven forces was beside himself in anger when he realised that his team of several hundred players were unable to capture the six players from the Quan Zhen Sect, immediately commanding his men to give chase.

In <<REBIRTH, a player's ability to hunt down his opponent was largely dependent on his job... a speed job like an Archer was the strongest when it came to hunting down opponents, while a short ranged job like the Pugilist was practically useless in such a scenario.

Thus, the Peerless Heaven guild had deployed all the Archer's and Thieves in the city to give chase.

But the six players from the Quan Zhen Sect had cleverly split up, running in all four directions, thus forcing the Peerless Heaven guild to split into teams of several dozen to search for them.

Boson and Crotch Lord chose to escape via Level Avenue. Since the two had chosen Warrior jobs, their speed was heavily impeded by their equipment, this was especially so for Crotch Lord. He was heavily armored like a turtle and was even carrying a large shield on his back. But this meant that Archers and Thieves could barely even scratch past their defenses, all the duo needed to do was to charge past them...

Ming Du and Frost Blade had chosen to run to the commerce street.

There were many city guards patrolling the commerce street. No matter how arrogant the Peerless Heaven guild was, they weren't crazy enough to offend these level 200 NPCs. These city guards could easily take down a dragon, let alone a few low-level players...

Ming Du and Frost Blade had taken advantage of the fact that both of them had Twilight City merit points, allowing them to take cover amongst a troop of patrolling city guards while using guerilla tactics to beat their aggressors senseless. Quickly taking down over half of them.

Spring Halo had run into a small alleyway... his strategy was rather simple. He first casted [Distortion], then sent his ghosts to occupy his enemies while he threw poison at them before running away again... these despicable tactics were truly the bane of all dexterity based jobs...

Meanwhile, Vainglory had taken the opportunity to imitate the Uncle Bull that he had always idolised. He led the members of the Peerless Heaven guild that were chasing him into a dead end, activating [Ghost] to increase his speed as he climbed up the wall of the building and fled from the crowd that was chasing him.

The many Pugilists in the Peerless heaven guild tried to scale the wall in a similar fashion. But what they didn't know what that Vainglory himself had some martial arts background and had even received the guidance of Wang Yu. Their efforts naturally ended in failure.

The members of the Quan Zhen Sect had not only managed to flee the city, but they had also managed to kill a significant number of players from the Peerless Heaven guild.

Only Wang Yu had stayed behind. Once after everyone had fled from the inn, Wang Yu immediately stood guard by the window.

The inn was not only small, but it was also filled with flimsy furniture that was unexpectedly expensive. Fearing that they would incur collateral damage, the Archers immediately left the building and shouted for Thieves to replace them instead.

After all these players were all professional gamers, the money that they earned from the game was their lifeline, why would they run the risk of losing so much money?

The players from the Peerless Heaven guild really were stingy and money-minded individuals.

Little did they know that close combat battles were Wang Yu's speciality. Wang Yu immediately picked up several chairs and threw it towards the oncoming players...

A from the Peerless Heaven guild was struck by a chair before he even knew what happened... only after he received a system notification and lost 1 gold from their inventory did he realise that he had made a mistake...

But no matter how bitter this poor fool was, this was how ruthless the system was. It did not care who had thrown the chair and would simply charge the one that had broken it (the last one that had touched it).

Wang Yu had dashed straight into the crowd, casually tossing and throwing whoever was unfortunate enough to be next to him.

"F*CK! Kill him!!!"

The members of the Peerless Heaven guild had been thoroughly enraged by Wang Yu. Everyone immediately raised their weapons and unleashed their skills towards Wang Yu, ignoring the fact that they could potentially destroy the furniture in the shop.


Another shout could be heard from the crows and a group of Warriors used [Charge] and dashed towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu casually dodged the wave of Warriors, only to be greeted by a wall of daggers from the Thieves that had hidden behind the Warriors...

This was an especially useful tactic that the Peerless Heaven guild often employed when they went to war.

But Wang Yu not even fazed when he saw the row of daggers appear behind the Warriors. He calmly stretched his foot out and stomped on the head of one of the Warriors, leaping over the line of Thieves before graceful landing on the ground.

"That was dangerous! You guys almost split my ass right open!" Wang Yu laughed as he swiped a bead of perspiration off his head.

The crowd looked at him with their mouths ajar...

It wasn't that they hadn't seen an expert before, in fact, their leader Evil Rampage could be considered one, but even he wouldn't have been able to avoid that tactic they had employed. But this man before them had managed to effortlessly avoid all of it... what the f*ck was this, was he some kind of demon?

"F*ck, this guy is no weaker than our guild leader, get the long ranged players to attack!"

"The long ranged unit will commence our attacks now!"

The long ranged players standing outside the inn immediately ran in and begun their assault without wasting a word.

By the time Wang Yu had caught the first arrow, several magical spells were about to reach him and the Dark Shaman's at the back had casted [Distortion] around him. Wang Yu realised that the situation was unfavourable and made the decision to leave. After shattering the spells with the arrows in his hand, Wang Yu weaved past the [Distortion] and leapt straight out of the window.

But the Peerless Heaven guild had already been prepared for this and had stationed several Warriors outside the window, lying in ambush.

Wang Yu jerked his body backwards, flipping away from the ambush, landing on the ground as he rolled away from his attackers.


Wang Yu's head suddenly came into contact with a silver boot... lifting his head only to see Fearless smugly grinning at him.

At the same time, the owner of the silver boot respectfully spoke to Wang Yu.

"Lord Iron Bull, is there anything that I can help you with?"