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Chapter 134: Fighting Zeus

Chapter 134: Fighting Zeus

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When Wang Yu saw the description of the quest, his was at a loss for words. Although he had heard that dwarves were the creators of forging, he had never heard anything about refining being the secret skill of the titan race… However, after giving it some thought it did make some sense. Since the world was created with the help of the titans the refining wouldn't have been much of a problem for them.

"Great dragon slayer thank you so much for agreeing to help me!" Tia waved his hammer in glee and rushed forward to hug Wang Yu.

Wang Yu immediately jumped back in fear that this overexcited would have accidentally crushed him to death and replied: "It's just borrowing a hammer! I didn't think someone as big as you would be so much of a coward!"

"You don't understand!" Tia shook his head and continued: "Great dragon slayer, Mjolnir is Zeus' personal weapon and the symbol of the head of the titan race! It's the greatest treasure of our titan race and can't be borrowed so easily..."

"..." Hearing what Tia had said, Wang Yu was dumbfounded. A weapon was as important to a warrior as his life! Asking to borrow the personal weapon from the leader of the titans was no different from asking for his life!

"Can I give up this quest?" Wang Yu asked.

"Of course you can! It's just that I'll have to take back your [Low Grade Refining]..." Tia innocently laughed.

"Hey, hey what kind of talk is that? Isn't it just borrowing a simple hammer? I'll definitely get it for you!" Wang Yu hurriedly replied.

At the same time, Wang Yu's tears were streaming down his face. This game was really too much… The skill already belonged to him and they still wanted to try and take it back… Why couldn't the system just let him play in peace?

Following the quest marker on the map, Wang Yu soon arrived at the residence of Zeus.

Although Zeus was supposed to be the leader of the titans, his living conditions weren't any better than the rest of them. His furnishings were incredibly sparse and the only thing that stood out was how large the house was. Although that might have been because of how large he was…

Surprisingly, Zeus was a very talkative person.

Seeing Wang Yu just randomly walk into his house like that, not only did Zeus not get mad at him, he even happily smiled: "Great dragon slayer it's you! What an honour this is! Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Do you know anything about the Titan's Heart?" Wang Yu respectfully asked.

"Of course I do!" Zeus nodded.

"Could I possibly borrow it from you?" Wang Yu excitedly asked. Prior to this, he had been afraid that Zeus might not even know what this item was.

"This… Well..." Zeus' expression suddenly tightened and awkwardly replied: "I afraid I can't do that..."

"What a straightforward reply..." Wang Yu sighed. However he had been expecting this answer from the start. If it really had been so easy to obtain the Titan's heart then Brave Heart wouldn't have been an S rank quest…

After pondering for a moment, Wang Yu asked again: "How about your hammer Mjolnir then? Can I borrow that?"

The reason Wang Yu had asked to question was because of his other quest. The Titan's Heart might have been an item that was dropped by killing a boss just like the Sacred Feather and the Fire Dragon's Blood. If he had to offend the titan race like that then he wanted to complete his other quest first.

However he didn't think that Zeus would have rejected him again: "I'm afraid I can't do that either…"

Now things were slightly awkward… Wang Yu had no choice but to grit his teeth and shamelessly ask: "But I am still a dragon slayer, can't you at least give me some face?"

"Ha ha ha! Mjolnir is the treasure of our entire titan race! It's not something I can casually lend to anyone! Even if you were the god of the world I still couldn't lend it to you!" Zeus chuckled.

"But it's someone from your race that asked me to borrow it!" Wang Yu countered.

"It's Tia that wanted you to borrow Mjolnir wasn't it… He's already asked me personally so many times before but I really can't do that because he isn't the leader of the titan race! If you really want to borrow this weapon from me then you'll need to fulfil my conditions!" Zeus bellowed.

"Conditions? What conditions?" Wang Yu asked.

"It's very simple actually! Just defeat me!" Zeus smirked.

"What level are you?" Wang Yu asked. When he first entered he had already tired to check Zeus' attributes. However both his level and all his other information were all just a bunch of question marks.


"What the f**k..."

This bastard was a level 200 boss? Wasn't this a little too unfair? If Wang Yu could really defeat him then was there really still a need to train and level up in this game?

"What's wrong honourable dragon slayer?" Zeus chuckled.

"It's nothing really. I just think that poor little Tia is really too pitiful… Must we really fight? Can't we just talk about this peacefully?" Wang Yu asked. At this moment, his impression of the two-faced titan in front of him began to deteriorate. Especially the words "honourable dragon slayer". The way that Zeus had said it was particularly sharp and definitely meant to mock him.

"Titans are a race that value strength above all else! We don't talk things out like those lesser races!"

"If I was level 200 I could say the same things! But I'm just level 20 now!" Wang Yu angrily shouted.

"I haven't finished talking! If you're fighting me at your level I naturally wouldn't try to take advantage of you!" Zeus replied.

Hearing Zeus say this, Wang Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief: "So you're going to match my level then?"

"If it was just Tia's quest then yes. However I know that you have another special quest as well so I can't go any lower than level 35… Of course if you can defeat me, I give you Mjolnir and the Titan's Heart!" Zeus explained.

Wang Yu couldn't help but sigh at Zeus' words. Fighting him at level 35 wasn't considered taking advantage of him?

It was only a 15 level gap though. Although it might have been slightly taxing for Wang Yu, it was still within the bounds of what was achievable for him.

"Alright then! So are we going to fight here?" Wang Yu asked. As a martial artist, he was very used to sparring against others in their own homes. Furthermore, Zeus' house was very spacious so it was a suitable location in his opinion.

"No! You'll break my furniture! Follow me!" Zeus shook his head and stood up.

With that, Zeus waved his hand and a bright light covered Wang Yu and teleported him into an empty cavern.

The place where Wang Yu was right now was a mini-dungeon. This was an ability that all end game bosses possessed.

When Wang Yu looked at Zeus again, he could finally see all his attributes.

<Thunder Titan Zeus (LV 35) (Obsidian) (Weakened) (Elite)

HP: 50000

MP: 50000

Skills: [Oscillating Devastator], [Lightning Slam], [Rupturing Assault], [Gaia's Hammer]

"50000 HP and MP? Isn't that too low for a level 35 Independent Mode boss? Even a Silver grade boss had more health than this Obsidian boss..." Wang Yu silently muttered.

"What's wrong lord dragon slayer? Are you dissatisfied with something?" Zeus asked with a smile.

"Are you trying to help me cheat or something?" Wang Yu emotionally asked. This high level AI really was something else. It could even make decisions on its own like this!

"No no honourable dragon slayer, this much health is enough to deal with you!" Zeus chuckled.

"F**k! You're looking down on me?" Wang Yu cursed. He was being slighted by a computer program!

"Of course not! You have the strength to slay a dragon so how could I dare? I'm different from those bosses with second forms. I'm an endgame boss so I decided to come at you with full strength from the start!"

"What do you mean?"

"I sacrificed my health so that I'll have more power and speed from the start!"