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Chapter 120: I Believe In My Fists More

Chapter 120: I Believe In My Fists More

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Sin points…

Killing other players resulted in PK points and doing a meritorious deed awarded merit points. What was the meaning behind sin points?

After some thought, Dawn's First Ray realised that these sin points were a special type of "merit points" that was awarded to their entire guild when they became enemies of the Church Of Light.

They each had 200 sin points and every death reduced it by 2. At this rate, they would have to die a hundred times before they could be cleansed of their sins…

There was an ancient Chinese saying about dying a hundred deaths to atone for their sins. Who would have thought a western game like this one would take that saying so literally?

However what was the point of understanding how the sin points worked? The Imperial Root hadn't even done anything at all and yet they suddenly became enemies of the church. Sad the system blind or just targeting them?

Ordinarily, the Imperial Root didn't have a very good reputation in Vatican City. Hence now that they were in dire straits many guilds decided to seize the opportunity to get revenge for their past misdeeds.

Most, if not all of these players would usually avoid contact with the Imperial Root at all costs. Yet more they were all crazily running towards them.

It was rather simple to understand the mindset of these players. Merit points were truly too difficult to earn. Killing one of these Imperial Root players was equivalent to clearing a Normal dungeon once! Not only would these players gain free merit points, they could also quench their thirst for vengeance. This quest was simply killing two birds with one stone!

Very soon, the entire spawn point was filled with Imperial Root players…

Dawn's First Ray didn't dare leave the spawn point as Limitless Pavilions was camping outside with a team of players from Crimson Helm.

The rest of Imperial Root didn't dare leave either since they hadn't received an order from their boss.

They were all professional gamers anyway so it wasn't as if the lacked the skills. It's just that they were all in this for the money so they wouldn't recklessly throw their lives away in battle for free.

"Why haven't Master Breezy and Master Lofty logged in yet???" Dawn's First Ray urgently asked Flashy Jing.

"I just logged off and gave them a call. They're both on dates right now… They both said just hide in the spawn point for now and play a minigame or something..." Flashy Jing replied.

"F**K!" These two bastards value two random girls over their brothers? What kind of f**king strategy was hiding in the spawn point? And play a minigame? Who the f**k has the mood to play now???

At the point, a few of the Imperial Root meanders took out a deck of poker cards and asked: "Boss, do you wanna play some blackjack?"

"I'm surrounded by idiots…" Dawn's First Ray sighed.


Since the Imperial Root players were considered to have disrupted the peace in the Grand Cathedral, the Holy Knights wouldn't have given up until they had been thoroughly cleansed a hundred times…

After the Imperial Root players had all been massacred, the Holy Knights ran towards the spawn point you continue their crusade.

Wang Yu was about to follow as well when Yang Nuo grabbed him and said: "Did you forget why we're here in the first place?"

"Oh right… oops…" Wang Yu nodded.

Compared to completing a hidden quest, gaining a few merit points was but a minor matter.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Wang Yu and Yang Nuo snuck into the Grand Cathedral.

The Grand Cathedral was just a scaled up version of the church that Priests went to for their job advancement. It had a very standard european style and was incredibly grand. The main hall was already almost twenty metres… The entire place was more spacious than the Warriors drill grounds.

A statue of the God of light was facing the entrance and looked like a kind old man. The statue held a book in its hand and caused all ergo gazed at it to feel an urge to prostrate themselves in worship.

"It's hard to imagine that such a gentle and kind looking old man had such crazed fanatics as his followers…" Wang Yu sighed. Having seen the Holy Knights in battle, Wang Yu couldn't but feel his skin crawl. Undying bastards like those were really too troublesome to deal with.

"The teaching of their god is focused on helping the less fortunate. However these madmen ended up using their faith as an excuse to wage wars… That's the true tragedy here…"

"Oh my! I never thought I'd hear you ever say something so sensible!" Wang Yu faked shock.

"That's cause I'm a professional!" Yang Nuo laughed as she glanced at the Taiji emblem on Wang Yu's chest.

Suddenly, Wang Yu's eyes darted to the side and he seriously whispered: "Not good! There's killing intent!"

"Killing intent?" Yang Nuo hurriedly scanned the surroundings as well.

Killing intent was something that only highly accomplished martial artists could sense. The fact that Yang Nuo couldn't meant that she wasn't at that level yet.

"It's coming from over there! Who is it! Show yourself!" Wang Yu pointed to the statue of the God of light and shouted.

"Ha ha ha! It's because our lord leads us to salvation that he is justice! Everyone believes in justice so where's the error in our ways?" Just as Wang Yu finished speaking, a cardinal wreathing a long robe walked out from behind the statue and asked Yang Nuo while laughing.

The cardinal looked about forty or fifty years old and was rather handsome. He had blond hair and crystal clear eyes. However his gaze was full of arrogance and disdain which caused Wang Yu and Yang Nuo to feel like giving him a good beating.

"There's nothing wrong with leading people to salvation. But forcing others to join your faith isn't any different than what the demons are doing!" Wang Yu spat.

"Oh?" The cardinal briefly paused before turning to Wang Yu and warmly asking: "Young man I can see your vast potential. It's a pity that you've strayed onto the demonic path slightly. But there is still hope for you! Are you willing to return to the embrace of our lord and saviour?"


Although the cardinal in front of him was just an NPC, the realism of his expression left Wang Yu in awe.

Wang Yu had met all kinds of NPCs and the ones with this level of realism were few and far between. Only Independent Mode NPCs were capable of such a thing!

Thinking of this, Wang Yu took a look at the cardinal's attributes.

<Heresy Judge -- Wylie (LV-35) (Gold) (Elite)

HP: 300000

MP: 200000

Skills: [Baptism Of Light], [Holy Law], [Angelic Descent].

"This guy is Wylie?" Wang Yu gasped. This weak and non threatening looking man was a boss? And he was supposed to be at least as strong as the Blood Dragon God?

"Yes! This bastard's [Holy Law] can destroy you Wesson so you better be careful!" Yang Nuo nodded.

"You're not helping me?"

"My quest is only to steal the Sacred Devil Stone… Killing a boss is more of your kind of thing!" Yang Nuo shrugged.

"Peh! Some friend you are!"

"Hey! You're the one that almost abandoned me just now! You're the one without any loyalty!" This girl really was too petty… she even wanted to bring up a small matter like that now…

"My child, have you thought about it yet? With your strength, as long as you're willing the arms of the lord are always open to you! Come and experience the power of our lord!" Wylie ignored their conversation and asked Wang Yu again.

<System Notification: You have triggered the quest "God's Test". Difficulty A. Retrieve the Sacred Devil Stone 0/1. Reward: Hidden job Paladin. Do you accept?

<Reminder: All members of the Church Of Light have unwavering faith in the church. Brave Heart will be forfeited upon accepting this quest!

"Whoa…" Wang Yu would have never imagined that a mere boss would have given him a quest with such favourable conditions.

It was a hidden quest so it was already incredibly attractive. What's more, all he had to do was snatch the Sacred Devil Stone away from Yang Nuo. Although Yang Nuo was skilled, she was nothing compared to Wang Yu. Furthermore, God's Test was an A rank quest just like Soul of Darkness. They were both much easier than Brave Heart!

In spite of all this, Wang Yu was not tempted in the slightest. If he became a Paladin then he would immediately become one of the fanatics of the church. The quest also required him to steal from Yang Nuo. Yang Nuo could be considered a friend so Wang Yu didn't feel right doing that. Most importantly, Wang Yu still felt that the Martial Artist job suited him the best.

"Forget it. Instead of god, I believe in my fists more!" Wang Yu casually replied as he chose <Reject.

"Ke ke ke! The last time the forces of darkness invaded there was a Pugilist who said the exact same words! Won't you think about it again?" Wylie emotionally sighed.

Taking a step forward, Wang Yu raised his guards and shouted: "Enough nonsense, bring it on!"