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Chapter 132: Mystic Snare

Chapter 132: Mystic Snare

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"How vicious..."

Staring at the spot where Defiant Tiger had died, Wang Yu couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. Dying in such a manner would definitely leave a shadow in his heart.

The Pugilist was a class that focussed on flexibility and agility unlike the slow and cumbersome Knight. Therefore Wang Yu wouldn't meet the same end that Defiant Tiger had.

After killing Defiant Tiger, the Squall Beast charged towards Wang Yu again. Casually stepping to the side, Wang Yu swung his pole upwards again and slammed it into the Squall Beast's belly.


The Squall Beast's figure immediately flashed as it turned to flee from Wang Yu. Although it wasn't slow in any way, its body was simply too large. The speed at which it turned was nothing in the eyes of Wang Yu.

Before the Squall Beast even had the time to fully turn around, Wang Yu had already leapt onto its head and swung his pole down again.


Growling in pain, the Squall Beast swung its tail towards its head with the intention of clubbing Wang Yu. However, before its tail had even reached, Wang Yu had already long leapt off its head, causing it to smash its own head and stun itself…

Taking advantage of the situation, Wang Yu jumped on top of the Squall Beast's head again and swapped to the Martial Artist's Regret and began pounding away.

The Martial Artist's Regret had high attack speed as well as high damage and he could use his skills as well so its damage output was miles above the Martial Artist's Dedication. In one combo, Wang Yu had done a full 30 000 damage!

In its rage, the Squall Beast threw Wang Yu off its body and opened its mouth and gathered all the wind within the valley to form a protective screen around it.

"Why's it using it finishing move now?" Wang Yu silently wondered.

While Wang Yu was still wondering what the Squall Beast was doing, it suddenly disappeared from sight and appeared right in front of him!

"..." This boss really was quite troublesome… It only lost 10% of its health and it already activated its finishing move… This made it very obvious that it's [Squall's Fury] had an incredibly low cooldown. With so much health, how many times would Wang Yu have to face this skill…

At this time, Defiant Tiger who had just respawned in Hurricane City angrily sent in the party chat: "The f**k are you doing man??? It's not like you can kill it on your own or something!"

"I can lure him to my six o'clock position!" Wang Yu laughingly replied. As he was running into the path that Defiant Tiger had pointed out to him, Wang Yu had seen him burying something in that location.

"You!" Defiant Tiger sounded like he was about to hurl all the curses he knew when suddenly his speech softened: "Brother… Since I led you out of the vortex just now can't we talk about this peacefully?"

"..." Defiant Tiger's attitude really left Wang Yu speechless. He was just trying to get Wang Yu killed for his own quest a few seconds ago and now he was trying to leverage on their "friendship" to bargain? This man was practically on the same level as those human scum from the Quan Zhen Sect!

"And what are your terms?" Wang Yu asked.

"You can have the experience from killing the boss and I'll get all the drops! How's that sound?"

"It sounds like f**king trash you shameless scumbag!" Wang Yu angrily shouted. He dared to raise such biased conditions after what he had done? Even if Wang Yu's experience bar wasn't locked, he would have to be a complete fool to accept such a proposal.

"I can buy the drops from you!" Defiant Tiger begged.

"Really? Let me see what I get, then we'll talk!" Wang Yu blandly replied as he ran towards the spot that Defiant Tiger had pointed to him previously.

The Squall Beast's intellect wasn't very high either so when it saw Wang Yu running away, it immediately gave chase. When it stepped within a one metre radius of where Wang yu was standing at, the entire valley lit up and all the winds ceased.

Immediately after, a six pointed star formation rose from the ground. Wang Yu hurriedly leapt backwards to escape from the formation. The Squall Beast, on the other hand, didn't realise what was going on and merely stood there staring at the bright lights that began to form a dome around its body.

<System Notification: Your party has activated the Demon Sealing Trap. The Squall Beast has will be sealed for 30 minutes.

<System Notification: You have been sealed in the Demon Sealing Trap. All skills are sealed for the next 30 minutes.

Looking at his skills, Wang Yu realised that their icons were all greyed out with a countdown timer on top… However, the Squall Beast was in a much larger handicap than he was. Given the size of the Squall Beast, the moment it was trapped it could barely even turn its body, let alone use any of its skills.

As a true martial arts master, what could possibly hold a candle against Wang Yu in a battle without in-game skills?

Since Wang Yu's attack range wasn't long enough, he switched to the Martial Artist's Dedication and swung it down on the Squall Beast's face again.

In traditional chinese martial arts, poles were meant as a defensive weapon. Hence they didn't have much striking power. However, since the Squall Beast was currently trapped and immobilised, Wang Yu could completely abandon defense and focus on dealing maximum damage to it.

The current pole arts Wang Yu was using was known as "Eight Trigrams Pole Arts". It was a set of techniques that mimicked how one would normally use a spear. It focussed on unpredictability and swiftness. The power of this particular set of pole arts was abnormally high as it sacrificed all defense for pure offense.

The Squall Beast's immense health bar wasn't just for show. Wang Yu managed to demonstrate around 60% of the entire set of techniques before the Squall Beast finally died.

After the white light dissipated, the Demon Sealing Trap naturally deactivated and a small round pearl fell onto the ground.

[Wind's Eye]: Quest item.

"F**k! It was a quest boss!" Wang Yu disappointedly cursed as he tossed it into his inventory.

In <<Rebirth, there were many quest bosses that required special items to deal with. To prevent players from intentionally killing these bosses to sabotage others, most quest bosses were programmed to only drop the quest item!

After the Squall Beast died, the winds in the valley finally calmed down while the vortex in the centre of the valley disappeared completely. Opening the map again, Wang Yu realised that he could finally see the location of Hurricane city on the map and started walking towards it.

When Defiant Tiger received the news that Wang Yu had slain the Squall Beast he excitedly asked: "So what did it drop?"

"Complete trash! Why didn't you just tell me that it was a quest boss? I just wasted so much time for nothing!" Wang yu angrily replied.

"Well if I told you would you still have killed it?" Defiant Tiger evilly chuckled.

"F**k your mother! You dare trick me???"

"No no… I really don't… I just had no other choice… How about I buy the item from you at a high price then?" Defiant Tiger Immediately pleaded.

Pondering for a brief moment, Wang Yu asked: "What is this quest of yours anyway?"

"This..." Defiant Tiger really didn't want to tell the truth, but he was afraid that Wang Yu would make things difficult for him so he had no choice but to reply: "A hidden skill, [Mystic Snare]."

"Is it the same as that trap from just now?" Wang Yu gasped.

Wang Yu had already personally witnessed the strength of the Demon Sealing Trap. It could seal skills as well as completely immobilise a boss! Such an item was too heaven defying. If Defiant Tiger had a skill like that then wouldn't he become invincible?

"Heh, it won't be that monstrous… That was just a quest item that the NPC gave me to help me complete this quest. If my [Craft: Mystic Snare] has even a tenth of that trapping ability then I'll be thanking the heavens already!" Defiant Tiger laughed.

"3 minutes? That's not too bad as well!" Most fights in the game only lasted a few minutes anyway. So an item that could immobilise and seal a target's skill for 3 minutes was still incredibly powerful.

"I can give you the Wind's Eye for free, but I want ten of those traps!"

Watching how Defiant Tiger buried an item previously, Wang Yu knew that the traps were a consumable item. Since Wang Yu still had three more bosses to face, it would be great to have some insurance against whatever skills this shameless bastards possessed.

"What? Ten? That's impossible! I only have the materials to make eight of them!" Defiant Tiger gasped in shock.

"Ok then, five will be enough! I won't make things too hard for you."

"Three! Nothing more than that!" Defiant Tiger adamantly replied.

"Brother Tiger you better think this through carefully. You may be losing five of these traps, but you're gaining much more… If I'm not wrong, your quest is one of a kind isn't it..." Wang Yu smilingly threatened.

"F**k me! You win!" Defiant Tiger gritted his teeth and dejectedly replied.