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Chapter 113: Because God Needs Me

Chapter 113: Because God Needs Me

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"Brother Fearless what are you trying to do here?" 2012 and Sanguine Warflag walked over and asked.

With more than a hundred players fighting the Nian, the two of them leaving the battle didn't have any impact at all.

Looking at the sour expression on their faces, Fearless couldn't help but chuckle: "Nothing much actually. We just a share of the event points! I wonder if the two guild leaders have any issues with it?"

Being older and more experienced, Sanguine Warflag naturally understood the principal of not stepping into shit with court shoes. Hence he didn't immediately reject Fearless' proposal.

In all honesty, it wasn't much for them to add another eight members to their party to slay the boss. However the feeling of being taken advantage of like this was rather horrible.

2012, on the other hand, was immediately incensed by Fearless' words and shouted: "How can you be so shameless!"

"You really don't know anything huh…" Everyone around him secretly sighed.

"Guild leader 2012, we're all from the same city so we're all brothers! No one will experience smooth sailing their whole lives. If you do us a favour this time, we can do you a favour next time!" Fearless lightly smiled.

With that, Fearless looked at Wang Yu and raised his eyebrows slightly. Noticing the signal, Wang Yu approached 2012 slightly and smiled.

Seeing Wang Yu's face, 2012's heart instantly froze… This was the face that had been giving him nightmares recently. Evil Rampage had readily and completely crushed his confidence in the last fight. Although it wasn't the same person, Wang Yu was an even scarier existence.

"And if I say no?" 2012 weakly asked.

"That's fine too. We'll just watch from the side and help you guys if you need! There's no need to thank us really. Our Quan Zhen Sect members are all kind and generous people!" Fearless smiled.

"What're you saying? Come come, join our party…" 2012 hurriedly said. Hearing Fearless' words made 2012's hair immediately stand on end. Sending a quick glance to Sanguine Warflag, 2012 resignedly sent party requests to the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Many thanks to the two guild leaders!" Fearless chuckled.

"It's only natural!" The two smiled white forcefully holding back their tears.

"But this really won't do though!" Fearless suddenly signed.

"What's wrong?" The two hurriedly asked. Although the Quan Zhen Sect's characters were questionable, their strengths were absolute. After all, they were the first people to slay a Nian Boss.

"There's too many people! You need to kick a few out!

"Kick how many?" The two leaders asked. Everyone in their guilds was their brothers so it wouldn't be very nice to kick anyone out.

"Just two!"

"Kick two? Will that even affect the rewards?" Sanguine Warflag asked.

"I mean just leave two guys from your guild in the party! The even points awarded will be severely decreased! Past a certain point then it'll just be a waste of time!" Fearless replied.

"Motherf**ker!" 2012 cursed again. It was one thing to shamelessly force their way into the party, but now they wanted to kick everyone from his guild out? How was this any different from stealing the boss??

"Hey! If you have something to say then talk nicely!" Wang Yu growled.

"..." Looking at Wang Yu the two leaders immediately fell silent. Wasn't this simply extortion?

"Leader Fearless, this is really too much. We're the ones who found this boss and now you want us to kick our brothers out? They'll definitely be offended…" Sanguine Warflag awkwardly replied.

"Ha ha! That's no problem then. Just make me the party leader and I'll settle everything for you!" Fearless smiled.

"This… forget it. We'll convince our own brothers then." Sanguine Warflag sighed and sent in the guild chat: "Back down guys, the Quan Zhen Sect is here to steal the boss…"

The players that Sanguine Warflag had brought were all killed by Wang Yu before. So the moment they heard that the Quan Zhen Sect had come they backed down despite their curses.

The False Symphony players, on the other hand, weren't as easy to persuade. A few of them even rushed over to attack Fearless but ended up being killed by Ming Du's [Lightning Blast].

Looking at the angry crowd before him, Fearless pointed at Wang Yu and said: "This bastard is the weakest amongst us so if anyone has any grievances then you can settle it with him!"

Fearless' words immediately caused the False Symphony players to freeze. If a monster like Wang Yu was the weakest then wouldn't the others be gods?

"Fearless aren't you scared of receiving heavenly retribution?" Vainglory sent in the guild chat.

"Heavenly retribution your ass! Isn't Iron Bull the weakest in terms of gaming anyway?" Fearless replied.

"Why aren't they letting you be the party leader?" Wang Yu asked.

"Hah! With Fearless' personality, he would kick everyone out of the party right before we kill the boss!" Spring Halo laughed.

"F**K man you really are too vicious!" Compared to Fearless, Wang Yu was nothing more than a baby chick.

After being added to the party, Spring Halo immediately summoned his ghosts while Crotch Lord used [Taunt] to draw its aggro.

Although Sanguine Warflag and 2012 didn't explicitly voice their displeasure, it was evident in their actions. The two of them merely hid at the back and casted a skill every once in a while. 2012 was an Archer so it wasn't unexpected for him to be standing at the backline but Sanguine Warflag was a Knight!

The Quan Zhen Sect were too lazy to even bother with the two of them. Wang Yu rushed forward to help Spring Halo and Crotch Lord juggle the aggro while Vainglory and the rest shot their muskets from afar.

The way they fought was completely organised and left the two guild leaders speechless. This dismay truly let them understand what experts were.

The constant barrage of bullets enraged the Nian and it turned around to escape. Seeing this, Sanguine Warflag and 2012 secretly smiled to themselves and Sanguine Warflag sent to 2012: "The Nian is escaping! They're finished now!"

"Hmph! This is their karma! I guess the system can't stand them either!" 2012 cackled.

However, their happiness was short lived. Before the Nian had the chance to flee, the Quan Zhen Sect took a step back and started hurling their firecrackers.

After a wave of explosions, the Nian was blasted to death by these bastards.

<System Notification: You have been awarded 10000 Chinese New Year event points...

Although Sanguine Warflag and 2012 both saw that they received 10000 event points, they weren't happy in the slightest because all the items the Nian Boss dropped were swept up by the Quan Zhen Sect. The moment they collected the drops, the Quan Zhen Sect started to leave.

"How can you leave just like that? What about our share of the loot?" Sanguine Warflag messaged Fearless.

"Isn't 10000 event points enough? Just look at the DPS scores!" Fearless coldly replied.

"But we're the ones who found the boss!" Sanguine Warflag indignantly replied.

<System Notification: Your message was not sent as the recipient has blacklisted you.

"F**k! Quan Zhen Sect!!!!"

On the way back to the city, Ming Du asked: "Why did we reveal the use of the firecrackers to them?"

"Do you think people are all idiots? It's already been three days so someone's definitely revealed the secret!" Fearless replied.

"That's right! It isn't as easy to buy the firecrackers today as it was yesterday." Frost Blade nodded.

"Doesn't that mean that any small party can kill the Nian boss by themselves now?" Crotch Lord dejectedly asked. He had originally planned on relying on this secret to win the prize for the most event points.

"It's fine! Frost Blade, quickly go spread this news on the forums!" Fearless smiled.

"What? Why?" Boson quizzically asked.

"Because the competition for the Nian Boss will increase and no one will be able to catch up on our event points!" Fearless madly laughed.

"F**k! Why did a devil like you choose to be a priest???"

"Because God needs me!" Fearless shamelessly replied.