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Chapter 137: Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place

Chapter 137: Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place

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It was actually Ming Du!

Hearing such a familiar voice and phrase, Wang Yu couldn't help but recall the first time that he had met Ming Du.

"Old Li, what're you doing here?" Wang Yu happily greeted him as he pulled off his shroud.

Although this was a game, Wang Yu was still happy to see a familiar face in a foreign city like this.

"Ah? Old Bull!" Ming Du froze for a moment before asking: "You didn't get killed all the way to the beginner village? What're you even doing here?"

"F**k!" Wang Yu felt very depressed. That bastard Fearless had definitely told everyone about what he had done in Vatican city…

Ming Du couldn't be blamed for this either. Wang Yu was the only person in the entire game that was ever hunted down by over ten thousand players. Since Wang Yu had logged off so abruptly yesterday, they had all thought that he was being camped at the respawn point. They even had a meeting to discuss how to save him.

"Go grab a seat first, I'll join you after I'm done with my quest!" Ming Du leisurely instructed Wang Yu and then pointed at a nearby table and shouted: "Oi! I'm talking to you motherf**ker! Do you really think I didn't see you? The f**k are you doing just casually drinking when you have fifteen PK points?"

The Assassin that Ming Du pointed at turned around with a puzzled expression and asked: "Are you talking to me?"

"No shit sherlock! Who else did you think I was talking to?" Ming Du chortled as he waved his staff and sent a lightning bolt towards the poor Assassin, instantly turning him to ash.

"Are you looking for death motherf**ker??" The Assassin's companions exploded. Their friend was killed right in front of their eyes just like that!

Their table had around eight players in total and no matter how they looked at it, the black robed Magician that had just attacked them only had another companion who was a Pugilist! He dared accept a bounty quest with only this level of strength? This f**ker was too arrogant!

What was even worse was that the Magician didn't even try to run away after killing the Assassin. He simply walked over to the next table and started drinking as though nothing had happened.

"F**k man this place really is too messy… These bounty quests are endless! By the way, why are you here anyway? Are you hiding here because you're getting hunted down?" Ming Du asked as he gulped down a cup of wine.

Pushing his cup aside, Wang Yu replied: "I'm here for a quest! What about you? Does Twilight City lack bounty quests now?"

"Oh it's a quest from my job instructor..."

"F**K!! Are you two done yet?" One of the Warriors from the Assassin's table shouted as he flipped their table. Seeing the two of them act like nothing had happened enraged these players more than the fact that their friends had just been killed.

"..." Wang Yu silently looked up at the Warrior and then down at the spilt wine.

Without any guards to protect the inn or even the city, the price of alcohol here was exorbitant. Although Wang Yu hasn't the one that paid for the wine, having someone flip his table and drinks like that without any reason was still incredibly infuriating.

"The f**k are you staring at? What? Does this piss you off?" The Warrior growled as he unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Wang Yu.

Being threatened like this caused Wang Yu's expression to immediately darken. Pointing a weapon at someone else unprovoked was one of the greatest taboos in the martial arts community. Although Wang Yu was a good tempered person, having someone else point a sword at him even if it was in a game still enraged him.

It was Ming Du who started the whole fight anyway! Why did they have to drag him into it as well?

"Get your sword away from me! The one you're looking for is over there!" Wang Yu pointed at Ming Du and seethed.

"That's right! Why don't we find an empty area and settle this!" Ming Du chuckled.

"You two aren't going anywhere!" The Warrior finally couldn't take anymore and slashed towards Wang Yu's head.

The Warrior wasn't a complete fool. He had seen Ming Du instant kill his companion with just one spell a few seconds ago so he knew that Ming Du was definitely an expert. Since he didn't have confidence to take on an expert like that alone, the Warrior had decided to annihilate Ming Du's "weak little Pugilist friend".

However, contrary to his expectations, Wang Yu casually grabbed a random stool and smashed it on the Warrior's head, instantly turning him into a ray of light…

Even though Pugilists were known as a trash job, there were still millions of them in the game. However, there was only one Pugilist who could pull off something like this…

"The f**k are you staring at? Do you want to avenge your friend? This monster was able to kill his way out after being surrounded by ten thousand players you know..." Ming Du pointed at Wang Yu and bragged.

"You over praise me..." Wang Yu blushed.

"It's nothing really. Great stool arts by the way! Teach me that when you have some time..."

Even though mocked by Ming Du like that, the remaining players didn't dare to retaliate and simply lowered their heads and ran away. After the Warrior had died, he had immediately sent the name Iron Bull to the rest of them. In Sin City, there was nothing wrong with dying. But what players didn't want was to die in vain.

"Ha ha! Not bad Brother Bull! You scared the rest off without even fighting!" Ming Du continued to praise him.

Rearranging the tables, Wang Yu interrupted Ming Du and asked: "Enough nonsense! What's this about doing a quest for your job instructor?"

"It's my level 20 quest! Did you think you were the only one who received it?"

"Hm?? You're level 20 now?" Wang Yu gasped in shock.

"Yep! After clearing the dungeon this morning I finally levelled up to 20!" Ming Du beamed.

Opening the guild tab, Wang Yu realised that aside from the four girls, everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect was level 20…

Wang Yu had spent most of the day yesterday running, while the others had been clearing dungeons and grinding on their own. Thanks to the triple experience from the event, everyone had managed to catch up to Wang Yu!

"Where are the rest of them now?"

"They're all at Desolate City now actually." Ming Du replied. All of the level 20 quests that players received required them to go to one of the front line cities like Sin City or Desolate City to progress.

"So what's your quest?" Wang Yu asked.

"I have no idea! I've been spamming bounty quests since I came here so I haven't even seen the NPC I'm supposed to meet!" Ming Du nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders.

"Then let's go then!"

"For what? I'm not in a rush or anything." Ming Du curled his lips.

"But I am! My quests has no hints or directions but there's a chance that it's linked to yours!" Wang Yu hurriedly replied.

When Wang Yu was in Vatican City, Yang Nuo had told him that the level 20 quests were designed to be incredibly difficult to prevent some players from being too over levelled. This meant that there was a high chance that Wang Yu's quest would clash with theirs.

"F**k don't tell me it's a two way quest! Are you going to use me as fodder?" Ming Du gulped.

"What fodder? We're no strangers. Just take it as you helping a friend out if it really comes to that" Wang Yu replied.

"But fighting each other will hurt our feelings… Can't we just play rock paper scissors or something?" Ming Du awkwardly scratched his head and asked.

The level 20 quest was required players to find Court Magician Hubert who was also the commander of the frontlines. Right now, Hubert's base camp was set up right outside Sin City.

When the two of them reached the camp, they found it full of other players.

Although there weren't many level 20 players, there were still an average of three hundred players in the base camps outside each of the four cities at the front lines. After All, these were all the top players from the three hundred home cities in the game so there were still quite a few of them.

"Holy shit! How long is the queue?" Wang Yu asked when he saw the line of players standing around.

"What queue?" Ming Du maniacally laughed as he walked all the way to the front and tapped on an Archer: "Brother, do you mind letting us through?"