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Chapter 112: Technomagic Cartridge

Chapter 112: Technomagic Cartridge

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The box that Wang Yu took out was slightly over a metre long and had various odd tools in it like gears, grinder and scissors. It even had things like a hydraulic press and screwdrivers!

Most of these tools had stopped being used more than fifty years ago! Unless one was a seasoned professional, they wouldn't know how to use any of them!

Staring at the tools in confusion, Mary asked: "What're these supposed to be?"

"Handheld mechanical tools!" Wang Yu replied after reading their item descriptions."

"Where did you even get these…" Mary confined staring in disbelief. Something like a mechanical tool was completely out of place in a fantasy game like this one.

"Well I have a sub-class called Engineer. And this thing appeared when I clicked the icon…" Wang Yu replied half-heartedly.

"Hehe Mr Landlord you really are something else!" Mary chuckled as she gave him a thumbs up. Although Wang Yu was new to gaming, he was more monstrous than most veterans. He even managed to acquire mechanical tools in this game!

"Do you know how to use it though?" Mary asked.

Having lived with Wang Yu for so long, Mary had some idea of how hopeless he was with technology. He couldn't even operate the tv at home, let alone some specialised tools.

"If a girl like you can forge then how can I not know how to use this tool?" Wang Yu laughed.

Since this was a game, the system would naturally assist the players when crafting.

With that, Wang Yu selected one of the tools and turned it on and five options appeared in front of him. Slice,mix, mill, polish and drill.

Based on the blueprints to make the Technomagic Cartridge, Wang Yu selected four of the options and tossed the occult crystal into one of the machines.

One really had to hand it to the creators. The game really took care of all the difficult parts of crafting. If this was real life, it would have taken a team of experts a few hours to accomplish what Wang Yu had done almost instantly!

In the game everything was much easier. The moment the Occult Crystal was placed in the machine, it automatically sliced the crystal into five rectangular pieces and then hollowed out the center. After that it carved out five bullets and polished them into perfect spheres and then fit them back into the cartridge.

From start to finish, the entire crafting process took a mere three minutes! It was the same amount of time that a Blacksmith took to craft a piece of armour as well.

<Technomagic Cartridge (Flame): Can be equipped to a gun-type weapon to fire magical bullets. Refills one bullet every 60 seconds.

Looking at the attributes of the cartridge, Wang Yu felt incredibly pleased. He quickly threw the other four pieces of the Occult Crystal into the machine and made another four cartridges.

However the success rate of crafting wasn't very high. Out of the four pieces that he used, only two successfully became Technomagic Cartridges.

<Technomagic Cartridge (Knock Back): Can be equipped to a gun type weapon to fire magical bullets. Refills one bullet every 60 seconds.

<Technomagic Cartridge (Homing): Can be equipped to a gun type weapon to fire magical bullets. Refills one bullet every 60 seconds.

"Haha! How is it? Isn't it impressive?" Wang Yu laughed as he showed the 3 cartridges to the Mary who asked: "So… how do you use it?"

"Um…" Hearing Mary's question Wang Yu suddenly realised he didn't know how to use it. The only gun type weapon that Wang Yu had found was the musket and that came attached to its cartridge already.

Could it be that he had to slay the Blood Dragon God for its gun?

However, Wang Yu quickly perished the thought. First of all, Wang Yu didn't even know when the Blood Dragon God would respawn. Secondly, there was no guarantee that it would drop its gun. If Wang Yu kept continuously killing the Blood Dragon God then wouldn't his relationship with the dragon race be irreparable. If that were to happen then all dragon monsters would try to kill him on sight.

A level 35 boss was already so difficult to deal with, what would happen if a level 200 one hunted him…

Thinking of this, Wang Yu could only sigh and keep the three cartridges. Since this was the first time he crafted, even if they were useless they still had some sentimental value.

"Just go on with your work, I'm going to continue walking around…" Wang Yu awkwardly bade goodbye to Mary and left the forge. Having spent so much effort to produce these useless items made Wang Yu feel slightly depressed and he wanted to explore Twilight City a bit too clear his head.

Without experience, there was no motivation…

Ever since his experience bar had been sealed, Wang Yu didn't even have the motivation to leave the city gates. He half-heartedly set up a stall in Middle Street and logged off to scour the forums for some hints for his quest.

Mu Zi Xian was an extremely low level GM so she only knew public information. For a high-level hidden quest like Brave Heart, there wasn't much she could help Wang Yu with.

The Informant had once told him that Hell referred to the word hell in Hell tier dungeon. Therefore the hint for the remaining four bosses lay in The names of the items he needed to find.

Abyssal, sacred, titan and killer!

These four words were the keywords that Wang Yu searched in the forums. Abyssal and sacred had quite a few results since they were commonly associated with the forces of light and darkness. After a very long search, Wang Yu narrowed it down to four cities.

Hell's Crossing, a city on the opposite end of the continent and rumoured to be the entrance to the demon world. On the west of the continent and is in district 2.

Vatican City, the largest human city on the continent and located in the middle of district 5.

Titan City, a city in the extreme north and in district 15.

Sin City, a lawless land that attracts the vilest of humans. Located in the south of the continent and is in district 6.

After noting down the names and locations of the cities, Wang Yu logged back into the game.

Suddenly, Wang Yu received a message from Spring Halo: "A Nian boss appeared in the Vagrant Musketeers spawning grounds! Quickly come over!"

"Wait for me!"

Wang Yu hurriedly replied as he ran over.

When Wang Yu arrived, the entire hunting ground was surrounded with numerous other players while Fearless and the others were standing at the edge of the encirclement and cheering.

"Which guild is fighting it?" Wang Yu asked.

"Sanguine Alliance and False Symphony!" Ming Du replied. "These idiots were just at each other's throats yesterday and now they're trying to work together. It's a f**king mess down there! Moral-less trash!"

Hearing Ming Du talk about morals was really weird…

"Iron Bull, why don't you go and greet them?" Fearless smiled.

"Why me?" Wang Yu asked. Seeing the devilish grin on Fearless' face, Wang Yu knew he was up to something.

"Because you need the event points!" Fearless laughed.

"And you don't?"

"Even if we can't fight the boss we can still go and grind. You, on the other hand, have nothing to earn but the event points! This is all for you!"

"F**K!" Wang Yu angrily glared at Fearless again and then walked into the crowd and shouted: "Hello everyone!"

When they heard Wang Yu's voice, the two guilds turned around saw the Quan Zhen Sect and immediately thought: "F**K! These shameless bastards are here to steal the boss again…"

The battle yesterday had already left a shadow in the hearts of the two guild leaders. Even though they had almost a hundred players, they were still afraid of the eight of them...