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Chapter 135: Eight Trigrams Roaming Dragon Palm

Chapter 135: Eight Trigrams Roaming Dragon Palm

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A high level boss that was the leader of an entire race really was much smarter than any other NPC Wang Yu had encountered. Even though he looked rough, Zeus' intelligence really couldn't be underestimated.

Truly worthy of being an endgame boss! His decision making left even Wang Yu in awe.

Although the Blood Dragon God and Heresy Judge Wylie were both elite level 35 bosses as well, their true strength only manifested in their second forms.

Once a boss' health dropped below 30% then they would enter their second stage. This could be counted as the boss unleashing its true strength. The only problem is that the boss would only have a few tens of thousands of health left at this point.

Zeus, on the other hand, was much smarter than these other bosses. Before the fight even started, he had already lowered his health to the point where he was in the second stage so that his attributes would be at their maximum right from the get-go. Even though he might seem weaker than the previous two bosses Wang Yu had fought, Zeus was undoubtedly much stronger.

Even though this was a weakened version of Zeus, he was still a level 200 boss to begin with. In his current state, a single attack would have been more than enough to kill Wang Yu already. To even survive this fight, Wang Yu already had to perfectly dodge every single one of Zeus' attacks.

"Honourable dragon slayer, are you ready? I'm about to start attacking!" Zeus declared as he lowered his head. Following this, his entire body practically turned into a ball of pure lightning and he charged straight at Wang Yu.

In the face of Zeus' [Lightning Slam], Wang Yu remained calm and unhurriedly dodged to the side and completely avoided it.

However before Wang Yu even had to time to stabilise himself, Zeus reverted back to his normal form and violently slammed the ground.

"Shit!" Wang Yu immediately casted [Rippling Wave] at Zeus and borrowed the recoil to retreat.

Just as Wang Yu escaped, a series of waves spread out in a two metre area around the spot where Zeus had punched the ground.

"Ssssssh..." Wang Yu sucked in a cold breath of air. Zeus really was deserving of the title of end game boss. The way that he fought and used his skills even had a specific rhythm! If Wang Yu had been even a second slower, he would already have died!

Seeing that Wang Yu had managed to dodge both his skills, Zeus couldn't help but chuckle: "No wonder you're a dragon slayer! Come, take this hammer!"

As he spoke, Zeus raised his hammer into the air and then suddenly vanished.

"Hm?" After Zeus disappeared, Wang Yu completely focussed all his senses around his to try and find Zeus. However, no matter how he concentrated, he couldn't sense Zeus anywhere near him…


Wang Yu jerked his head upwards and saw Zeus falling right on top of him, with his hammer aimed right at Wang Yu's head!

Wang Yu immediately rolled out of the way and avoided Zeus' attack. After that, Wang Yu quickly took out a pill from his inventory and ate it, then charged at Zeus again.

[Adrenaline Pill]: Raises all attributes by 300% for 50 seconds and lose 2% of maximum HP every second.

The Adrenaline Pill was almost the same as hacking in this game. If Wang Yu had any other choice then he wouldn't have wanted to use it either. However, Zeus wasn't any slower than Wang Yu was and he had incredibly high damage on top of it…

Wang Yu's family had a saying, strength rules all else. With Zeus' high damage, even if Wang Yu tried to use taiji quan to deflect or redirect Zeus' attacks, it would still have been incredibly difficult to avoid death. Hence, the only way to defeat Zeus was to consume the Adrenaline Pill and increase his own speed.

Seeing Wang Yu's sudden increase in speed, Zeus hesitated for a moment before steeling himself and swing his hammer again.

After eating the Adrenaline Pill, Wang Yu's speed was simply incomparable to what was before. Wang Yu shot forward and dodged Zeus' hammer with ease and used [Flying Knee] to grab on to Zeus' right hand and then twisted it behind him. After that, Wang Yu sent a kick towards Zeus' lower back, causing a large -4125 to float above his head.

With Zeus' size and strength, Wang Yu wouldn't have been able to grab on and twist his arm like that if it wasn't for [Flying Knee]. Even though Wang Yu had grabbed on to his hand, if Zeus had forcibly swung his arm then Wang Yu would still have been sent flying.

Because of this, Wang Yu had decided to cancel his skill and kick himself off. By the time Zeus had swung his arm backwards in retaliation, Wang Yu had already long since released his arm and retreated. Dodging his attack again, Wang Yu activated [Thunder God's Stomp] directly kicked Zeus' thigh.

However ,because of Zeus great strength, he didn't even flinch under the effects of [Thunder God's Stomp], let alone fall to his knees like Wang Yu had expected.

"Too monstrous..." Wang Yu muttered in surprise.

Zeus on the other hand was even more surprised than Wang Yu. Although he had lowered himself to level 35, he should still have been an untouchable existence to a level 20 Pugilist like Wang Yu. However, Wang Yu was like a shadow that he couldn't even touch. Not only did all his skills miss, Wang yu had even managed to damage him twice already!

"Arrgh!" Having been struck twice by Wang Yu, Zeus indignantly roared and activated his [Lightning Slam] and shot straight for Wang Yu behind him.

In the face of this, Wang Yu merely laughed and leapt forward. Twisting his body, Wang Yu suddenly appeared in front of Zeus and send his palm up towards Zeus' chin, immediately stunning him.

Eight Trigrams Roaming Dragon Palm!!

This set of martial arts was famed as the most cruel out of all the bare handed techniques in traditional chinese martial arts. Out of the thirty two moves, only four of them were actual attacks. The other twenty eight were were merely stances that were meant to compliment these four attacks.

The main focus of this technique was the word roaming. Once mastered or at the very least brought to a sufficient level, no enemy would even be able to come into contact with the user!

To train in this martial art, one first had to train his stamina for several years by continuously running… In reality, this style of training was no different from an olympic marathon runner so it gradually fell out of popularity.

The Wang clan's martial arts emphasised stability and ferocity so Wang Yu naturally wouldn't have trained in marathon running. Even so, he had still learnt the basics of this style once in his youth.

The purpose of all the long distance running in the training was to train one's stamina. Since stamina was limitless in this game, Wang Yu didn't have to worry about anything and immediately decided to take advantage of his speed and endless stamina to use this set of palm techniques.

Of course, the main reason that this worked was because Zeus' own fighting abilities were too simple and crude. If Wang Yu was facing an NPC that was a Pugilist then he naturally wouldn't have chosen the Eight Trigrams Roaming Dragon Palm to fight with.

If it had been anyone else that just received Wang Yu's palm strike, they would already have been flipped by him! This really was a testament to how strong Zeus truly was… Using his half baked Roaming Dragon Palm actually worked…

When Zeus had weakened himself, it had been based on Wang Yu's attributes. Because of this, Zeus' own speed had been roughly similar to Wang Yu's own. What he didn't expect was for Wang Yu to suddenly take a pill and triple all his attributes.

Zeus had only 50000 health at the moment. Even amongst lower level bosses this was still considered incredibly little.. With his attributes tripled, every attack that Wang Yu sent out was equivalent to a tenth of Zeus' health.

Zeus had originally intended to suppress Wang Yu with his attributes alone, however now he had been completely outsmarted… Before the 50 seconds had even finished, Wang Yu had already beaten Zeus into a ray of white light…

"That's it?"

Even Wang Yu himself hadn't imagined that he could kill any boss with such ease...