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Chapter 96: Who Can Even Stop me?

Chapter 96: Who Can Even Stop me?

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How big was a ten thousand man guild?

As popular as it was, <<REBIRTH only had a few million players and there were currently only about eight million players online, a supposedly unachievable dream that all game designers strived for.

Not forgetting the fact that <<REBIRTH was using the large open world concept that had three hundred home cities. On a normal day there wouldn't be more than a few thousand players active in each city.

A ten thousand man guild was roughly half of the total population in a city...

Even after factoring in the players that were not online and participating in the war, the Peerless Heaven guild still numbered close to ten thousand.

Ten thousand players embroiled in a war...

This was something that no one had ever witnessed in <<REBIRTH.

But these players were all just a bunch of nerds that knew nothing of military tactics. The only tactic knew that they knew was for long ranged players to hide behind the tanks and attack. But such tactics relied on nothing more than superior numbers to overcome the enemy.

The battlefield was the perfect image of chaos.

Even though the Peerless Heaven guild had the numbers superiority and were all from the same guild, the fact remained that they were outsiders and were thus unfamiliar with the local terrain. This disadvantage became more apparent as the battle dragged on and more members of their guild started dying.

Right at this moment, a figure darted out of Twilight City and headed straight to the centre of the battlefield.

But there were simply too many players outside the city, the figure didn't run that far before he lost his temper and began running on the heads of other players...

"Boss is here!!!!" The players from the Peerless Heaven guild loudly cheered.

This person was the many who had just logged off the game to have a meal, Evil Rampage.

"Great God Iron Bull is here!"

It was an expected reaction from the crowd since they all knew what Wang Yu looked like, especially the Sanguine Alliance... He was probably the only player in the entire Twilight City that could perform a feat as ridiculous as jumping on people's head to go where he wanted.

The morale of both sides soared when they saw that 'their expert' had arrived. But the players from Twilight City quickly realised that something was amiss.

Because 'Great God Iron Bull' was ruthlessly killing the players of Twilight City.

Evil Rampage's battle power was already very high, but the chaos of the war made it especially easy for him to swiftly take down all the enemies around him.

Rays of white light danced around the battlefield wherever Evil Rampage went. This scene was especially pleasing to the eyes of the members of the Peerless Heaven guild, who began to regroup and launch an aggressive counter-attack.

"What the f*ck, that's not 'Great God Iron Bull'!" Players frantically shouted as they tried to run away.

The players of the Sanguine Alliance trembled in fear as they shouted: "I can guarantee that this player is the Iron Bull!"

The players from the Sanguine Alliance had spoken to Wang Yu before and even faced him in combat. Wang Yu's ferocious fighting style was a nightmare that the Sanguine Alliance would never forget.

"Since when did the Quan Zhen Sect ever have so many helpers?" The other players retorted.

"F*ck! A shameless and corrupted guild like them would obviously have their own underhanded means of getting help!"

"F*CK! That f*cking Quan Zhen Sect betrayed us!"

The players from Twilight City loudly cursed.

"God damn these fools... I guess we can never go show our faces around Twilight City after this nonsense..." Crotch Lord sighed.

"But that's obviously not Uncle Bull!" Vainglory unhappily grumbled.

"As if anyone would even believe you!" Spring Halo laughed.

"There's definitely someone that knows the truth!"

"Young man, the people that know the truth and decide to ignore it for a lie are the people that you should be the most wary of." Spring Halo sighed.

Even though they were both martial artists, Evil Rampage was significantly more heavy-handed than Wang Yu, choosing to brutally kill the enemies that were powerless to resist his attacks.

The morale of the players from Twilight City rapidly plummeted when they assumed that the Quan Zhen Sect had betrayed them, most guilds were already making plans to retreat. This was especially so for the Sanguine Alliance who had previously suffered defeat at Wang Yu's hands.

Even though the Sanguine Alliance was afraid of Wang Yu, False Symphony wasn't.

2012 wasn't just any other player, he was an Archer that ranked in the top ten on the leaderboards who was also the leader of a large guild. There really wasn't many players that were stronger than him, giving him an over-inflated ego.

2012 was naturally unhappy when he saw the amount of attention that Evil Rampage was garnering.

"Hey you, do you dare to duel against me?" 2012 pointed to Evil Rampage as he challenged.

"Oh? Just by yourself?" Evil Rampage coldly mocked.

"No need to put on a false front! Your father over here is called 2012, an expert on the leaderboards! How hard could it be to defeat you?"

"Cut the crap, let's fight!" Evil Rampage indifferently replied as he lunged towards 2012.

2012 drew his bow and casted [Homing Arrow] twice in succession at Evil Rampage before running off to reposition himself.

2012 was someone who was both short and fat in stature. His actions were akin to a large meatball rolling around and was extremely comical.

Even though his actions were rather cowardly, this was the common fighting style of most Archers.

Evil Rampage coldly snorted as he swatted the arrows flying towards him as he continued to pursue 2012.

Even though the Pugilist was not an extremely agile job, they had a speciality that no other job had, which was attacking while they were jumping. Attack while jumping allowed them to do more damage than they normally did even for their skills.

This was the reason that most Pugilists would perform jumping attacks when they were engaged in PK. Even the most useless classes had some specialities...

Even though Evil Rampage was not the average Pugilist, he still liked to perform jumping attacks while casting skills like [Flying Knee] or [Crushing Blow]. Not only did this allow him to deal more damage, but he could even close the gap between him and his opponents, a truly fearsome tactic for PK.

2012 had ran roughly 10 metres after shooting at Evil Rampage, yet Evil Rampage had somehow managed to catch up in the blink of an eye.

Without giving him a chance to compose himself, Evil Rampage violently hit 2012 on the back of his head, smashing his face into the ground. Creating a crater that was a metre deep... Evil Rampage raised his leg and stomped onto 2012's throat, reducing him to a ray of white light.

Evil Rampage's cruel actions extinguished whatever shred of fighting spirit that the players from Twilight City had left, causing them to flee for the city gates.

"Heh, what expert, does Twilight City even have a player that can stop me?" Evil Rampage arrogantly laughed as he watched his opponents flee.

"Alright, it's time for us to go!" Spring Halo laughed as he led the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect out of the city gates and onto the battlefield