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Chapter 140: Making A Deal With The Rich Young Masters

Chapter 140: Making A Deal With The Rich Young Masters

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"Four rich young masters…" Wang Yu turned around and looked at the four again the then replied: "But why would they even help me?"

Sending a sighing emoji, Fearless said: "The f**k would I know? Go think of something yourself and stop bothering me! We're in the middle of transporting the rations for the frontline troops now!" With that, Fearless muted the chat and closed it.

"What do you guys think about this?" Wang Yu turned and asked Dawn's First Ray and the others. When he and Ming Du had been discussing possible plans, they had already overheard everything.

Although all of them felt like Wang Yu was being too unreasonable, only Dawn's First Ray was brave enough to answer: "Such a bold plan is something that only Great God Iron Bull is capable of, we wouldn't even dare to think of attempting something like that..."

"Heh! To be honest with you guys I'm also pretty powerless, so I need the four of you to help me!" Wang Yu casually laughed.

"You need our help? You think too highly of us Brother Bull..." Dawn's First Ray dejectedly sighed. The four of them weren't idiots. They were only level 18 at the moment. Although they were covered in head to toe in top tier equipment, the Chevaliers were definitely at least as well equipped as them.

"Well I just need you guys to help me put up a quest actually..." Wang Yu then proceeded to explain Fearless and Ming DU's plan to the four of them.

"This… Isn't this illegal? Are you lacking money Brother Bull? I have money so I can loan you a few tens of thousands if you need..." Dawn's First Ray thought out loud.

There were over three hundred experts going with them on the quest. If he dared offer 1 gold per person, it was nothing more than an insult to them. If he really wanted to sway them it would be at least 10 gold per person. However, this would mean a staggering 3000 gold which was over 2 million dollars…

A sum of tens of thousands to these rich second generation kids truly wasn't a big sum, 2 million on the other hand… They wouldn't wantonly throw around that kind of money on a whim!

"Urk..." Wang Yu awkwardly scratched his head and said: "I mean I have gold too, it's just that I'm not carrying it with me..."

"There's a bank in Sin City!" Flashy Jing offered.

"No… I can't withdraw from there..." Wang Yu replied even more awkwardly. The main bulk of his gold was being sold in the second-hand shop in Twilight City so he couldn't freely just withdraw it whenever he wanted. Furthermore, he didn't want to risk dropping some of it should he end up dying.

"But..." Dawn's First Ray was put in a spot as well. Although Wang Yu was the number one expert, this was still 2 million…

"Ok, how about this then!" Wang Yu rummaged through his inventory for a brief moment and pulled out a crest and said: "This is a quest item I got when I killed Heresy Judge Wylie yesterday. Although I don't know whether it's useful to you guys, I know it's pretty valuable.How about I leave it in your hands first as insurance and then pay you back later!"

Right now, the only item that Wang Yu had that was worth anything was this tiny little crest.

"Th… this is the Holy Crest!" The four cried out in shock when they saw the crest that Wang Yu was handing to them.

"Yes, that's right!" Wang Yu lightly nodded.

After grabbing the Holy Crest, Flashy Jing excitedly declared: "Isn't it just 3000 gold anyway? Just count on me then! Heh heh heh… Oh Holy Crest… I've gone through so much just to find you..."

"What's this? Is it really that valuable?" Ming Du squinted his eyes and asked.

"It's the quest item for his hidden job advancement quest. It's completely useless to the rest of us..." Dawn's First Ray replied.

"Oh ok then. No wonder he's so excited." Ming Du nodded with understanding.

The game was filled with all kind of cashers. Some of them would even spend millions on a single piece of equipment so spending 2 million on the quest item on his hidden job quest item was still considered pretty cheap… Afterall, Flashy Jing had probably spent more than 2 million to donate until he had enough merit points to even receive this quest. If Ming Du had known this, he would definitely feel that Wang Yu's price was too low.

"Ok, it's a deal then! When the time comes just make sure you send the quest so that they help me!" Wang Yu beamed.

After waiting for more than an hour, all three hundred slots in the escort quest was finally filled up.

In <<REBIRTH, the maximum number of players in a party was twenty five. Three hundred players were closer to an expedition force. With such a large force, the difficulty of this quest definitely wasn't that simple.

The item they were transporting turned out to be a tiny glass bottle…

It was just how western games were. The demons were either sealed in chests or in bottles and vases. For the eastern games, demons were often trapped under a mountain or at the bottom of a lake.

To ensure the safety of the bottle, Dawn's First Ray kept it with himself at all times and constantly glued himself to Wang Yu.

This, however, caused the other players to feel indignant.

They were all doing the same quest and yet all Dawn's First Ray had to do was be protected… He didn't do anything but would still receive the same rewards as them!

All the players here were the cream of the crop amongst the entire player base. Although they didn't want to offend the Quan Zhen Sect, it wasn't as if they feared them either.

However Dawn's First Ray didn't have much choice either. Wang Yu's quest was to steal this item from him so it would be easier if the stick to Wang Yu all the time.

Wang Yu, on the other hand, allowed Dawn's First Ray to do so because he needed to steal the bottle and didn't want to give anyone else the chance to do so.

According to the quest marker on their maps, the Chevalier Camp was at the very front of the frontlines and they would need to pass by two different camps that belonged to the dark forces along the way. In other words, these were the two areas that had the highest chance of a fight breaking out.

After they departed, the start of the journey was still rather peaceful since the area was still under the protection of Hubert. After passing through the Sin Plains, the expedition reached a mountain range.

<System Notification: You have discovered Atonement Mountains. 1000 experience awarded.

<System Notification: You have left the safe zone, prepare to defend the item you're escorting!

After receiving the system notification, Dawn's First Ray commanded: "Everyone battle formations! Protect the squishies!"

Being experts, the players naturally didn't need Dawn's First Ray to tell them what to do. The tanks had already moved to the front while the ranged players were camping at the back before he even finished giving his orders.

Being the first time that Dawn's First Ray had so many experts under him so he was filled with a feeling of absolute strength. Smiling, he turned to Wang Yu and smirked: "I bet even you can't escape from these many players!"

"Don't be too happy. This formation isn't perfect either. If you stray too far from me later I won't be able to protect you…"

Wang Yu had always felt that empty vessels rang the loudest. This second generation rich kid was arrogant to the point Wang Yu really wanted to beat him up. It was just a quest, these players weren't his underlings...