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Chapter 109: Notre Dame Cathedral

Chapter 109: Notre Dame Cathedral

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At first glance, Wang Yu instantly recognised them as the couple that had almost run him over outside the hotel prior to this.

The woman froze for a split second before silently walking towards the table as if nothing had happened between them, with the man following closely behind.

After taking a brief look at the man, Mu Zi Xian whispered to Wang Yu: "That brat isn't even as tall as Sister Yan! I wonder what she even sees in him..."

"..." Unable to think of an appropriate response, Wang Yu simply remained silent while wondering what the lady opposite them thought of him.

"Honey, this is Zhong Yan Yan. Sister Yan this is my husband Wang Yu!" Mu Zi Xian happily introduced the two of them.

Zhong Yan Yan smilingly pointed at the short man and said: "This is my boyfriend, Lei Jian!" Then she pointed at Mu Zi XIan and said: "This is my best friend Xian Xian that I'm always talking about."

"Nice to meet you! You really are as beautiful as Little Yan said!" Lei Jian sighed in admiration as he admired her body. He then pulled Mu Zi Xian's hand towards him to kiss.

Without wasting any time, Wang Yu reached forward to block Mu Zi Xian's hand and grabbed Lei Jian's wrist.

Just as Lei Jian was about to kiss Mu ZI Xian's dainty and jade-like hand, a large claw suddenly appeared on his face. Although he was shocked, Lei Jian suppressed it and smiled: "I'm sorry, I've been abroad for too long so I've gotten used to their customs…"

"F**k! He really knows how to act!" Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian thought to themselves.

"Lei Jian has been studying abroad for a few years and just came home so he's still adjusting. I hope you won't take any offence Brother Yu…" Zhong Yan Yan tried to explain.

"It's fine, It's fine." Wang Yu dismissively waved his hand.

By now, Lei Jian had also recognised Wang Yu and pointed at him while laughing: "Ai ya! So you're Xian Xian's husband! I'm really sorry about the incident outside the hotel just now, but I must say, the place you parked your little Vespa really isn't appropriate! I just got a new car after coming home so it would have been a shame if I got into an accident after just two days don't you agree?"

"Well… The place you stopped your car isn't a parking lot to begin with though." Wang Yu coldly replied.

For some reason, Lei Jian had purposely stressed the words "Little Vespa" when he spoke, causing Mu ZI Xian's expression to sour. Turning to Wang Yu, she softly asked: "You two met before?"

Lei Jian's arrogant attitude and the stench of wealth on his body had already given Mu Zi Xian a bad impression of him from the start. Now that she heard that he had almost knocked Wang Yu with his car, her impression of him instantly hit rock bottom.

As though she realised Mu Zi Xian was about to explode, Zhong Yan Yan hurriedly interjected: "We're amongst friends now so let's not talk about these unhappy things! Come, let's order the food first!"

"Sure!" Wang Yu nodded and handed the menu to Lei Jian.

Although the little bastard wasn't very tall, his tastes were incredibly heavy. Everything he ordered had intestines, internal organs and even duck heads fried in chilli oil!

Wang Yu, on the other hand, ordered food that had a lighter flavour. Having trained in martial arts since young, Wang Yu's food mainly focused on the proper nutrients instead of flavour. Furthermore, since spicy foods would over stimulate the body, Wang Yu had never gotten into the habit of eating them.

Looking at the dishes Wang yu ordered, Zhong Yan Yan couldn't help but ask: "Brother Yu, is this all you're eating?"

"Brother Yu isn't like me, he's much easier to raise!" Lei Jian chortled.

Although Lei Jian didn't know that Wang Yu had once been provided for by Mu Zi Xian, he had touched Wang Yu's soft spot and Wang Yu couldn't help but be slightly enraged.

"Brother Jian, I heard that foreigners don't eat brains and organs and the like. How come after so many years overseas your preferences hasn't changed?" Mu ZI Xian coldly asked.

"Well that's precisely why I need to eat more of it now that I'm back!" Lei Jian laughed.

"Ohhh I see! Enjoy your food then!" Mu Zi Xian laughed. However in her heart, she was cursing him: "With such a foul mouth, you better hope you don't get food poisoning!"

Nodding his head, Lei Jian suddenly asked: "Oh right, what are you working as now Xian Xian?"

"I'm one of the customer service officers for <<REBIRTH!" Mu Zi Xian replied.

The moment she heard Mu Zi XIan mention <<REBIRTH, Zhong Yan Yan instantly perked up as she asked: "Really? I play <<REBIRTH too! I've just joined one of the large guilds so I'm levelling up quite fast! Do you play too? Maybe we can play together!"

"Well I'm not that great at the game, but my husband is!" Mu ZI Xian proudly declared.

Hearing this, Lei Jain couldn't help but chuckle: "What are you doing now Brother Yu? How come you have the time to play this game?"

"Well I'm a freelancer, but right now I'm currently working as a professional gamer." Wang Yu blandly replied.

"Ohh I see I see… I've heard that his job is incredibly tiring but doesn't pay well. I've just opened a small company of my own actually. Do you have any interest in working for me Brother Yu?"

"Well…. I honestly don't have any academic qualifications..." Wang Yu replied.

"Well we're not looking for people with very high academic qualifications. As long as you know how to use a computer and smartphone it's enough!" Lei Jian replied before launching into a speech about new markets and technologies and even stocks!

Wang Yu barely even understood a word that came out of Lei Jia's mouth and lightly chuckled: "It's really fine, I don't think this job suits me..."

"No worries, everyone's different. I can introduce you to a few of my friends then. They're all experts in the game so no one will bother you with them around!" Lei Jian tried again.

"Hah! Please! With my husband's abilities,no one would dare to say they can protect him!" Mu Zi Xian giggled.

"Ha ha is that so?" Lei Jian politely chuckled and dropped the topic and then softly muttered: "It's just a game anyway, what's the big deal if he's good at it? Can it feed your family forever?"

With how sensitive Wang Yu's hearing was, there was no way he wouldn't have heard what Lei Jian mumbled.

Mu Zi Xian was sitting right across Lei Jian so she naturally heard what he said as well and instantly got enraged.

Mu ZI Xian wasn't some well behaved and mild mannered girl herself. With her temperament, even if was held at gunpoint, she wouldn't change her stance on anything. Seeing the person she loved the most being belittled like this right in front of her, she was ready to stand up and give Lei Jian a piece of her mind.

However just as she was about to stand up, Wang Yu softly patted her thigh and signalled her to stop. Afterwards, he lightly smiled and asked: "Brother Jian how long have you been overseas?"

"I've been in France for about seven years..." Lei Jian proudly replied.

"Oooh ,that's nice. I've always heard that france is very beautiful but I've never had the chance to go. I wonder if Brother Jian has any photos of it?" Wang Yu asked in admiration.

Hearing Wang Yu's words, Lei Jian felt as though his time to show off had finally arrived and he excitedly passed his phone to Wang Yu and said: "Of course! This is a picture of the eiffel tower, and this is a picture of the notre dame cathedral. I'm sure you've heard of famous places like these before right?"

"Are you sure this is the notre dame cathedral? It looks more like the sistine chapel to me..." Wang Yu frowned.

The moment Wang Yu said that, Lei Jian quickly corrected himself: "Right right right, that is the sistine chapel. Silly me, this is from the time I went to rome for a holiday..."

Mu Zi Xian secretly pulled Wang Yu over and softly whispered: "Honey I thought you said you've never left the country before?"

"Yea I haven't. Why?" Wang Yu chuckled.

"Then how do you know that that's the sistine chapel?"

"I don't… I've only ever heard it's name..." Wang Yu honestly replied.

"Pfft…" Mu Zi Xian almost spat out her tea after hearing Wang Yu's reply