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Chapter 129: Escaping from Vatican City

Chapter 129: Escaping from Vatican City

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City guards...

Wang Yu blankly stared at the guard standing before him... Wang Yu clearly knew the might of these city guards...

The city guards in Twilight City treated him with the same respect that was accorded to the city lord. But in Vatican City, the city guards would want nothing less than to smear his blood across the city gates. There was an immense difference in the treatment he received.

The city guard in Vatican City had charged straight towards Wang Yu, trying to kill him when he had Wang Yu in his sight. There probably wasn't another player that could have avoided a killing blow from the city guard like Wang Yu.

Wang Yu desperately rolled, dodged, jumped and even tumbled his way to the teleportation formation. But the most infuriating thing was the message that he had received when he had reached: "You do not have enough merit points to activate this teleportation formation..."

"F*ck!" Wang Yu angrily shouted as he glanced at the swarm of city guards headed towards him.

The city guards mechanically rushed towards Wang Yu as they executed an extremely well-coordinated assault, forcing Wang Yu to retreat yet again. This time Wang Yu had rolled to where Yang Nuo was standing.

"Why aren't they attacking you?" Wang Yu grumbled as he hurriedly dodged the incoming barrage of attacks.

"I think it's because of the mask that I'm wearing, it hides my identity!"

"Oh? I think I've got a plan that saves the both of us!" Wang Yu deviously laughed.

"What's the plan?" Yang Nuo curiously inquired.

"Come over here!' Wang Yu shouted as dodged the spear of a city guard before charging straight towards Yang Nuo.

Yang Nuo obediently listened to Wang Yu as she walked over.

Wang Yu cheekily smiled as he reached out and snatched the mask off Yang Nuo before smashing her into a white ray out light with his other hand...

<Mask of Concealment (Special Accessory) (Silver)

Physical Defense: 12-24

Magic Resistance: 12-24


[Conceal](Passive): The user's identity will be hidden from other players

[Hide](Passive): Other than when in battle or when the player is trying to interact with others, other players will be unable to detect the player

Job requirement: All jobs

Level Requirement: 1

"He he, this really is quite an extraordinary piece of equipment..." Wang Yu laughed as he wore the mask.

An item that could be classified as special was an item that could be considered to exist outside the normal tiers for equipment, it's drop rate in <<REBIRTH was extremely low. Even Fearless who possessed a special tier glasses that granted him +15 sight could bear to wear it on a day to day basis, for fear that the other members of the guild would try to take it from him.

A silver tier special accessory was definitely worth more than a gold tier piece of equipment... Who would have thought that Yang Nuo would possess such a fine piece of equipment.

Even after putting the mask on, the city guards did not stop attacking Wang Yu, but Wang Yu was not surprised. After all, he had not exited the battle, there was no way that the city guards would so foolishly stop attacking him.

But Wang Yu immediately dashed back into the teleportation formation and selected random teleportation before logging off from the game...

There was no way that Wang Yu could continue playing the game, after all, he could faintly hear a loud banging sound coming from the front door...

"Who is it? Wait a moment..."

Wang Yu heard Mu Zi Xian's voice the moment he took off the helmet, she had walked out of the kitchen and was making her way to the front door.

Wang Yu dashed towards the door, stopping his wife from opening it as he panted: "Honey... don't open the door..."

"Hm?" Mu Zi Xian shot Wang Yu a quizzical look.

"Sister Xian, open the door!" Yang Nuo angrily shouted from the other side of the door.

Mu Zi Xian reached out to open the door, laughing as she said: "So it was Little Nuo... and here I was wondering who it was. Have you eaten? Do you want to join us for a meal..."

Wang Yu: "..."

"Sister Xian!" Yang Nuo greeted Mu Zi Xian as she rushed into the house, ferociously glaring at Wang Yu as she spoke: "I'm here to look for Brother Yu..."

"Hai..." Wang Yu sighed when he heard her words, silently shaking his head.

Wang Yu really didn't have a choice but to kill Yang Nuo at that point in time. Yang Nuo would only lose 10% of her experience points if she died, but Wang Yu would have dropped the quest item and both of them would be back to square one.

"I'll f*cking kill you, you asshole!!!" Yang Nuo walked past Mu Zi Xian as she threw a punch towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu flicked his wrist, re-directing Yang Nuo's attack and sending her flying into the sofa...

"You dare to resist!!!" Yang Nuo angrily shouted as she pounced on Wang Yu once more, grabbing Wang Yu's shoulder with one hand and viciously smashing his lower back with her other hand.

This was a move called 'Twin Swallows', the signature technique of the Yang clan and it was the martial arts that Yang Nuo was the most acclaimed in. Any normal person on the receiving end would likely be killed in a single strike... it was clear how angry this little lady was with Wang Yu.

Truth be told, Yang Nuo could have safely escaped from Vatican City by herself, she had only stayed because she owed Wang Yu a debt of gratitude. But Wang Yu had shamelessly killed her and stole her mask….. How could a pampered lady like Yang Nuo possibly bear that kind of humiliation?

"Hey, stop being so heavy handed!" Wang Yu impatiently shouted as he grasped Yang Nuo's wrist and flipped her onto the sofa.

Mu Zi Xian awkwardly stood by the door as she watched these two martial artists go at each other, completely at a loss as to what to do...

"Stop making a fuss! Or I'll stop pulling my punches!" Wang Yu sternly warned.

"You f*cking scumbag!" Yang Nuo angrily shouted as she sat on the ground and began to cry, she clearly knew that she was no match for Wang Yu.

"What's the matter?" Mu Zi Xian looked at Yang Nuo's aggrieved expression as she walked over to Wang Yu and pinched his ear: "Speak! What did you do to her? Stop being so childish and apologise!"

In the eyes of Mu Zi Xian, it didn't matter who started the conflict, but it was wrong for a guy to raise his fists against a girl.

"..." Wang Yu sheepishly looked at Mu Zi Xian before he answered: "It's nothing much, we were just doing a quest... it's just a game, why do you have to take it so seriously..."

"You f*cking scumbag!" Yang Nuo shouted before she explained the entire situation to Mu Zi Xian.

"Who would have thought that you've become such a scoundrel! There's not going to be any dinner for you tonight!" Mu Zi Xian glared at Wang Yu as she coldly chided him.

"Don't, don't be that way... I was wrong..."

"I'm not the one you should be saying this to..." Mu Zi Xian replied.

Yang Nuo lightly smiled as she watched Wang Yu being reprimanded by Mu Zi Xian. It wasn't every day that she could see one of the top martial artists in the world being pushed into a disadvantageous situation.

Yang Nuo laughed at the embarrassed expression on Wang Yu's face as she spoke: "Forget about it... since we managed to finish the quest. It's just 10% of my experience points after all, but about that bow..."

"You can have it! But I want the mask in return!" Wang Yu demanded. This mask would be immensely helpful to him in order to complete the rest of his quest.

"This..." Yang Nuo hesitated: "But it was given to be me by my job instructor... forget it, its a pretty good deal to trade a silver tier equipment for an obsidian one. You can have the mask!"

"You job instructor gave you that mask?" Wang Yu was taken aback. Compared to Yang Nuo job instructor, his job instructor was no different from a worthless bum that repeatedly tried to cheat him...

"Of course! Once this quest is complete he'll even upgrade a piece of equipment for me!" Yang Nuo contentedly replied.