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Chapter 108: What A Coincidence

Chapter 108: What A Coincidence

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After they returned to Twilight City, Wang Yu hurriedly logged off. While they were on the way back he had received a message from Mu Zi Xian that asked him to go out for dinner with her if he was not busy with a quest or boss.

After he logged off, Wang Yu noticed that Mu Zi Xian had already prepared his clothing for him.

"Who're we eating with? Why are we wearing such formal clothes?" Wang Yu shuddered after seeing the suit that Mu Zi Xian had selected for him.

Having spent years training martial arts, Wang Yu was more used to loose and airy clothing and disliked tight and fitting ones.

"My best friend! It's been five years since I last saw her. I've booked us a table at Lake Heart hotel. She's bringing her boyfriend along so you better look your best! You can't lose to her boyfriend!" Mu Zi Xian replied.


The competitive nature of women was really terrifying… they even compared their partners…

After Wang Yu had finished dressing, Mu Zi Xian was still staring at the mirror applying her makeup. Afraid that Wang Yu would get bored, she said: "Honey why don't you go down to the basement and push our vespa out first?"

"Ok sure." Wang Yu nodded as he grabbed the keys and left.

Lake Heart Hotel was located in the older part of the city and was a few kilometres away from their apartment. Since there was no public transport at night they had no choice but to use this second hand Vespa.

By the time that Wang Yu had pushed it out, Mu Zi Xian had already finished dressing up and was waiting for him. Standing next to her waiting was another woman as well. With a glance, Wang Yu immediately knew it was Yang Nuo.

"Aiya! I didn't realise Brother Wang was so handsome!" Yang Nuo jokingly complimented.

Yang Nuo wasn't lying when she complimented Wang Yu. Standing 1.86 metres tall with his square jaw and sharp eyes along with his unspeakably well-trained body gave off a heroic and captivating aura no matter where one looked.

Seeing Yang Nuo, Wang Yu's face immediately darkened and he growled: "What're you doing here?"

Ordinarily, Wang Yu was a very amiable person. However for some unknown reason, every time he saw Yang Nuo he felt uneasy and ended up being hostile towards her.

"Brother Wang how come you're so mean? I just happen to be going to the old district as well!" Yang Nuo giggled.

"Just don't follow us!" Wang Yu barked as he sat on the back seat of the Vespa.

Very naturally, Mu Zi Xian walked forward and sat in the driver's seat.

"Pfft! Ahahahahaha!" Seeing the scene in front of her, Yang Nuo couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"What're you laughing at!" Wang Yu blushed.

"Why don't you have a shred of chivalry? How could you let your wife drive?" Yang Nuo barely managed to force out another question.

"I don't know how to drive it!" Wang Yu sheepishly replied.

"And you haven't considered letting me sit behind Big Sister Xian instead?"

"Then what about me?"

"You can just run!"

"Forget it!" Wang Yu instantly rejected the idea. If he actually ran all the way there then he'd look like a complete idiot!

"Honey, why don't you take bus the then?" Mu Zi Xian suggested.

"Big Sis I was just joking around. I have a car anyway." Yang Nuo laughed as she pointed to a bright red Ferrari in a nearby parking lot.

"Little Nuo is really rich huh…" Mu Zi Xian enviously muttered.

"Hpmh! My family has countless trashy cars like this!" Wang Yu scoffed. However when he saw that Mu Zi Xian's expression darkened her knee that he had misspoken and immediately corrected himself: "But it's a pity I still like my wife's Vespa the best!"

"You really know how to butter me up!" Mu Zi Xian playfully scolded him.

"Well we'll make our move first then Little Nuo. We might not be as fast as your car but we'll have a head start!"

"Ok, drive safely!"

L city was also known as Northern Lake City and it boasted incredibly beautiful scenery. Especially in the older parts of the city. The old district was one of the main tourist attractions of the city and was built atop a man-made lake. When Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian first moved here, they would play at the lake almost every day.

At this time of the year, the old district was covered in various decorations and they could see it's brilliance from several kilometres away!

Since there were barely any tourists at this time of the year, most of the passersby and customers in the area were locals. Along the lake, many had set up their own stalls selling guys and other local products. Since they weren't disturbing the peace, the city administration wouldn't try to clamp down on them either.

The Lake Heart Hotel was one of the main structures in the old district and had a very ancient design. Rumour had it that the hotel was designed based on one of the structures in a popular wuxia so it had a very archaic feel. The exterior of the hotel featured very dark and inauspicious colours which no one other than the owner could appreciate.

Contrary to the exterior, the food that was served in the restaurant there was incredibly modern and delicious.

The staff at the entrance of the hotel all wore very traditional Chinese attire and even had a towel on their shoulder. When they saw Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian arrive, the immediately greeted: "Welcome honoured guests! Please come in! Our restaurant has many delicious dishes! Just say the word and we can park your vehicle for you!"

Wang Yu enjoyed hearing the staff promoting their restaurant and waited until they had finished before he patted Mu Zi Xian on the shoulder and said: "You go in first, I'll go park the car!"

"OK sure, remember to remove the keys darling…"

Wang Yu quickly nodded and began to push the Vespa away.

After finally finding a parking lot, Wang Yu had just finished locking the Vespa and was walking to the hotel when he suddenly heard a screech as a white Honda stopped right behind him.

Fortunately, Wang Yu's senses were more acute than the average person's and he moved out of the way in time. Otherwise, he would have already been flattened by the car!

After cutting the engine, a man and a woman stepped out of the car.

The man was barely even 1.6 metres tall and was wearing an incredibly flashy suit with an oversized watch. The man had so much gel on his hair that it glistened!

The woman was over 1.7 metres in height and was very beautifully dressed. After alighting from the car she briefly glanced at Wang Yu before staring at his Vespa.

The man hurriedly ran to the front of his car and inspected it for dents before shouting at Wang Yu: "The f**k are you standing there for? I almost knocked you down just now!"

Wang Yu didn't bother replying the man and simply stared at him. This road always had many people walking past it so cars would always slow down when driving through. This man was blatantly flouting the rules and he still wanted to push the blame?

"Hmph!" Wang Yu simply snorted and then ignored the couple and entered the hotel.

Entering the restaurant, Wang Yu saw Mu Zi Xian sitting alone at a window seat and walked towards her and asked: "You best friend isn't here yet?"

"I'll call her and ask. Oh right, my best friend is quite the beauty herself so you better not stare later ok?" Mu Zi Xian giggled.

With that, Mu Zi Xian took out her phone and made a call.

"Sister Yan where are you?" Mu Zi Xian asked.

"I just reached the door, which table are you at?"

"Table 47. I'm sitting with my husband! He's the tall and dashing one!"

"Is he the one in the western suit?"

Looking up, Wang Yu saw the couple standing at the entrance and thought: "It can't be that much of a coincidence right?"