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Chapter 130: Defiant Tiger

Chapter 130: Defiant Tiger

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Mu Zi Xian smiled when she saw that Wang Yu and Yang Nuo had finally made up with each other, rubbing Wang Yu's head as she spoke: "Little Nuo, he really isn't as mature as he looks, he's no different from a little child..."

Wang Yu silently chuckled.

"Er... aren't you too being a bit too excessive with your public display of affection?" Yang Nuo blushed when she saw how lovey-dovey the couple was.

"Ha ha ha! I'll go finish making the food, Little Nuo why don't you talk to your Brother Yu in the meantime? You should join us for a meal!" Mu Zi Xian excitedly suggested.

"Thank you..." Yang Nuo hurriedly thanked her.

How could a rich young lady like Yang Nuo possibly know how to cook? She was already sick of eating fast food at this point in time...

Needless to say, Mu Zi Xian was no different from a domestic goddess, otherwise, how could she possibly have landed a job as a chef in a restaurant? Even though Wang Yu and Yang Nuo had both grown up on carefully made delicacies, they had nothing but praises for Mu Zi Xian's dishes.

"Sister Xian's cooking skills really are superb..." Yang Nuo praised Mu Zi Xian's cooking as she slouched onto the sofa after having two large bowls of rice.

"Then why don't you eat some more! I can get more rice for you!" Mu Zi Xian happily said as she reached out for Yang Nuo's bowl.

"No need, I'm already full!" Yang Nuo sheepishly replied: "Where did you learn to cook like that?"

"Brother Yu likes to eat, so I learnt it for him..." Mu Zi Xian laughed

"Um..." Yang Nuo lowered her head as her cheeks flushed red.

"Hey, the one who's surname is Wang! You better treat her well! Otherwise I won't forgive you!" Yang Nuo clenched her fist as she warned Wang Yu.

"Do I even need you to teach me such a basic thing?" Wang Yu scoffed.


After logging back into the game, Wang Yu realised that he had entered a foreign city. This place was called Hurricane City and it was surrounded by an endless desert.

But Wang Yu couldn't complain either, after all he had chosen to be teleported to a random location.

But the worst part of this land was the low encounter rate with people and monsters alike. Wang Yu had yet to see a single soul even after wandering around for half a day.

"What the f*ck is going on!" Wang Yu impatiently shouted. How could there possibly be no one in the vicinity?

But just as Wang Yu was about to call Fearless for help, he saw a figure walking towards him.

The figure walking towards him was a man. The man was rather handsome, with thick brows and bright eyes. But in <<REBIRTH, players were able to edit their looks when they were creating a character. Only narcissists like Ming Du or video game noobs like Wang Yu would use their original appearance.

The player was a knight, holding a long spear in his hand.

"Hm?" The player shot a quizzical look towards Wang Yu as he gasped: "There are actually other players in Squally Valley?"

"Squall Valley?"

"This place is called Squall Valley, its a level 25 hunting ground near Hurricane City!" The player explained.

"Hunting ground? But there isn't a damn monster in sight!" Wang Yu retorted.

"This is the Squall Vortex, the innermost region of Squall Valley. It's home to a level 30 boss, of course, there are no other monsters in this area. How come a noob like you would end up in this area?"

"I don't know either..." Wang Yu gloomily replied, the system had really played him for a fool this time.

"Luckily I came across you! Why don't you join my party? I can lead you out of here!" The player happily replied as he sent a party invite to Wang Yu.

<System Notification: Defiant Tiger has invited you to join his party.


But since he was wearing the Mask of Concealment, Wang Yu's ID appeared as "Nameless"

"Huh? Nameless? How did you get this ID...You were a beta tester?" Defiant Tiger stared at Wang Yu's ID as he muttered.

After the release of an extremely popular manga in the past, the name 'nameless' had become an unfathomably popular ID that everyone fought to get.

"You could say that..." Wang Yu laughed. There was no reason for him to expose the secret of the mask that he was wearing. Wang Yu wanted to avoid any potential problems of people trying to steal it from him.

"Truly an expert... do you happen to have any experience fighting the Squall Beast?" Defiant Tiger asked.

"I've never even heard of such a creature..." Wang Yu honestly answered. He had not even heard of Hurricane City until he wound up here by a cruel twist of fate.

"Oh!" A devious glint flashed across Defiant Tiger's face as he continued to speak: "Just follow me. Truth be told the Squall Vortex is a maze, no one other than me can navigate their way out of it!"

"Are you really that skilled?"

"I have a system tool!" Defiant Tiger chuckled.

Just like Defiant Tiger had said, the Squall Vortex really didn't pose a problem to him at all since he had a system tool in his hands. The duo slowly advanced forward till they had finally left the area around Hurricane City.

A large mountain gorge slowly appeared before Wang Yu's eyes.

Even though the mountain gorge could not be considered to be very large, it was in the middle of the endless desert and was filled with an aura of death.

There was a type of monster in the gorge called the 'Horned Lizard'. A level 25 monster that looked similar to a crocodile.

"Don't be afraid, even though those monsters have a strong defense, their attack damage is only average! You'll be fine as long as you follow me!" Defiant Tiger comforted Wang Yu as they walked towards the gorge.


There was a type of plant called 'Downwind Grass' that grew in the gorge, it was exactly the type of plant that Defiant Tiger was looking for.

He would bend over every few steps and pluck some grass off the ground, causing their progress to be painfully slow.

But since Defiant Tiger was helping him out of the kindness of his heart, Wang Yu naturally would not rush him to go faster. Only when he noticed that Defiant Tiger was creating some sort of markings did Wang Yu become worried.

After half an hour, the duo still had not walked out of the gorge. Wang Yu turned to Defiant Tiger as he asked: "I think I can make my way back to the city myself. After all we've already left the Squall Vortex"

"Don't..." Defiant Tiger momentarily lost his composure, hurriedly calming himself as he replied: "The journey to the city is rather treacherous, you won't be able to make it there by yourself!"

"Oh? Really?"

"Yes! There are other monsters in the gorge with extremely high attack damage! A fragile little Pugilist like you wouldn't have any chance to make it out alive!" Defiant Tiger confidently replied.

"Alright, but you have to hurry up, I'm rushing for time…... " Wang Yu replied.

Even though the quest did not have a time limit, Yang Nuo was still waiting for Wang Yu to send her the Sacred Devil stone before she could complete her quest. Given her character, she would surely make a fuss if she noticed that Wang Yu was online but had yet to send the item to her.

"That's good, that's good!" Defiant Tiger sighed in relief as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, burying something into the ground where he had just picked some Downwind Grass.

"What did you bury?" Wang Yu curiously asked.

"Nothing much..." Defiant Tiger awkwardly laughed.

"Che, I've already seen what you're doing!" Wang Yu unhappily grumbled, but he did not press the issue. There were many players that had hidden trump cards on them that they did not want to reveal.

Defiant Tiger happily turned towards Wang Yu after picking the last stalk of Downwind Grass, telling him: "Ok! We can go now!"

"Mm!" Wang Yu replied, he could finally move on...

But just as the duo turned around to leave, all the Horned Lizards in the gorge suddenly charged towards them, as though they had been provoked.

"Huh? What's going on? We aren't even anywhere near them!" Wang Yu exclaimed.

Other than independent mode bosses, every other monster had a range for their aggro. There was something amiss... they were more than ten metres away from these monsters, there was no way that they could have provoked them!

Defiant Tiger took out his spear and pointed to a small path, instructing Wang Yu: "You go first! I'll block them!"