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Chapter 139: Opposing Quests

Chapter 139: Opposing Quests

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As a martial artist, Wang Yu had received copious amounts of moral education since his youth.

Since NPCs were nothing but a bunch of data, Wang Yu didn't feel bad cheating or bargaining with them at all. However when it came to other players, Wang Yu naturally wouldn't engage in such behaviours.

Although they were from the same guild, Wang Yu really found Ming Du's character to be the lowest of the low.

Although Ming Du's threat seemed harmless enough, it could very well cause the entire quest to fail should he decide to act up during a crucial time like a boss fight…

"What's wrong? They already said they only hunted you down because of a quest! Why're you still holding a grudge?" Ming Du asked.

"I have my own quest to complete!" Wang Yu shook his head.


After hearing that Wang Yu had his own quest to complete and wouldn't be participating in this escort quest, Ming Du began to display even more despicable tactics: "My four brothers, an empty promise like this really won't do! I think it'sbest if you guys paid us half of the agreed sum first… The risks of this quest are pretty great and I'm not someone who works for free..."

Ming Du knew that the only reason this quest even existed was because of Wang Yu. Thus, there was a very high chance that Wang Yu's own quest would clash with this one!

As one of Wang Yu's few friends, MIng Du had a very thorough understanding of Wang yu's strength. Although it was a stretch to say that Wang Yu could kill all the escorts and escape with the item, it was not very difficult for him to just steal it and escape. If he were to do so, there was probably not a player alive who could hope to catch him…

As someone who refused to be at the losing end of any situation, Ming Du was trying his best to gain something out of the situation.

"This… I… I'm sorry but we really can't right now…" Dawn's First Ray hesitantly replied. He wasn't a fool either. After the huge mess that Wang Yu had created yesterday, who didn't know that he was the culprit? He already knew what Ming Du was plotting at this time.

The reason they had offered such a high price for "protection" was to give Wang Yu some face.

Although the four of them had a face full of anger and grievances, they were still thoroughly convinced of Wang Yu's strength.

Although the four of them were rich, it didn't mean that they would recklessly spend their own money. However against someone with absolute strength like Wang Yu, it was safer to pull him over to their side.

"You don't believe my abilities? Do you want me to prove them to you? I'll warn you first, I kill without batting an eyelid!" Ming Du unhappily replied after hearing Dawn's First Ray's reply.

"No no you misunderstand me. I've seen your abilities Big Brother Ming Du… It's just that I believe in Great God Iron Bull's ones more..." Dawn's First Ray sheepishly replied.

Dawn's First Ray's intentions were very clear. Although Ming Du's magic attack was high, he couldn't go against an entire army of level 20 experts. Wang Yu on the other hand could…

"Urk..." Although being compared to someone else usually left a bitter taste in his mouth, Ming Du couldn't complain when he was compared to Wang Yu. After all, his strength was beyond that any common sense.

"Of course, if Great God Iron Bull is willing to help us as well then the price can always be negotiated!"

"Old Bull… Can't you please just sell your body this once..." Ming Du pleadingly whispered to Wang Yu.

Looking at Ming Du's expression, Wang Yu felt rather helpless. With Ming Du's personality, preventing him from taking advantage of someone was akin to skinning him alive!

"What are you guys transporting anyway?" Wang Yu turned around and asked Dawn's First Ray. If their quest didn't directly oppose his then maybe he might still force himself to help them.

"Demon King Ferrier's soul!" Dawn's First Ray immediately replied.

Demon King Ferrier's soul? Could this be linked to the Killer's Soul he was looking for?

"Who is Ferrier?" Wang Yu asked again.

To answer his question, Dawn's First Ray opened his quest window and read the information off it: "Ferrier is the commander of the third army of the dark faction and specialises in assassination. Many leaders of the Church Of Light had been assassinated by him before. He was also known as 'the umbra killer'. In the year 1457, all the commanders in the frontlines led the subjugation mission and successfully killed him and brought his soul back to seal forever. However in recent years, the Church Of Light has received reports that the dark faction has found a way to revive him. Hence, our mission is to deliver his souls to the headquarters of the chevaliers to suppress his soul with the power of light!"

"..." The more Wang Yu heard, the more depressed he felt. If he wasn't mistaken, the item that they were sending to the Chevalier Camp was the Killer's Soul that he needed…

"Brother, I'm really sorry..." Wang Yu patted Dawn's First ray on the shoulder and let out a long sigh: "When the time comes, I'll try to be gentler..."

"F**k! Brother Bull… Must you really be like this..." Dawn's First Ray cried out. He really did felt like he was about to bawl his eyes out after hearing Wang Yu's reply.

"You think I want to? Even I don't have complete confidence stealing something from so many level 20 experts!" Wang Yu dejectedly sighed.

If it was just a few tens of ordinary players then maybe he still had the confidence to try it. However he was up against a few hundred of them… Wang Yu was still human at the end of the day…

What's more, these players were all the top experts in their own home cities! Needless to say they all had their own trump cards to use. Since this escort quest was also their level 20 job advancement quest, these players would definitely give it their all.

"Why don't I just get everyone to kill you now and save us the trouble?" Ming Du suggested with an evil grin.

"Sure! I'll make sure to take you along with me!" Wang Yu glared at Ming Du.

"Come on man, it's just a joke! I have an idea though, but I'm not sure if it'll work…" Ming Du replied.

"Let's hear it then!" Wang Yu excitedly called out.

"Ok so here's what we do..." Ming Du briefly explained his plan to Wang Yu…

After Ming Du had finished explaining, Wang Yu was in awe and numbly asked: "Do you have an even more devious idea?"

"Honestly, I do!" Ming Du casually replied.

"You want me to steal it from the Chevalier Camp… Do you really hate me that much?" Wang Yu couldn't help but ask.

"Do you have any other ideas then?"

"I don't! But I can ask Fearless!" Wang Yu muttered as he opened the guild chat and explained the situation to him.

"Ming Du's idea is pretty good actually!" Fearless sent only one line after Wang Yu had finished explaining.

"Good your mother!" Wang Yu dejectedly cursed. Why did these two want him dead so badly…

"It is! I still thought that Ming Du would have suggested something stupid like tricking the four of those idiots first and then stealing it halfway through the quest. I didn't think that he'd have grown so much!" Fearless laughed.

"Well that's my more devious plan!" Ming Du evilly chuckled at the side.

"How could I do such a thing!" Wang Yu frowned.

"I mean you could kill a girl without any hesitation… And I still have a quest to complete man!" Ming Du countered. To him, completing a quest was much more important than helping Wang Yu stick to his moral compass.

"Enough nonsense! The Chevalier Camp has so many high level NPCs and you guys expect me to somehow survive?" Wang Yu cursed.

"Do you think you're Zhao Zi Long or something? Don't you have three hundred other players with you?" Fearless coldly laughed.

"So? Will they even help me?" Wang Yu blankly asked.

With the Quan Zhen Sect's horrid reputation coupled with Ming Du's wanton killing just a few minutes ago, there would definitely not be a single player willing to help him!

"Are you retarded? You have four rich young masters with you! There isn't a single soul that will turn down money!" Fearless scolded.