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Chapter 107: Faction

Chapter 107: Faction

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"That's impossible man, I've only got one dagger in my inventory so there's no way I could've gotten it wrong…" Wang Yu adamantly replied. However after taking out the dagger he realised that there was something different about it.

The Abyssal Blade was originally a deep blue colour and incredibly thin, almost resembling a needle. However how it was now two fingers thick and had a flowing red pattern on the blue blade and its edge had become red.

<Abyssal Dragon Slayer (Dagger) (Gold)

Physical Attack: 47-69

Magical Attack: 22-46


[Abyssal Slash] (Active): Total damage dealt with target will include (DexterityX2) + (Physical attack)

[The Abyss] (Passive): The user will gain 30% efficiency when using stealth.

[Fire Dragon's Baptism] (Passive): After being soaked in the first drop of blood from a dragon's reverse scale, all normal attacks will inflict burn on the target.

Level Requirement: 15

Looking at the dagger's new attributes, the others could only sigh in amazement. Frost Blade's luck really was too good.

Although items in <<REBIRTH could be upgraded, players needed to find special NPCs to do so. On top of that, a large amount of rare materials would be needed as well. Hence, unless one found a weapon that really resonated with them, most wouldn't even bother about upgrading. By the time it reached late game, Silver tier items would be considered trash anyway.

Frost Blade's dagger on the other hand had an incredible passive. If it wasn't for its low rarity and level, it would have been a god-like weapon at late game. Before the battle, Frost Blade was already considering abandoning it and finding a better weapon. However he made an unexpected profit from this battle that the others could only envy.

"Why didn't you use your father's staff to kill it?" Ming Du sourly asked.

"Cause you're a f**king traitor!" Boson angrily barked.

"Brother Bull, the Blood Dragon God was really powerful so did it drop anything good?"

"Mostly materials honestly. I'll show you guys later. Where are you all now anyway?" Wang Yu replied.

"The inn Lighting Dragon Street! Just ask any NPC, they'll give you directions."


After closing the guild chat, Wang Yu opened his map and started walking towards Sky Dragon City.

After waiting for an incredibly long time, Wang Yu finally arrived at the inn.

"The f**k man? Did you get lost or something?" Fearless asked in annoyance.

"I don't know why either. But somehow all the NPCs are looking at me with killing intent…" Wang Yu muttered as he wiped his sweat.

"Killing intent?" The rest asked in confusion. To ordinary people like them, killing intent was an incredibly foreign concept.

"Exactly… Ai… You guys wouldn't understand…" Wang Yu sighed and then shouted at the inn owner: "Boss! One cup of nun's draught please!"

"Ten silver! And take it yourself!" The owner coldly spat.

"Urk!" The rest gasped in shock. This was really too much! Nun's draught was normally one silver for a cup! And the waiters would always deliver it to the table. How could it suddenly be ten silver for their hero Iron Bull?

"You see that? The NPCs here are all like this!" Wang Yu helplessly shrugged.

"Wait what's your Sky Dragon City merit points?" Spring Halo asked.


"This… I think we should go back to Twilight City then…"

"Oh Iron Bull… you really take things too far… how could you drop 50 merit points like that…"

"I just killed the Blood Dragon God… maybe because he's from the neutral faction or something." Wang Yu dejectedly sighed.

"So this game has factions too then…" Ming Du muttered.

"Factions? What's that?" Wang Yu asked in confusion. The word faction was as foreign to Wang Yu as killing intent was to the others.

"It's essentially squads understand? Western games have 'the alliance, the neutrals and the tribes' and eastern games usually have 'the government, the mercenaries and the rebels'. This game has light, neutral and dark factions and would be unlocked after the players reach level 25." Spring Halo explained. Having been part of the closed beta test, Spring Halo naturally knew more than most players.

"Is there any benefits to joining a faction?" Wang Yu asked again.

"Honestly there isn't any. It's just another way to divide players. If you kill players from other factions then you'll get faction contribution points. The neutral faction is honestly just an accessory to the other two. The dragon race is part of the neutral faction so since you killed their men the would naturally bear a grudge. I'm guessing that their influence reaches Sky Dragon City so all the NPCs here are against you now. The fact that they aren't blatantly trying to kill you is already very impressive!"

"F**K! Why're they trying to turn the players against each other?" Wang Yu asked again. Even though he was monstrously powerful, he was still a peaceful person at heart.

"Because fights between players never end! Players killing each other and seeking revenge is their main source of income! If players don't fight amongst themselves then the company won't be able to earn much!" Spring Halo chuckled.

"Why's it feel like they're just toying with us…" Wang Yu coldly laughed.

"You talk like this has nothing to do with you! I bet you're the one with the highest kill count in this game!" The others cried out in unison.

"They're all people that deserved to be killed!" Wang Yu righteously declared.

"You sure?" Frost Blade suspiciously asked. He was the one that had bore witness to most of Wang Yu's killings and knew otherwise.

"Old Frost, I'm still holding on to your dagger remember?" Wang Yu squinted.

Frost Blade instantly understood Wang Yu's words and hurriedly said: "Brother Bull is the hero of our generation so of course the people he kills are all great villains! By the way what did the Blood Dragon God drop?"

"A bunch of trash!" Wang Yu grumbled as he threw the fire dragon's flesh and fire dragon's scale onto the table

Wang Yu had already used the technomagic carriage blueprints so he didn't show the rest.

"These are all uncommon materials! How're they trash?" Crotch Lord coughed.

"This lord has [Cooking] so I'll taking these. I'll cook up a feat for everyone when we get back! I don't need to pay right?" Fearless shamelessly declared as he kept all the fire dragon's flesh.

"Take it! It's not like I have a use for it!" Wang Yu waved his hand and grumbled.

With an evil laugh, Fearless quickly kept all the flesh in his inventory.

"Shameless whore! This flesh can be sold for 10 gold…" The others silently cursed.

Although they were all cursing Fearless, none of them spoke up. In the entire Quan Zhen Sect he was the only one who had [Cooking]. Furthermore, food made from uncommon materials would definitely be delicious!

"Anyone want the dragon scales?" Wang Yu looked around and asked.

"These things can be used to craft equipment so I think you should keep then Brother Bull!" Boson replied.

"Alright then! Quickly go find the materials you need ok? I'll craft you armour when the time comes!" Wang Yu laughed.

"Sure!" Boson didn't reject Wang Yu's proposal this time since Wang Yu's [Low Grade Refining] was equivalent to an ordinary Blacksmith's [High Grade Forging].

"How much is this bow worth?" Wang Yu turned around and asked Frost Blade.

"It can definitely be sold for an exorbitant price at the auction but they charge a very high transaction fee. I think it's best for you to keep it first and wait!" Frost Blade professionally analysed.

"Ok then! I'll do as you said then!" Wang Yu nodded as he kept the rest of the items on the table.

"Alright let's go home then!" Fearless declared as he stood up.

"Already? I wanted to stroll some more though…" Wang Yu replied.

"Stroll your ass! This entire city is Apocalypse's nest!" Fearless angrily shouted.

"You're afraid of that?"

"I'm afraid that something happens because of you! Do you think you're still in Twilight City? You might get arrested for spitting! If you actually kill someone then you can forget about leaving!"