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Chapter 97: What A Mess

Chapter 97: What A Mess

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"Uncle Bull you're here! There's a guy over there pretending to be you, it's causing us to get a bad name..." Vainglory whined.

Fearless and Wang Yu had just arrived at the scene.

"You speak as if people even had a good impression of us in the first place..."

"It's all Fearless' fault, I can't believe that idiot had the gall to drag me for a round of drinks and some shopping… there are people dying all over the place and he still has the mood to go bargain hunting." Wang Yu impatiently answered.

"Ha Ha!" Fearless indifferently chuckled.

The players from the Peerless Heaven guild had swiftly retreated the moment the city guards appeared. Wang Yu had intended to hunt them down, only to be dragged off by Fearless for a round of drinks in the Inn.

While he was in the Inn, Wang Yu had seen wave after wave of Twilight City players swarming to the city gates to participate in the war. Yet Fearless vehemently insisted that they finish their drinks before they left.

"What the f*ck! Since when did that f*cker Iron Bull enter the city?" The players outside the city angrily roared when they saw Wang Yu by the city gates.

"Watch what you say! When did I ever provoke you guys?" Wang Yu glowered at the crowd as he angrily retorted.

"You..." Just as someone was about to reply him, a player beside him nudged him on the shoulder while having the most incredulous look on his face, a mixture of fear and shock.

As the player turned his head around, he saw Evil Rampage dashing straight towards him whilst raining destruction and carnage to all who stood in his path.

"Huh? Great God Iron Bull, there's someone impersonating you over here, he's killed quite a few of our brothers..."

Many other players immediately turned around when they heard the two words "Iron Bull". Only then did they realise that the 'Iron Bull' that had been killing their friends was nothing more than a cheap knockoff.

"That's right, that's right. Great God Iron Bull, that man is truly vicious! Impersonating you and killing our people!" Everyone chimed in.

"That f*cker even killed...." Someone shouted as everyone began to air their grievances.

Evil Rampage had quickly been described to a morally depraved villain that was capable of performing any crime imaginable.

Wang Yu naturally understood that these players had mistaken Evil Rampage for him. Evil Rampage had taken advantage of this fact to massacre people using Wang Yu's name.

Wang Yu flew into a rage when he heard this, leading the Quan Zhen Sect as they slaughtered a path towards Evil Rampage.

Only now did Wang Yu understand the magnitude of the war.

There were over ten thousand players! Even if there were players that had been killed and others that had gone into hiding, this didn't change the fact that there were still thousands of players fighting outside the city.

Wang Yu's eyes quickly locked onto the bastard that had been impersonating him.

Evil Rampage was currently standing at a very prominent location and boasting about his exploits to the other members of the Peerless Heaven guild.

"Come on guys, I thought that Twilight City was supposed to be full of experts? Did I rush back here to deal with a bunch of weaklings?"

"Are you the f*cker that's impersonating me?" Wang Yu shouted as he dashed over.


Evil Rampage immediately turned around when he heard a voice directed at him, only to see a large fist closing in on his face.


Evil Rampage hastily dodged as he grabbed Wang Yu's fist while throwing a punch and kick in return.

"Wang clan martial arts?" Wang Yu was slightly taken aback, turning his head to dodge Evil Rampage's fist as he stretched his hand out to grab Evil Rampage's wrist. Wang Yu pulled Evil Ramage towards him while sending another fist straight towards his face.

Evil Rampage was completely caught off guard. Quickly leaping backwards as he awkwardly broke free from Wang Yu's grasp, dodging Wang Yu's attack as he sent a kick flying towards Wang Yu.

"Hmm, Nine Chained Revolutions. Your mastery is so-so but your attack lacks any actual force. Do you still want to fight?"

Wang Yu coldly laughed as he suddenly reached out with his right hand, grabbing Evil Rampage's ankle and slamming him onto the ground.

Without even a moment of hesitation, Wang Yu raised his foot and firmly planted it onto Evil Rampage's back as he raised his other foot to kick Evil Rampage in the ass.

"How dare you impersonate me!"

Wang Yu angrily roared as he continuously kicked Evil Rampage.

Everyone had been thrown into a state of confusion. Was this the same person that had been reeking havoc onto the players of Twilight City? How was he so easily dispatched?

"Looks like the boss lost to some cheap knock off..." The players from the Peerless Heaven's guild dejectedly mumbled.

"F*ck, were we really beaten to a pulp by this guy? How embarrassing..."

Obviously, the players from Twilight City were even more depressed...

Even though players wouldn't feel any physical pain from being beaten in the game, the embarrassment of being spanked in front of over ten thousand players made Evil Rampage seethe with rage.

"Great hero please spare me! I was in the wrong... I won't do it again..." Evil Rampage immediately begged for mercy.

"Speak! Who exactly are you? Why do you know the Wang clan martial arts?" Wang Yu stomped on Evil Rampage for the last time before he grabbed Evil Rampage's earlobe and questioned him.

"It's my family's martial arts! How could I not know it..."

Evil Rampage meekly replied.

"Your family?" Wang Yu gasped as he took a good look at Evil Rampage's face.

It was a familiar face... a pair of bright and piercing eyes, this unmistakably familiar aura!


"Huh? Big brother... so it was you..." Evil Rampage suddenly had an epiphany. The person before his eyes was not impersonating him, it was actually his older brother...

"Luckily it was you, otherwise I would have beaten the poor soul to death!" Wang Yu boisterously laughed as he slapped his brother on the back.

"But why are you impersonating me?" Wang Yu unhappily asked.

These two brothers were not similar in appearance, their difference in height made it quite apparent.

"This way, even if I lose I'll be throwing your face and not mine..."

"F*ck!!!" Wang Yu angrily shouted as he raised his fist to strike Evil Rampage.

"Enough already, don't go overboard!" Evil Rampage hurriedly shouted.

"You're the one that isn't respecting his elders, you didn't even greet me!" Wang Yu angrily shouted at Evil Rampage.

"Senior, Senior Apprentice Brother….." Evil Rampage meekly spoke as he bowed.

"That's more like it!" Wang Yu contentedly said as he rubbed Evil Rampage on the head.

The other members of the Quan Zhen Sect were utterly confused when they heard the conversation between the brothers: Weren't they blood brothers? Why did he still have to address him as his senior apprentice? The martial arts world really was confusing…...