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Chapter 110: Mark Of The Martial God

Chapter 110: Mark Of The Martial God

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If one was going to lie then they needed to stick with it to the end! Otherwise they would just put themselves in an awkward situation.

"You naughty boy! Where did you learn this!" Mu Zi Xian teased as he poked Wang Yu's cheek.

"Shhhh… Let's just eat." Wang Yu laughed.

Good habits were hard to pick up but bad ones were extremely easy to learn. Having faced so many dishonest NPCs in the game, Wang yu had long since learnt to deal with their kind. What's more, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect could have been said to be scum of society so what Wang Yu had just done was barely scratching the surface of what he had seen. If it had been Fearless or Spring Halo here instead, this poor fool might have already broken down in tears…

Although Mu Zi Xian and Zhong Yan Yan were very close, she did not feel that Wang Yu had crossed the line here.

Mu Zi XIan had already found Lei Jian unbearably pretentious, stuck up and disloyal to Zhong Yan Yan. One look at him was enough to know that he wasn't a decent man. Who knew what kind of shady business he engaged in!

Mu Zi Xian had no intention of watching her best friend be whisked away by scum like this. Of course, she definitely couldn't stand watching her beloved Wang Yu be slighted by him either.

To Mu Zi Xian, Wang Yu was her entire life. Watching him get insulted like that was too much for her to bear.

"Ha… Ha…" Lei Jian awkwardly laughed.

After being outplayed so badly by Wang Yu, Lei Jian spent the rest of the evening quietly eating his dinner.

After finishing the meal, Wang yu paid the bill and the four of them left the hotel together. Suddenly, as though itching for a fight, Lei Jian pointed at the Vespa and said: "Brother Yu you should really think about getting a car! L City isn't that congested anyway."

"It's fine. This is much better for the environment..." Wang Yu lightly replied.

"It's dangerous at night you know. Why don't I send the two of you home instead? My car..."


Before Lei Jian had the chance to finish his sentence, a red Ferrari suddenly stopped at the entrance of the hotel and horned at them.

The sudden appearance of the Ferrari shocked all four of them.

The hotel they were at was located on the top of a hill, so only someone incredibly bold would drive a low car like a Ferrari here.

After the horn, the Ferrari drove up to them and lowered its window, revealing Yang Nuo's face.

"So that's where you were young master!" Yang Nuo smiled at Wang Yu as she removed her sunglasses.

"Little Nuo!" Mu Zi Xian greeted.

"En…" Wang Yu nodded.

"How could you just take the Vespa and go galavanting this late at night! Quickly get on with young mistress and I'll send you two home. I don't want the master to get mad at me..."

"Young master… Young mistress..." Lei Jian mumbled to himself. Staring back and forth between Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian, he started to feel nauseous. A young master… Why was he even riding a Vespa then!!!

Although Mu Zi Xian wasn't used to being called young mistress, Wang Yu was incredibly familiar with these titles.

"How can I just abandon these? It's 800 you know!" Wang Yu replied. It was only natural for a man to place some sentimental value on something he had ridden before.

Wang Yu then turned around and said: "How about this, Brother Jian can send us home and you can help tow the Vespa back!"

As he spoke, Wang Yu lifted up the Vespa which weighed a few hundred kilograms with one hand and placed it on Yang Nuo's front passenger seat.


Watching Wang Yu, Yang Nuo barely managed to hold back her tears. A small scratch on her car was more than enough to buy another one or two Vespas…

Looking at the beat up Vespa, Yang Nuo glared: "Are you trying to freeze me to death?" The interior of a sports car was very small so the Vespa had almost torn a hole in the ceiling.

"Drive slowly ok? The roads here aren't very good." Wang Yu smiled as he and Mu Zi Xian entered Lei Jian's car.

No matter how much Wang Yu hated Lei Jian, he had to admit that sitting in a car was much more comfortable than sitting on the Vespa.

After dropping them off, Lei Jian and Zhong Yan Yan remained completely silent throughout the entire journey. However based on Zhong Yan Yan's expression, Wang Yu could tell that the two of them wouldn't last very long.

At the entrance of the apartment complex, Yang Nuo was angrily sitting in her car while the Vespa was thrown into a corner of the car park.

Mu Zi Xian stomped on Wang Yu's foot and scolded: "You really went too far with her, quickly go and apologise!"

"Thanks for the help earlier!" Wang Yu smiled as he cupped his fist.

"No one's ever treated me like this before! Next time you two go on a date I won't come and save your asses!" Yang Nuo coldly snorted.

Looking at the seething Yang Nuo, Mu Zi Xian tapped Wang Yu's shoulder and said: "I think it's time for you to get a driving licence."


The next day when Wang Yu logged in again, he immediately went to an inn to buy a few jars of alcohol before walking to Middle Street.

The Informant had told Wang Yu to come back again at level 20 for another quest but he never said what it was.

After gulping down two jars of alcohol, the Informant finally said: "Not bad kid, you're already level 20! You really do have some skill!"

"It's all because of master's guidance." Wang Yu disgruntledly recited the preset dialogue. This old bastard didn't teach him anything! All he knew was how to drink Wang Yu's hard-earned gold away!

Hearing this, the Informant simply smiled in satisfaction at Wang yu's sucking up and said: "Not bad kid, not bad! Looks like you really aren't useless! Since you're so willing to learn, let me tell you about the Martial God!"

"Thank you master!" Wang Yu excitedly replied. This was the first time since he started playing that Wang Yu would hear any background information about his hidden job.

"The Martial God was someone from another continent! Rumour has it that he came from the distant east! According to him, he's someone from a different world! Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"I do!" Wang Yu vigorously nodded. Wasn't this just standard novel storyline? Since young, Wang Yu had read all sorts of books about characters entering a different body, being reborn, or even travelling back in time! Who would have thought that this game was simply reusing the same concept…

"After the seven heroes had slain the demon king, they split up and returned to their hometowns to live peaceful and quiet lives. The only one that disappeared was the Martial God. Some people claim that he died in battle, but I feel that he returned to his birthplace as well!" The Informant emotionally continued.

"Ohhh ok, are you telling me to go to his village to find him and then assemble the seven heroes to slay the new demon king?" Wang Yu asked.

"Young man, could you be any more useless? Can't your generation solve this problem by yourselves?" The Informant disdainfully laughed.

"Then what's with all your bullshit?" Wang Yu cursed in his heart.

"I'm already old… The world belongs to you youngsters now… take this and find the Mark of the Martial God!" The Informant solemnly said as he took out a set of black pupil-like objects.

<System Notification: You have triggered "Brave Heart" part 4: Mark of the Martial God. Difficulty S. Accept?


<System Notification: "Brave Heart" part 4: Mark of the Martial God. Difficulty S. Abyssal Bones 0/1, Sacred Feather 0/1, Fire Dragon's Blood 1/1, Titan's Heart 0/1, Killer's Soul 0/1

<Quest Reminder: There is no time limit to complete this quest. This quest can be shared with one other player. Since this is a legacy quest, the great Martial God will not anyone soil his name. Players involved will not gain any experience points until the quest is completed.

<System Notification: You have obtained the special item: Buddha's Pupil

<Buddha's Pupil (Quest item): Used to make contact with sealing stones. 5 uses left.


Opening his attribute window, Wang Yu saw that his experience bar had been greyed out. If he didn't complete this quest, then he would forever be stuck at level 20… The Brave Heart questline really was too much!