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Chapter 116: Bare Handed Weapon Stealing

Chapter 116: Bare Handed Weapon Stealing

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"You… you killed Master Flashy! And stole his sacred mace!"

Seeing how Wang Yu had so easily killed Master Flashy without any hesitation, his men were at a loss for words.

"Yea I did. You got a problem with that?" Wang Yu turned around and asked.

The mere fact that Wang Yu was wearing several pieces is Gold tier equipment was already enough to scare most players away. Now that they had witnessed him easily dispatch their leader, how could any of them have any objections?

"N… no…" They softly whimpered while hugging they weapons. Wang Yu's mere presence at this moment was enough to scare away the entire crowd of players.

These players were all on the payroll of someone else so how could they just blindly charge in? Their items were all given to them by Master Flashy so if they lost it they would have to compensate for it. Since their boss was already dead then there was no point throwing their lives away anyway.

"Well if that's all then please leave! It's not nice to block the gate like this…" Wang Yu nodded in satisfaction.

Since these people had already lost their will to fight, the moment they heard Wang Yu spare them, the instantly vanished.

After the players had ran a sufficient distance away, Wang Yu turned to Yang Nuo and stretched out his hand: "Return me the bow!"

"This bow is not bad actually. It really suits me!" Yang Nuo laughed while caressing the bow.

"If you want it then you can buy it!" Wang Yu coldly replied. This bow was an Obsidian tier weapon after all. Frost Blade had already warned Wang Yu that he shouldn't let it go for anything less than 5 million.

"How much?"

"10 million!" Wang Yu greedily replied. He knew that Yang Nuo was definitely lacking in money with her clan's backing.

"F**k are you serious? You want 10 million dollars for this useless level 15 weapon?"

"Since you think it's trash then return it to me!"

"And what if I don't? What're you going to do about it?" Yang Nuo laughed as she kept the Fire Dragon's Fang in her inventory. "You're not as fast as me!"

"I'll just tear out your internet connection!" Wang Yu replied.

"You recognise me?" Yang Nuo gasped in shock since she was wearing a shroud.

"You thought I couldn't recognise your martial arts? Quickly take that damn thing off! It's hideous!" Wang Yu replied in annoyance.

"I can't! This is a quest item! If I take it is then all the city guards will kill me!" Yang Nuo panicked.

"What the hell did you do? How come you're a public enemy now?" Wang Yu asked.

"It's the quest for my hidden job!" Yang Nuo reputed and sent Wang Yu a screenshot of her quest.

<Hidden Quest: Soul of Darkness part 3 "The Lost Sacred Object". Go to the Heresy Court in the Grand Cathedral and retrieve the Sacred Devil Stone 0/1. Difficulty A. This quest can be shared with 1 other player.

"You managed you complete the job advancement?"

"En, I'm a Demon Hunter now! Anyway, the boss of the Heresy Court is Heresy Judge Wylie and he's a level 35 boss! My old weapon got destroyed in the fight against him…"

The durability of weapons in <<REBIRTH was a hidden stat. In the face of an overwhelming powerful attack, the weapon would end up receiving some damage. The fact that Yang Nuo's weapon had been destroyed showed how powerful this Heresy Judge Wylie was.

"Then who are the ones chasing you?" Wang Yu asked again.

"He's one of the four holy ballers of the Imperial Root. If I'm not wrong he's doing a quest for a hidden job too. I heard it's for him to become a Paladin and his quest is a two way quest with mine…" Yang Nuo replied.

"Are you serious? Isn't a hidden quest already hard enough? And how come he can complete it with that level of skill?" Wang Yu frowned.

"Because he's rich… All he needs to do is spend some money and his minions will block all the attacks for him… Why're you here anyway?" Yang Nuo grumbled.

"For a quest as well!" Wang Yu answered as he sent her a screenshot of his quest.

"S rank quest… And you need to kill five bosses? You poor thing…" Yang Nuo comforted him.

The quest for her to become a Demon Hunter was only an A rank quest and she already barely completed it. Yet Wang Yu's quest was an S rank one that required him to slay five high level bosses! What kind of luck was this? It was simply one of the legendary impossible quests!

"It's still manageable… Where's the Heresy Court anyway?" Wang Yu briefly laughed.

After searching the entire Vatican City, Wang Yu hadn't found a single light element monster. After hearing that there was a level 35 boss, Wang Yu immediately perked up.

Wasn't the Blood Dragon God a level 35 boss as well? Could he have finally found a clue to his quest?

"He's in the Grand Cathedral of Vatican City!" Yang Nuo replied.

"Ohhhh I see!" Wang Yu nodded.

The Grand Cathedral was the main institution in Vatican City. It was akin to the city lord's manor in other cities so Wang Yu hadn't even considered exploring it. Why would the ruler's estate have a boss anyway? However since Vatican City raised monsters in it for players to train on then it wasn't a surprise that there would be a boss within the Grand Cathedral!

"Bring me there then! I feel that our quests have the same objective!" Wang Yu seriously said.

"You better not be trying to trick me! A weak little Archer like me definitely can't match you in a fight! I'm just praying that our quests aren't opposing each other!" Yang Nuo sighed.


"Does a crass bastard like you even know how to give way to a lady?"

"It's just a game! Why're you being so serious about it?" Wang Yu laughed.

"F**K your father!" Yang Nuo spat as she pointed the middle finger at Wang Yu.

In the office of the Imperial Root, Master Flashy who was killed by Wang Yu was currently cursing at his men: "You f**king useless trash! How could you just let him escape???"

"He was too strong! We really couldn't handle him!" One of his subordinates muttered.

"Aren't you all supposed to be experts too? Are you telling me you couldn't even handle a f**king Qigong Master?" Hearing his subordinates rebuke him, Master Flashy was even more enraged.

From the time Wang Yu had attacked to the time that Wang Yu had still Master Flashy, he had only used a few skills and they were all the ranged skills of the Qigong Master.

Qigong Masters were trash among the trash in <<REBIRTH. At the very least, Fighters could rely on their equipment to build slightly tankier. However, a Qigong Master had low health and low damage! How could Master Flashy accept their explanation that a mere Qigong Master was too much to handle?

"Boss you don't understand! He can snatch our weapons bare handed!" One of his subordinates pleaded.

"Snatching your weapons bare handed? Is there a skill like that?"

"Boss please! Speak some reason! Don't you feel that your hand feels a bit light?"

"Huh? What're you… F**K!!!!! My mace!!!" After being reminded by his men, he suddenly realised that his weapon was gone…

Normally when a player died, they would immediately check their items to see what items dropped when they died. Master Flashy had always been protected since young so he had never died in any game. Hence he didn't think to check his inventory.

The mace that Wang Yu had stolen was an item that he received for his hidden job advancement quest. In an attempt to receive the hidden quest to become a Paladin, Master Flashy had donated an astronomical figure to the Church! However at the last moment, it ended up stolen…

While Master Flashy was still raging, one of his underlings ran in and shouted: "Boss, Master Dawn is here..."