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Chapter 118: It“s Not You Anyway

Chapter 118: It's Not You Anyway

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Think of another way… that was easier said than done…

Wang Yu was from a very traditional martial arts family so he was very used to using force to solve his problems. Using his brain to think of a plan to deal with these players wasn't any easier than fighting a boss!

Yang Nuo wasn't much better off than Wang Yu either. She was raised in a traditional way as well. Furthermore, intelligence and wisdom were two different things. In situations like these, an insidious and underhanded person was more useful than a godly strategist who could predict all of the enemy's movements.

Wang Yu had killed and robbed one of the leaders of Imperial Root. As the local tyrant of Vatican City, they would naturally kill Wang Yu on sight. Walking over and asking for permission to enter was definitely impossible.

Baiting them away from the Grand Cathedral? That was even less of an option. They didn't even know how many other players were lying in ambush. No matter how monstrous Wang Yu was, even he didn't have the confidence to challenge an entire guild himself.

After racking their brains for hours, Wang Yu couldn't help but ask: "Any ideas yet?"

"No… I guess we just have to kill them all!" Yang Nuo replied

"F**k! And here I thought that you'd have some brains!" Wang Yu grumbled. This girl really was cut from the same cloth as himself. Opening his friend's list, Wang Yu and sent a message to Fearless and sighed: "Since it's like this we'll just have to ask for help!"

Fearless was an exceptionally devious and underhanded individual so if even he couldn't think of a solution then Wang Yu found only charge forward and start a massacre.

"You have an advisor?" Yang Nuo gasped in shock.

"Er… I guess you could call it that?" Wang Yu replied. It took a great amount of self-control to stop himself from saying that Fearless was just a filthy alcoholic. However since he was asking Fearless for help then calling him an alcoholic would mean that Wang Yu didn't even compare to scum like that…

"Brother Fearless! How are you these days? It's only been an hour but I really miss you!" As the one asking for help, it was only natural for Wang Yu to butter him up a bit.

"The f**k are you smoking right now? If you have something to say then say it! Did you encounter some kind of unsolvable problem? I can't believe there's something you can't solve!"

Smart people really were something else. Wang Yu hadn't even said anything and Fearless already knew he had a problem!

"Ok so you remember I was doing my quest right? So basically…" Wang Yu explained the entire situation from the time he met Yang Nuo.

"Heh you can't even solve a simple problem like this and you call yourself the number one expert in this game?" Fearless mockingly replied after Wang Yu had finished explaining.

"You have a solution?"

"Yes! But first, which one of us is more awesome?"

"You… you're the best in the entire Quan Zhen Sect!" Wang Yu ground his teeth and replied. This bastard was really too shameless!

"Ha ha! Since you're so honest then I'll give you some tips! Ever heard of killing with a borrowed knife?" Fearless happily chuckled.

"I didn't go to school ok? If you have something to say then say it clearly! I don't have much time left!" Wang Yu raged.

"Heh! What do you think these guild players are most afraid of?" Features asked.

"Is it me?"

"..." Wang Yu's shamelessness stunned even Fearless. After a few moments, Fearless gathered himself and scolded: "Don't think so highly of yourself! If they were afraid of you then they wouldn't even try to block you! They afraid of the NPCs in the Grand Cathedral!"

"Ok? So? How's that help?" Wang Yu asked in confusion. This wasn't Twilight City so he couldn't just direct the NPCs to kill these players.

"Don't you remember? Making loud noises in the Grand Cathedral deficits your merit points! Just throw a firecracker in! What do you think?"

"What do I think? I think I'll die! And then I'll definitely kill you too!" Wang Yu's face darkened when he heard Fearless' suggestion. Not only was this helpful in the slightest, it Eden lead Wang Yu to his death!

"I didn't tell you to throw it right? Get that girl next to you to do it! She has a shroud that hides her identity right? So send her!" Fearless quickly added on.

"You sure that'll work?"

"Of course! She's holding a Sacred Devil Stone right? Since she can walk around without any guards jumping her then can't she throw a firecracker without getting caught?"

"That's true!"

Closing the chat, Wang Yu turned around and looked at Yang Nuo.

"So? Do you have an idea now?" Yang Nuo hurriedly asked.

"I do!" Wang Yu replied and then explained Fearless' plan to her.

"My shroud can hide my identity but I don't think it can fool the system!" Yang Nuo frowned.

"According to my friend, being able to fool NPCs isn't much different from fooling the system itself! Don't worry so much, my friend might not be a decent human but his schemes are definitely reliable!" Wang Yu solemnly vowed.

"So skilled? What's his name?"

"He's called slut!" Wang grumbled and thought to himself: "When I get back let's see who really is the best!"

"So… do I throw it now?" Yang Nuo asked.

"Wait!" Wang Yu stopped Yang Nuo and gave her a few more firecrackers and fireworks and then ran out of sight before sending her a message: "Ok go!"

Dawn's First Ray was currently leading a few members of Imperial Root to guard the entrance of the Grand Cathedral to avenge Flashy Jing. Suddenly, a series of explosions pulled him out of his thoughts.

<System Notification: Your guild has disrupted the sanctity of the lord. Vatican City merit points -10, NPCs view you neuturally

<System Notification: Your guild has disrupted the sanctity of the lord. Vatican City merit points -10, NPCs are indifferent towards you.


<System Notification: Your guild has disrupted the sanctity of the lord. Vatican City merit points -10, NPCs despise you.

A series of ten system notifications suddenly popped up and reduced the entire guild's merit points. Causing their standing with the NPCs to instantly plummet and stupefying Dawn's First Ray.

"The f**k? What's going on?"

"I don't know… We were all talking in the guild chat!... Could it be that their god can monitor our chats too?"

"My merit points... "

The guild chat of Imperial Root was currently in chaos. Because of these firecrackers, all the players in Imperial Root lost 100 merit points regardless of the location. Even the members that weren't online lost their merit points!

Home city merit points determined how the NPCs in a city would treat the player and whether they could accept a hidden quest or not!

The only way to obtain merit points was to clear dungeons. And even those only gave 1-5 merit points per clear! What's more, the NPCs in Vatican City weren't like those in other cities. With the loss of 100 merit points, the members of Imperial Root probably wouldn't be able to live in Vatican City anymore…

The explosions were so loud Wang Yu was able to hear them from the next street. Wang Yu had sent Yang Nuo a message asking about the situation but she had yet to reply. Since he was afraid to check himself, Wang Yu could only message Fearless again: "Fearless are you sure this will work?"

"How would I know? It was just a guess man, I've never done something like this before!" Fearless blandly replied.

"F**k! This concerns someone's life you know!" Wang Yu angrily shouted.

"What're you afraid of? You're not the one throwing it anyway. Your friend dying is much better than you dying!"

"Fearless I really want to say something worse to you, I hope you don't mind!" Wang Yu exploded.

"Then say it!"

"You really are scum of society you god damn motherf**king whore!"