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Chapter 133: The Origin Of Refining

Chapter 133: The Origin Of Refining

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When Wang Yu returned to Hurricane City, Defiant Tiger was already standing at the entrance and waiting for him.

Seeing Wang Yu, Defiant Tiger immediately ran over and smilingly greeted: "Brother Nameless, you're finally back..." The way that Defiant Tiger carried himself now was like that of a seasoned boot-licker trying to butter up his superior.

Wang Yu wasn't the kind of person that would attack someone without any ill-intent towards him. Seeing how Defiant Tiger was acting towards him, he felt slightly bad about bringing up how Defiant Tiger had tried to get him killed.

"This is for you!" Wang Yu nodded and tossed the Wind's Eye to Defiant Tiger.

When he received the Wind's Eye, Defiant Tiger was just about to make a break for it when he suddenly received a notification.

<System Notification: Iron Bull has sent you a friend request.

"Ir… Iron Bull?!?" The moment he saw those two words, Defiant Tiger schemes immediately evaporated. He just numbly stood on the spot and asked: "You're Great God Iron Bull?"

Great God Iron Bull was the hottest topic on the forums at the moment since he had already appeared on the world announcements a few times. As the very first dragon slayer in the game, his fame had already completely surpassed that of all the previous top gamers.

The scariest part about Great God Iron Bull wasn't all the incredible feats he had performed, it was that he was part of the notorious Quan Zhen Sect.

The Quan Zhen Sect had long since been known for their sly and underhanded tactics. Yet somehow in a virtual reality game like this, they were successful in being the first guild to complete a headquarters defense quest. They had even challenged the top guild in <<REBIRTH Peerless Heaven before and came out on top!

Ungodly and heaven-defying might coupled with cunning and insidious methods made all the guildless players in <<REBIRTH consider Wang Yu an existence they absolutely couldn't provoke.

Realising what he had done, Defiant Tiger broke out in cold sweat.

"That's me!" Wang yu nodded.

"Please forgive me… I didn't realise it was you… The number one expert in the Quan Zhen Sect has always been my idol..." Defiant Tiger sincerely grovelled.

"I can see that!" Wang Yu lightly laughed. Defiant Tiger's shameless way of doing things was incredibly similar to how the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect operated as well.

"You better not try and trick me then. Otherwise, I have many ways to make your life worse than death!" Wang Yu menacingly growled. There truly were quite a few torture techniques in traditional chinese martial arts. For example, breaking bones and snapping ligaments was one of the methods that Wang Yu's preferred.

"I… I understand…" Defiant Tiger weakly muttered. He was very clear about the methods of the Quan Zhen Sect. In the past, there was a top guild known as Termination Manor that had been tormented by the Quan Zhen Sect so badly they changed their guild leader four times before finally splitting into three smaller guilds… The top guild in Hurricane City Endless Desert was one of those guilds.

"That's good then! Oh right I'm sure you've read water margin before right? There a story about Iron Bull and a tiger as well! Maybe we are fated in a way." Wang Yu laughed.


In water margin, Iron Bull didn't exactly have a great relationship with the tiger… Was that supposed to be a threat as well?

After realising who Wang Yu was, Defiant Tiger naturally didn't dare to play any tricks anymore. He honestly went to complete his quest and then immediately make the traps for Wang Yu.

After half an hour, Defiant Tiger returned and handed five coin-sized crystals to Wang Yu.

"There are the traps?" Wang Yu curiously asked. He had originally imagined that the traps would be about the size of a bear trap.

"It's a Mystic Snare man. If they were as simple and unrefined as the Archer's ones then it would have been a disgrace!" Defiant Tiger proudly replied.

Taking the crystals from Defiant Tiger, Wang Yu inspected them again and the stuffed them into his inventory.

[Mystic Snare]: Immobilises and enemy for 45 seconds and seals skills for 3 minutes.

Although its effectiveness was a far cry from the trap that was used on the Squall Beast and the immobility wasn't even a tenth of the original duration, Wang Yu was still very satisfied. Wang Yu naturally didn't have any interest in hitting a target that couldn't retaliate, so what was most important was how long it sealed off skills for.

After separating from Defiant Tiger, Wang Yu went to a Post Box and sent the Sacred Devil Stone to Yang Nuo. Afterwards, he took an airship to Titan City.

Although it was called a city, Titan City was barely even a village. It didn't even have a city wall around it! Along what few roads it had, Wang Yu saw a few nearly three metre tall NPCs trying to hawk their wares even though there were no players around.

Titan City was incredibly simple and crude in construction and devoid of any other players. In all honesty, even a beginner village was in a better state of affairs than this…

In the origin story of the game, titans were the descendants of the god that created the world. However, the creator began to fear the strength of the titans and "rewarded" them with the territory in the north as thanks for assisting him in the creation of the world.

Of course, the reason that the god had done this was because the titans weren't good people either. The system didn't go into detail when talking about it but the issue had something to do with the their marriages. Despite this, the titan's strength were undoubtable.

The players in Titan City were few and far between mostly due to the weather. The temperature in Titan CIty was -30 degrees all year round. It was already cold enough in the real world since it was winter so unless players had a quest here, they would even think about coming.

Since there were barely any players, Wang Yu knew that he wouldn't be able to find anyone to gather clues about his quest. Thus, he had no choice but to talk to the NPCs.

Although the titan clan were part of the neutral faction, their relationship with the dragon race wasn't very good. Because of this, Wang Yu's negative familiarity with the dragon race made him a minor celebrity here.

After strolling around the village, Wang Yu decided to check the smithy first. Since his sub-class was related to an ordinary Blacksmith in some ways, he wanted to try out his own forging skills. What's more, it was a Smithy, so of course there would be fire and warmth…

Entering the Smithy, Wang Yu saw a topless titan currently hammering away at a piece of metal.

"Hello!" Wang Yu greeted.

Looking up, the titan put down his hammer and warmly smiled: "Honourable dragon slayer, how may I help you?"

"Do you know anything about the Titan's Heart?"

"I'm really sorry but I don't… Maybe you can try asking Zeus?"

"Zeus? Who's that?" Wang Yu asked.

"He's our leader! His might is matchless..."

"Thanks for your help then!" Wang Yu replied and turned around to leave.

"Aren't you going to buy anything?" The titan asked.

"No… Not really..." Wang Yu awkwardly replied. When he was walking in, Wang Yu had already gotten a good look his wares and they were all trash.

"That's a pity… I'm actually the best blacksmith in Titan City you know..." The titan sighed.

"If you were in a city, you'd probably only be an apprentice with your level of skill you know..." Wang Yu laughed.

"It's not my fault, the hammer's that people make these days can't withstand my strength… If I had a good quality hammer then I'd be able to show the true abilities of the titan race's refining!"

"Refining?" Wang Yu gulped and then asked: "What kind of hammer do you need?"

"Zeus has a good hammer with him, can you help me borrow it?"

<System Notification: You have triggered the quest "Titan's Refining". Do you accept?

"So it's a quest!" Wang Yu beamed and then immediately accepted it.

<System Notification: You have accepted the quest "Titan's Refining", Difficulty A. Help titan Tia borrow Mjolnir 0/1.

<Quest reminder: Refining is the secret art of the titan race. Only players who possess the [Refining] skill may participate in this quest.