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Chapter 105: Inhuman Monster

Chapter 105: Inhuman Monster

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Chinese martial arts focused on hooking, twisting, countering and striking. The moment one was caught by them it would be near impossible to escape.

Even though the Blood Dragon God vastly surpassed Wang Yu in speed, under his constant barrage it couldn't even land on the ground! All it could do was accept the beating.

Staring at the poor Blood Dragon God, Old Zhang dejectedly asked: "His Dexterity is just over eighty so how come he's attacking so fast?"

"His attacks may not be fast, but they have a rhythm to them! They're all systematic and flawless!" Little Zhao seriously replied.


"En, there was an old console game called Falling Butterfly Sword where there was a bug that was known as the dagger jump. By relying on jumping and attacking in a certain manner, players could be permanently immune to all attacks while being able to launch their own attacks! I think this guy is definitely using the same method to suppress the boss' speed with his skills and rhythm!"

"That's insane! But doesn't that mean that our painstakingly designed high class boss is nothing more than a joke to him?" Old Zhang gasped.

"That's probably the case! This man's fighting abilities are vastly superior to Old Chen's. The Pugilist skills that he designed are probably nothing more than useless trash to this player!" Little Zhao nodded.

Even though the Blood Dragon God was an Independent Mode Gold grade boss, because of its job and shape, it had relatively low health. Under Wang Yu's constant barrage, it soon had only 30% of its health left.

"Roar!!!" When the Blood Dragon God's health fell to this threshold, it roared and activated its invincibility.

With a chuckle, Wang Yu grabbed it shoulders and wanted to use [Flying Knee] to disrupt this skill. However the Blood Dragon God's figure suddenly exploded and sent Wang Yu flying back.


With another roar, the Blood Dragon God covered it's body with a red light that carried a burning effect and forced Wang Yu away.

As the red light dissipated, the Blood Dragon God's body gradually appeared.

The previous humanoid dragon that Wang Yu had been fighting was replaced with an enormous dragon!

Its blood red scares glistened in the sun and it's large five metre body gave off an incredible pressure. With a flap of its wings, the launched into the air.

This was the Blood Dragon God's second form -- Fire Dragon Sovereign!

<Fire Dragon Sovereign (Pseudo) (LV 35) (Gold Boss) (Elite)

HP: 73267/250000

MP: 90543

Skills: [Dragon Fire], [Exploding Chaos]


Having been beaten by Wang Yu for so long, the Fire Dragon Sovereign had already been boiling with rage since the start. As it roared, it launched a massive fireball at Wang Yu's body.

Although it wasn't a true level 200 dragon, since it could transform it was naturally something Wang Yu couldn't withstand.

After Wang Yu dodged the first fireball, the second one was already flying towards him.


Wang Yu immediately lunged forward and flipped in the air again, landing under the Fire Dragon Sovereign's body.

Since the Fire Dragon Sovereign was so large, the underside of its body was a blind spot when it was in the air. If the designers insisted on making it a cheat like boss and gave it the ability to extend its neck then Wang Yu could only about his defeat.

Fortunately, there was a limit to the shamelessness of the designers. After Wang Yu rolled under the Fire Dragon Sovereign's body, it lost its target and stopped attacking.

Taking out the Martial Artist's Dedication, Wang Yu continuously jumped poked its underside. That's right, he was poking it. At the moment, the Fire Dragon Sovereign was almost four metres above the ground so Wang Yu could only use the tip of his pole to poke at it. Such a shameless action definitely couldn't be considered pole arts at all.

Being constantly poked in it's vaguely reminded the Fire Dragon Sovereign of all its suffering at Wang Yu's hands. With another roar, the Fire Dragon Sovereign flew another four metres up and hovered around nine metres from the ground!

"Well fuck…" Seeing the Fire Dragon Sovereign flying even higher, Wang Yu was at a loss as well.

Previously, the Fire Dragon Sovereign was too close to the ground to see Wang Yu. However now that it was almost three stories in the air, it could see exactly where Wang Yu was.

At this height, the Fire Dragon Sovereign could only have been hit be an Archer. A Pugilist like Wang Yu was nothing more than a piece of meat waiting to be roasted.

"Insignificant insect! How foolish of you to have angered a dragon!" The Fire Dragon Sovereign mocked Wang Yu as its wings and mouth lit up. With Wang Yu as the centre of the fifteen metre circle, countless bright red circles began appearing.

Looking at the area, Wang Yu knew that any defensive or movement skills would have been rendered useless.

Wang Yu's [Sunset Shift] only had a range of five metres while the Fire Dragon Sovereign's [Exploding chaos] was fifteen metres. The remaining ten metres he had to run was more than sufficient to burn him to cinders.

Seeing that the Fire Dragon Sovereign was about to launch its strongest attack, Old Zhang couldn't help but laugh: "Hahahahaha! I know he's dead for sure this time!"

"Ai… what a pity… he even managed to reveal its second form though…" Little Zhao disappointedly signed.

"There's nothing to feel disappointed about. He's only human anyway. For him to have been able to force out its Fire Dragon Sovereign form and make it use [Exploding Chaos] is already an insane accomplishment!" Old Zhang comforted him. In reality, Old Zhang was feeling very conflicted. He would definitely be upset that a player defeated his personally created boss. Yet watching Wang Yu fight had left him hungry to watch more.

While Wang Yu was still thinking, the Fire Dragon Sovereign's body blotted out the sky above him… At this time, it had already prepared it's [Exploding Chaos].

"The sky…" Wang Yu squinted at the dragon in the sky and suddenly had an idea.

Countless fireballs began raining down from the sky, scorching the area that it had marked out. Everything that the fireballs had touched instantly transformed into a sea of flames. If one looked from above, it was as though hundreds of red flowers were blooming.

"Ai… Just close the window man. After a battle like this, the Fire Dragon Sovereign will definitely return to its territory and rest." Old Zhang sighed.

"Ok then…" Little Zhao sighed and moved to close the video.

"Wait! What's that on the Fire Dragon Sovereign's back?" Old Zhang suddenly grabbed his shoulder and pointed.

"On its back? F**k! It's that's player! How did he get up there?"

"Quickly replay it! He definitely used a hack! We've caught him red-handed this time!" Old Zhang exclaimed.

Little Zhao quickly zoomed in on Wang Yu and then replayed the video in slow motion.

After the GMs saw how Wang Yu had dodged the [Exploding Chaos] and landed on the Fire Dragon Sovereign's back their eyes almost popped out of their heads…

"T...th...this man isn't human!"