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Chapter 121: Pain In The Ass

Chapter 121: Pain In The Ass

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Willie angrily glared at Wang Yu once he heard his words not only did Wang Yu reject the quest, he even displayed such an arrogant attitude. Coldly stating: "Stubborn fool, prepare to taste the wrath of god!"

"You stop him, I'll look for the Sacred Devil Stone!"

Seeing that Willie was assuming his battle stance, Yang Nuo gave Wang Yu this final piece of instruction before turning around to leave.

While she was still speaking, Willie's robes started to flutter as he floated towards Wang Yu.

This old fool really wasn't too bright. Anyone could tell that he was a long-ranged monster from simply looking at his skills, yet he insisted on closing the gap between Wang Yu and himself, choosing to engage in a close combat battle.

Wang Yu's figure flashed, speeding towards Willie while using [Crushing Blow].

Willie calmly raised his hand, causing the bible in his arms to float upwards, blocking Wang Yu's attack.

Wang Yu instantly reacted, twisting his body to evade the bible as Willie blasted a white ray of light towards him.

Wang Yu blocked the ray with his left hand, while his right hand ferociously grabbed onto Willie's throat.

Grabbing an opponent's throat was a very basic move in martial arts. But even such a basic move was extremely effective when executed by an expert like Wang Yu. Willie could not break free from his clutches no matter how much he struggled.

Even though she herself was a martial artist, Yang Nuo still could not believe that Wang Yu had so easily suppressed the boss in such a short span of time.

The more familiar one was with martial arts, the more they could understand the profoundness of the other party's moves.

If an average person had seen Wang Yu's attack on Willie, they would only have come to the conclusion that Wang Yu had a slightly better reaction speed than other people.

But this was not the case in the eyes of Yang Nuo. To make even the most basic move so effective, this meant that Wang Yu had reached the level of sublime mastery of his martial arts, integrating it with his every action. Once one had reached this level, they would not need to be bound to any specific routine, but exuded martial prowess in their every action.

Wang Yu had achieved this fabled level even though he was only in his twenties. It really was no exaggeration to say that he was the number one martial artist in the world.

If the boss could be so easily pushed over, the programmers of the game would really have lost a lot of face. Even though he had been pushed down, Willie still had an extremely calm expression on his face, allowing Wang Yu to sense that something was amiss.

True enough, Willie put his palms together in a posture of prayer. The prayer beads on his neck suddenly shot out, wrapping themselves around Wang Yu's arm.

"F*ck!" Wang Yu exclaimed, quickly letting go of Willie.

"Hm?" Willie wore an expression of confusion on his face.

His prayer bead was on his neck, Wang Yu's hand was also on his neck... this attack had not lasted for more than a fraction of a second, yet Wang Yu had still managed to avoid it.

"How vicious!" Wang Yu glared at Willie, thinking to himself: "This bastard actually used himself as bait to trap me! If he's this vicious to himself, how much worse can he be to others?"

Willie looked at Wang Yu with visible awe and admiration in his eyes, asking Wang Yu again: "Are you sure you don't want to become a servant of god?"

Wang Yu lightly smiled as he replied: "A servant of god is no different from a slave! I don't have so much time to fool around with you!"

"Hmph!" Willie coldly glared at Wang Yu: "Filthy heathen, you have just dug your own grave!"

Willie suddenly shot out his right hand, causing the bible that was floating in midair to suddenly shoot towards Wang Yu's head.

Wang Yu quickly dodged. But it was as if the bible had grown a mind of its own, turning around in midair and charging straight for Wang Yu once again, following his every move.

"How lazy of you!"

Wang Yu unhappily growled, this was truly troublesome to deal with... Wang Yu leapt forward, choosing to close the distance between Willie and himself.

But Willie was no fool either, immediately choosing to float away from Wang Yu... Wang Yu's blow struck air as the bible came flying towards him once again.

Wang Yu shot out a [Rippling Wave] from his left hand, using the force to somersault in the air as he kicked the bible away!

The glow around the bible dimmed as it prepared to attack Wang Yu once again. But right as it was about to strike, Wang Yu casted [Sunset Shift] to appear in front of Willie. Caught off-guard, Willie frantically raised his hands in a desperate attempt to block Wang Yu's fists.

Wang Yu deviously laughed as he grabbed Willie's fingers with his left hand, cruelly twisting them as Willie howled in pain, knees trembling. Right as he saw Willie about to kneel down, Wang Yu raised his leg and launched a violent kick towards Willie's knees, causing him to fall over, while Wang Yu twisted his elbow.

"Kacha!" A piercing sound of broken bones resounded through the hall. Willie's shoulder bone had been shattered, his elbow limply lying beside his face.


A bright red number floated up above Willie's head.

It was unclear where NPC's could feel pain, but that really was the least of Wang Yu's concerns. Even after having his shoulder bone shattered, Willie simply glared at him as he coldly spoke: "You shameless heathen! Do you think such petty attacks can harm a proud servant of god like me?"

Willie's expression made Wang Yu shudder, this really was some sort of evil cult... to think that they could use their blind faith to numb the pain of the flesh...

Without giving Wang Yu another glance, Willie waived his other arm. A ray of holy light descended from the skies. While bathing in the holy light that descended, Willie's injuries slowly recovered as his health bar gradually increased.


Wang Yu secretly grumbled in his heart. This system really was heartless. All of the effort Wang Yu had put into fighting this boss had been almost instantly recovered with a wave of Willie's hand...

"Accept god's divine retribution!"

An arrogant expression appeared on Willie's face after being healed by his own skill, arrogantly shouting at Wang Yu as he held his arms out by his side. His entire being now resembled a crucifix.

The bible returned to Willie's side as it opened itself up, bathing Willie in a ray of resplendent gold light.

This was one of the special abilities that light attribute monsters had. Not only would their attack power increase, but they would gain some other effect as well.

When the golden light came into contact with Wang Yu, he realised that his health bar had slowly started to deplete, about 1% had been lost... fortunately Wang Yu could still recover his health since his equipment had the bonus effect of life steal.

"Why's he putting on such a big show for? Is this attack supposed to be some sort of circus act?" Wang Yu impatiently grumbled.

"Quickly run! This ray of light will destroy your weapon!" Yang Nuo suddenly shouted.

"Huh?" Wang Yu immediately looked down. True enough, the Martial Artist's Regret did look a bit more worn out than it originally was...


Wang Yu leapt backwards in an attempt to evade this attack. But regardless of how fast he was, Wang Yu could not escape this golden light that seemed to fill the hall.

Seeing as his beloved weapon was getting more and more worn out, Wang Yu immediately took it off and threw it into his inventory.

As a Pugilist, Wang Yu's base attack was not very high. Without his weapon his skills probably did as much damage as a baby. Half of the reason that Wang Yu was able to one-shot his opponents was because of the high damage that the Martial Artist's Regret had, the other half being his godlike martial arts.

But how could he possibly fight this boss that could heal itself if he did not have a weapon on him?

One had to realise that Wang Yu was currently in the Church of Light, the heart of Vatican City. Even though the Holy Knights were currently away, it was hard to tell when they would arrive, without his Fist weapon, how could Wang Yu possibly take them on...

"Hm, what's this?" As Wang Yu was trying to stuff his fist weapon into his inventory, his hand had come into contact with something else…...