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Chapter 106: Dragon Slayer

Chapter 106: Dragon Slayer

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Wang Yu was someone who didn't even know how to use a computer, let alone exploit bugs or use hacks.

The moment the Fire Dragon Sovereign had launched the fireballs, Wang Yu thrust the pole onto the ground and lifted his body into the air while balancing on its tip with one hand. When he reached the highest point, Wang Yu quickly kept the pole and shot a [Rippling Wave] at the ground, launching his body up another half a metre and the used [Sunset Shift] to teleport onto the Fire Dragon Sovereign's back.

The Martial Artist's Determination was two metres long and Wang Yu was one hundred and eighty six centimetres tall. With the additional half a metre boost from the [Rippling Wave], Wang Yu was barely able to land on its back with his [Sunset Shift].

If this was a traditional computer game, the difficulty of such a feat was like using Lee Sin in <<League Of Legends and casting a Q then ulting the opponent and then recasting Q to attack him again and then using E to get to safety before the enemy even landed. As long as players had fast enough reflexes, such a feat was completely possible.

However in a virtual reality game like this, it wasn't that simple to recreate what Wang Yu had just done.

To fly straight into the Fire Dragon Sovereign's skill like Wang Yu had required an immense amount of courage on top of sufficient strength and coordination. The angle that [Rippling Wave] had to leave at to properly boost Wang Yu was incredibly precise. If any of these factors had been even slightly off then Wang Yi would have failed!

In all the years that these GMs had lived, the had never seen anyone as monstrous as Wang Yu.

After landing on the Fire Dragon Sovereign's back, Wang Yu was soaked with sweat. With Wang Yu's current attributes, it was taxing for him to actually reach it. Watching the explosions from above, Wang Yu couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

While the Fire Dragon Sovereign was still raining down fireballs from above, Wang Yu pulled out the Abyssal Dagger and stabbed its throat.

As the saying went, "Hit the snake's seventh inch, cleave the dragon's reverse scale". On the Fire Dragon Sovereign's neck was a patch of scales that grew in reverse. These were probably the legendary reverse scales!


-5895, critical hit!

In one stab, a large amount of blood sprayed from the wound, staining Wang Yu's body and even burning him.

"All these dragons really aren't simple creatures…" Wang Yu muttered as he stabbed it again.

"Roar!!!" After the second stab, the Fire Dragon Sovereign began thrashing about in the air, hoping to throw Wang Yu off. Wang Yu scrambled to maintain his footing and then stabbed it again.


Seeing the damage, Wang Yu was delighted to find out that every stab to the reverse scale was a critical hit.

Having terrorised the Sky Dragon City for years, the Fire Dragon Sovereign was used to killing or stomping any human it met. Being treated like this by an insect-like existence was a first.

The Fire Dragon Sovereign was like a headless fly as it thrashed about in the air, randomly flying about.

Using his legs and one arm, Wang Yu gripped onto the Fire Dragon Sovereign's throat. With his free hand, Wang Yu repeatedly stabbed its reverse scale.

As the Fire Dragon Sovereign's blood flowed from Wang Yu's hand onto his body, his health slowly burnt away. If it wasn't for the Heavenly Silk Armour's recovery, Wang Yu would already have perished.




When the Fire Dragon Sovereign's health fell to the point where one more stab would have killed it, it suddenly lost its mind and charged straight to the ground.

"Puny human! A noble dragon will never die to the likes of your kind!"

"This crazy beast is trying to commit suicide!"

Wang Yu was slightly startled before jumping off if its body. Even if it wanted to die, he wouldn't let himself die with it! While in mid-air, seven illusory wolves appeared behind him and charged towards the Fire Dragon Sovereign.

[Full Moon Charge]: Summon seven Wolf Kings to lunge at an enemy simultaneously. Each wolf King does damage equal to user's Strength*3. 6 hours cooldown.

This was the first time that Wang Yu had used this skill. Since his strength was currently around a hundred, the seven wolves dearth a combined total of a 2100 damage.


The Fire Dragon Sovereign burst into countless light particles before it reached the ground, leaving only a bunch of intends behind.

Since [Sunset Shift] was still on cooldown, Wang Yu could only hope that he would survive the fall. No matter how proficient Wang Yu was at martial arts, it wouldn't help him much in this situation. In the end, he crashed into the ground with only 10 health left…

Presently, the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect were dejectedly walking to a nearby inn.

When they reached the entrance, they were suddenly greeted by a Knight.

"My friends, it really is a joyous occasion that you are all there in Sky Dragon City! Let's celebrate!" The Knight smilingly greeted.

Looking up, they realised that it was Nine Solitary Spears and the bastard who had led the boss to them!


Seeing the Archer standing behind Nine Solitary Spears, the Quan Zhen Sect realised that the boss had attacked them because of an order by Nine Solitary Spears!

"Hpmh! It was a good thing we killed the Nian before we died!" Fearless coldly smirked.

"Hahahaha! After all these years you're still trying to gain small advantages!" Nine Solitary Spears laughed. Apocalypse had been loggerheads with the Quan Zhen Sect for years so this wasn't the first time they had conflicts.

"Heh you praise me too much! This lord isn't in a good mood today so you better get the f**k out of my sight!" Fearless growled. After being killed because of their trap, Fearless was naturally in a terrible mood.

The angrier Fearless got, the happier Nine Solitary Spears became. "Don't be so angry man! Since we're old friends why don't I treat you to some wine!" He laughed.

"Fine! Then let's go for some expensive ones! I want ten of those 1 gold jars!"

As Nine Solitary Spears paid the bill he mocked: "Your Quan Zhen Sect really is too shameless! But your father is in a good mood today so 10 gold is nothing!"

Just as he finished mocking them, a world announcement suddenly flashed…

<World Announcement: Twilight City's Iron Bull has slain Sky Dragon City's Gold grade Elite boss Blood Dragon God for the first time! And had taken another step forward on the road to glory!

<System Notification: You have killed the boss Blood Dragon God and have been awarded 700000 experience points.

<System Notification: You have reached level 20.

<System Notification: You have killed the neutral faction's boss Blood Dragon God and have been awarded the title "Dragon Slayer". -50 Sky Dragon City glory points, NPCs in the city will despise you. -50 Familiarity with the dragon clan, NPCs of the race will despise you.

<Dragon Slayer

+20 Strength

+20 Vitality


Has a suppressive effect on dragons.

After the golden light dissipated, Wang Yu had risen to level 20 and his health and mana had been completely refilled.

"Hah… hah… that was way too stimulating…" Wang Yu panted as he lay in the ground. There weren't any monsters like that for Wang Yu to soar within the real world so he was exhausted from the fight.

After resting for awhile, Wang Yu gathered his strength and stood up to look at the items the boss dropped.

The Fire Dragon Sovereign ended up only dropping 1 piece of equipment and a whole bunch of materials and blueprints.

<Fire Dragon's Fang (Bow) (Obsidian)

Physical Attack: 80-100

Magical Attack: 60-90

+ 21 Dexterity

+ 15 Strength


[Dragon's Aura] (Passive): Has a suppressive effect on beast monsters.

[Dragon Strike] (Passive): Normal attacks have a 30% chance of crippling enemies, lowering speed by 30%.

[Dragon's Burn] (Passive): Normal attacks apply a burn on the target.

[Dragon Rage] (Active): Increase attack and attack speed by 80% for 40 seconds.

Level Requirement: 15

Job Requirement: Sharpshooter

Aside from the bow that Wang Yu had just picked up, there were only 2 other Obsidian tier equipment in the entire game. What's more, one of those was found by Wang Yu. Even though its level requirement was high, it still sold for 240 gold!

This bow that Wang Yu had just picked up was only level 15 and had high attributes! It's price would definitely be much higher than the warblade he had previously auctioned off.

Thinking of this, Wang Yu chuckled as he kept he kept the bow and inspected the other items.

<Blood Of The Fire Dragon (Quest Item)

Seeing that it was a quest item, Wang Yu carefully kept it in his inventory. With how losses the system was, there was no harm in keeping a few extra quest items on hand.

The rest of the items that Wang Yu had picked up were all materials.

<Fire Dragon's Flesh: Uncommon material, can be used to cook delicious food.

<Fire Dragon's Scale: Uncommon material, can be used to craft equipment.

After casually keeping all these items, Wang Yu inspected the last item which was a box.

After he opened the box and saw item Wang Yu froze.

In it was a blueprint that only Wang Yu could use!

<Technomagic Cartridge Blueprint: Plans to craft a Cartridge powered by magic.

Required Components: Occult Crystal

Class Requirement: Low Grade Engineer

Wang Yu quickly recovered from his initial shock when he realised that since the Blood Dragon God used guns, it was normal for it to drop such an item.

After keeping all the loot, Wang Yu opened his flashing notification tab and saw a flood of congratulatory messages. Ignoring these messages, he opened the Quan Zhen Sect guild chat.

"Iron Bull! You really showed that retarded spear who's boss!" Fearless madly cackled.

"Huh? What happened?" Wang Yu asked in confusion.

After the rest explained to him the situation n Wang Yu couldn't help but laugh.

Suddenly, Friday Blade who had been silent the woke time suddenly asked: "Brother Bull did you manage to get my dagger back?"

"Of course! And your dagger really helped me in the fight!" Wang Yu laughed as he sent a screenshot of the dagger to the chat.

"Huh? There's something weird about the dagger…" Frost Blade mumbled when he saw the screenshot.