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Chapter 138: Despicable Scum

Chapter 138: Despicable Scum

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"The f**k are you…" Everyone here was level 20 so they were all experts anyway. Seeing Ming Du act so unreasonably, the Archer was turned around and began to curse at him.

"Kacha!" Before the poor Archer even finished his sentence, an arc of lightning shot straight for the Archer and instantly reduced him to ash.

"Right this way then Old Bull..." Ming Du nonchalantly gestured to Wang Yu to come over.

Watching this scene, Wang Yu couldn't help but shudder. So this was the reason Ming Du was always doing those bounty quests… With his personality he would be drowning in PK points otherwise…

Ming Du's one attack had also stunned the rest of the players in the queue as well.

All the players at the base camp were experts in their own right since they were one of the first few to reach level 20. No matter where they were from, they were all the monsters that topped the leaderboards in their home cities and districts. Some of them were tyrants in their own city but even they found Ming Du's actions unreasonable.

What shocked these players the most was Ming Du's high magical damage. Even if the Archer was a job with low health, he was still a level 20 expert. The fact that Ming Du had enough damage to one shot him was very terrifying.

When Wang Yu had met Ming Du in the inn previously, he had taken off his shroud. At this point, the ying yang emblem on their chests was exceedingly eye catching.

"Quan Zhen Sect!" The surrounding players instantly paled when they realised which guild Wang Yu and Ming Du were from. What if the Pugilist in front of them was the legendary Great God Iron Bull??? The players that were staring at Wang Yu previously quickly lowered their head in fear at the thought of offending him.

The stronger players usually understood the concept of self-preservation better than others. Although a large part of the Quan Zhen Sect's achievements were blown out of proportion of the forums, no one wanted to verify these rumours now. What they did know for sure was that Ming Du's magical attacks were disgustingly high.

After bypassing most of the players, Wang Yu and Ming Du found themselves right in front of Court Magician Hubert. For some reason, when the four players standing behind Hubert saw Wang Yu, they all displayed enraged expressions.

"My dear children, you've finally arrived! Your motherland needs your assistance!" Hubert exaggeratedly moaned when he saw Ming Du.

"Honourable Lord Hubert, how can I be of service to you?" Ming Du obediently read off the script.

"It is not how you can serve me, but how you can serve our motherland! I was only going to request that you help deliver some rations to the frontlines. However, there was an attack on the Grand Cathedral in Vatican City yesterday! We suspect that it was done by an agent of the dark forces. Thus, the Church Of Light has sent us four messengers to deliver an item to one the Chevalier camps. Are you willing to help them?"

"Lord Hubert, the troops at the frontline are risking their lives for the sake of the citizens of our great nation! How could I just shy away from doing my part to aid them? Please, let me deliver those rations to the frontlines!" Ming Du passionately declared.

Both of these quests were escort quests. However Ming Du didn't feel that aiding the Church Of Light wold be any safer nor bring him any benefits so he didn't want to accept it.

"My child, I understand your good intentions, however the quest from the church this time isn't a small one! There'll be an additional reward for it if you complete it!" Hubert lightly chuckled.

"Oh? Well, the Church Of Light are the followers of the one true god so helping them is only natural… May the lord be with you great leader..." Ming Du shamelessly replied.

Watching Ming Du interact with Hubert was actually rather painful for Wang Yu. Wang Yu had always thought that he knew how to deal with NPCs very well. However after witnessing Ming Du in action, he finally understood what a true "player" was.

Wang Yu could only ensure that he wouldn't be cheated by an NPC. Ming Du, on the other hand, could even come out on top after bargaining with one… There really was always another higher peak in the world…

After Ming Du had finished accepting the quest he and Wang Yu walked in front of the four players. The four of them had incredibly ugly expressions on their faces and looked as though they wanted to say something but didn't dare to.

These four players were the Four Holy Ballers of Vatican City after all. Because Imperial Root hadn't been able to apprehend Wang Yu, the four of them were sent here to complete an atonement quest as punishment.

When the four of them saw Wang Yu, although they were greatly enraged, there was nothing they could do. They didn't have their guild with them so they could only cower in the face of an expert like Wang Yu.

Being constantly glared at by the four of them made Wang Yu slightly uncomfortable and he couldn't help but ask: "The four of you… Do I know you from somewhere?"

The moment Wang Yu said that, the four of them almost burst into tears and silently thought: "You goddamn motherf**ker! Don't you even recognise your enemies??"

"Yea… The four of you really do look quite familiar..." Since he didn't know why the four of them suddenly looked even more aggrieved, Wang Yu continued to mumble.

"Familiar..." Hearing this word the four of them felt as though their hearts were being torn to shreds and actually began to tear up in rage.

Although the four of them considered Wang Yu their enemy, he didn't even remember who they were…

"Why're you guys crying? Have we met before?"

"We have! It was yesterday in Vatican City..." Dawn's First Ray gritted his teeth and replied.

"Ohhhhhh! Ok now I remember! I've killed you before!" Wang Yu replied after staring intently at Dawn's First ray for a few minutes. Looking at the other three, Wang Yu continued: "I've killed the three of you before as well!"

"..." The four of them and Ming Du couldn't help but wonder where Wang Yu had even learnt to interact with other people.

"Old Bull how much blood do you have on your hands? We just randomly met these four clowns and they turn out to be your wandering souls..." Ming Du teased.

"They led an entire guild to surround me yesterday!" Wang Yu tried to defend himself.

"So that's what happened!" Ming Du laughed as he stared at the four of them. In his eyes, they were no different from corpses.

When the four of them heard Wang Yu bringing up old scores, they were frightened to the point where they hid behind Hubert. Every one of them had tasted Wang Yu's fists and pole yesterday after all. For ordinary people like them, Wang Yu's martial skill had already formed dark shadows in their hearts.

"Great God Iron Bull, we're just trying to do our quest… We really didn't mean to offend you..." Dawn's First Ray stuttered.

"Oh I know! I really don't mind it at all honestly!" Wang Yu dismissively waved his hand to show that he hadn't taken yesterday's incident to heart. If it wasn't for Imperial Root's help, Wang Yu wouldn't have been able to escape in the first place.

However, the more nonchalant Wang Yu was about the matter, the more worried Dawn's First Ray was. In the current state of the world, helping an old lady cross the street could already land a person in a web of extortion and blackmail! Therefore, Dawn's First Ray really didn't believe that Wang Yu would have let the matter go so easily and was very wary of him.

"Heh, you can rest easy! Brother Bull really is a man of his word! However, since you need my help to complete this quest you better be prepared to fork out some extras..."Ming Du evilly chortled.

"Isn't this quest your level 20 quest? The system is already rewarding you..."Flashy Jing angrily shouted.

"That might be true, but what if I decide to cause trouble? It's just a game anyway, I'm only here to have fun! Right Brother Bull?" Ming Du continued.

In response, Wang yu only silently stared at Ming Du. He knew that this time, the four of them would definitely end up paying Ming Du…

Ming Du and Fearless were different when they were swindling people. Fearless would very openly plot against his enemies and force them to accept his conditions no matter what.

Ming Du, on the other hand, was the most despicable piece of trash there was… No matter how underhanded and shameless the act he was committing, as long as there was some type of benefits involved, he would still go for it.

"You shameless..."

"Ke ke ke! Praise me more! Ah ha ha ha ha!" Ming Du cackled in glee. This level of curses was completely useless against him…

After thinking for some time, Dawn's First Ray resolutely replied: "FIne then!" As long as our mission is successful then we'll give both of you 100 gold!" Although the four of them were lacking in many areas, what they didn't lack was money! The second hand store had over ten thousand gold for sale anyway so it was a small matter for them to use real money to exchange for it.

"Heh heh heh... I like negotiating with smart people like you!" Ming Du smiled.

"Forget it, you don't need to pay me!" Wang Yu suddenly spoke.