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Chapter 99: Devious Guild

Chapter 99: Devious Guild

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"What level are you?"

Wang Yu suddenly sprung the question after chatting to Evil Rampage for a while.

"I've not been playing much, I'm just level 17..." Evil Rampage replied.

"Level 17?" The rest of the Quan Zhen Sect gasped in shock.

Martial artists were truly overpowered. Most players were only about level 15, meaning that the Quan Zhen Sect was already well ahead of most players. This was especially so for Wang Yu and Spring Halo who were level 19 and level 18 respectively. For Evil Rampage to say that he was only level 17 even though he 'did not play much' was truly infuriating.

Wang Yu opened the leaderboard and mumbled: "But I don't see you here at all..."

"I'm from the 9th district while you guys are from the 7th district. Of course you wouldn't see me!" Evil Rampage explained.

"Who do you mean?" Wang Yu asked.

"There are over 300 home cities and 15 districts in <<REBIRTH. We are from the 7th district while Evil Rampage is from the 9th district. Each district has their own leaderboards." Fearless explained.

"Ohhhhhhhh, so that's the case!" Wang Yu sighed.

"It seems like your training speed is rather fast." Wang Yu commented. He had only reached level 19 after tirelessly playing this game from dawn to dusk, solo killing several powerful bosses.

"We have a lot of members, obviously we can just dominate a training area and no one will dare to oppose us..." Evil Rampage laughed.


Evil Rampage really did live up to his name, doing as he pleased and pushing others around. It seemed like these pair of brothers weren't really that different.

"Uncle Fei, which city are you from? Why don't you take us there for a look?" Vainglory excitedly suggested.

"Sky Dragon City! If you guys really want to come, I can get my guys to prepare a suitable training area for you!" Evil Rampage laughed.

"Ha ha, who would have thought that you would be such a gracious host. Brother Bull, you really could learn a thing or two from him and give me a Musket as well..." Ming Du shamelessly laughed.

"Sure, we could go there in the afternoon since we don't really have much to do anyway..." Wang Yu replied.

Since there was the bonus experience point and bonus drop rate event going on, it was a rather go idea to go to a peaceful training area. After all the boss Nian of the day in Twilight City had already been slain.

"I have no objections!"

"Me neither!"

Evil Rampage was Wang Yu's brother after all, if Wang Yu did not wish to go to Sky Dragon City, it would not be appropriate for them to go. As such, they decided to go along with whatever Wang Yu suggested to put him in a good mood.

Since they could not use the movement formation to travel between districts, they had to travel to Sky Dragon City on an airship.

"What the f*ck, we can even fly in this game?" Wang Yu excitedly shouted as this was the first time he had ever ridden such a contraption.

"Just shut up you ignorant idiot!" Everyone sighed.

Wang Yu curiously pointed at the propeller as he asked: "How does this thing even fly when the game doesn't have any petrol? What kind of logic is this?"

"Have you ever heard of magic crystals?" Fearless grumbled.

"So this is some sort of magic formation?" Wang Yu asked again.

"Strictly speaking it's actually an industrial creation. There was a game in the past called <<Monster World, where players that chose the Artisan class could create these kinds of flying contraptions." Frost Blade explained.

"So I can make something like this in the future?" Wang Yu gleefully asked.

"A half-assed Artisan could only make something like this!" Frost Blade dismissively answered as he pointed at the engine. Back in the day, only the best and most skilful Artisans were able to make these flying contraptions in <<Monster World, plus it was only a tiny one that could fit a single person.

"That's not bad either!"

"I was talking about the engine..."


Fortunately the distance between the two districts was not that far, only being an hour or so. Otherwise everyone would have been driven to the point of insanity by Wang Yu's incessant questioning.

Even Evil Rampage, who had always idolized Wang Yu, felt embarrassed to even be associated with him...

According to the lore of <<REBIRTH, Sky Dragon City was rumored to be the hidden isle of dragons.

Hence, other than the many dragonoid monsters around the city, there were many humanoid monsters with the words 'Dragonoid' in their names.

Dragons were an extraordinary existence in eastern culture, thus the system made most dragons god-like late game powerhouses that were over level 200. Legend had it that some legendary existences like Saint Dragon Metis and Arcane Dragon Karthus had been born in Sky Dragon City.

Sky Dragon City was considered to be a holy land for the dragon race.

Many dragon fanatics had rushed to Sky Dragon City in hopes of finding a dragon egg and raising it as their pets. Naturally, this was nothing more than a pipe dream.

The first monster that they encountered on Blood Dragon Plains was the Dragonoid Mage, a level 25 monster with low health and low defenses, a suitable prey for experts like the Quan Zhen Sect. Evil Rampage had quickly arranged for his own guild members to clear an area for them to hunt in.

Fearless was in awe of Evil Rampage's flawless and precise method of leading his guild. It had to be known that Fearless was only the guild leader in name. He could not even command even the most junior member like Vainglory.

Evil Rampage promptly logged off the game once he had arranged a training area for the Quan Zhen Sect, leaving only two members of his guild to act as tour guides for them.

The two players were a Warrior and a Magician. The Warrior was called Stab Addict and the Magician was called Little Stick. These two peculiar players got along surprisingly well with the oddballs from the Quan Zhen Sect.

<Dragonoid Mage (LV 25)

HP: 5000

MP: 10000

Skills: [Magic Break], [Call of Thunder]

[Magic Break] reduced the target's Magic Resistance by 60%, while [Call of Thunder] was just like any other thunder spell, with the exception of its high damage.

Even though it was the first time that the Quan Zhen Sect had ever hunted together, it was not difficult for them to get the hang of it. Very soon they were quickly killing everything in sight.

The ten players were casually strolling around killing everything in sight. Very soon they had arrived at the respawn point for the Dragonoid Mages.

Looking ahead, they saw a large group of people surrounding a large golden monster, desperately trying to kill it.

Everyone glared at the other players, the same thought surfacing in their heads. "How unlucky are we to encounter such a situation when we just arrived at Sky Dragon City..."

Not far away three was a bunch of players furiously fighting the boss Nian. Since they had seen the boss, they would naturally find an excuse to steal the boss, otherwise they wouldn't be the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Let's go, why don't we go help them out!" Fearless smirked as he signalled to the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Why don't we just turn back..." Little Stick pleaded when he saw the Quan Zhen Sect daringly walk forward.

"Don't worry, our strength is sufficient for this!" Fearless dismissively answered.

"I think it would be better if we turned back, that area ahead isn't our turf." Stab Addict hesitated for a moment before he blurted out.

"What are you afraid of? Who you even provoke you guys? You have ten thousand members..." Fearless laughed.

"I mean we aren't that afraid of them, but the point is, we can't afford to offend that group of people over there. Their malicious and underhanded method of dealing with things really isn't something that we want to deal with." Stab Addict replied.

"What do you mean?" Fearless asked.

"They're quite a big guild as well, the only difference is that they are just too f*cking shameless. They never fight us head on. They would always target the time when most of our members are offline to harass those that are online... All of our guild members depend on this game to earn a living, no one wants to deal with those assholes..." Little Stick sighed.

"Hm? Why does the guild you're describing sound so familiar?" Fearless mumbled.

Just as everyone was deep in thought, a loud obnoxious voice suddenly rang out: "Hey hey hey, what's the past-its-prime Peerless Heaven guild doing over here? You guys better pay up!"