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Chapter 141: Ambush

Chapter 141: Ambush

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Atonement mountain was a natural landform that had high cliffs on both sides. Honestly speaking, it was closer to a valley than an actual mountain. If the enemies attacked from above, the formation of these players would have easily crumbled. However, since they were all experts, the Archers and Magicians stood in the middle of the entire group and constantly aimed at the top of the cliffs.

Wang Yu's battle sense was already exceedingly high. Coupled with the fact that he always mingled with other experts, he slowly began to understand how to arrange these battle formations as well.

Since Dawn's First Ray and the other three were just ordinary players, they really didn't understand what was going on. Hence, their commands began to waver.


After being reminded by Wang Yu. Dawn's First Ray hurriedly ran back to his side.

Although it was his idea, being constantly stuck to a burden like DAwn's First Ray was starting to annoy Wang Yu.

Although everyone was constantly on guard, they were able to pass through most of the Atonement Mountains without encountering a single battle.

The last map in the Atonement Mountains was a valley. As they were about to enter the valley, Dawn's First Ray couldn't help but mutter: "Are you serious? We just passed the first area just like that..."

However, the moment he said that, and Archer suddenly shouted: "Enemies in front!"

Hearing his shout, the other players quickly started to look around and soon found a group of black-clothed soldiers blocking the entrance of the valley.

<Dark Hunter (LV 25) (Elite)

HP: 20000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Dark Binding], [Fatal Strike].

These really were very standard elite monsters. They had one crowd control skill and one attacking skill. Right now, there were exactly two hundred of them in front, causing the entrance of the valley to look like a sea of black. Because of the shadows cast by the two cliffs, if it wasn't for the Archer's [Eagle Eye], no one would have noticed them either.

Although they were facing two hundred elite monsters, no one was panicking. They were all top experts anyway so they were used to dealing with such monsters. Without even needing Dawn's First Ray to give them an order, the players had already begun their attack.

The tanks in the front began to use their various skills like [Charge], [Shield Bash], and buffing themselves. While the back line cast various healing and attack spells.

Since the Dark Hunters were all melee monsters, they naturally couldn't show their true abilities while standing at the entrance of the valley.

With such a large difference in numbers and having seized the initiative, the players soon managed to wipe out most of the Dark Hunters.


Right as the Dark Hunters were about to be completely exterminated, someone in the backline suddenly cried out.

"It's a sneak attack!"

Turning around, the players noticed that there was a figure standing next to an Archer that was draped in a black cloak.

<Dark Assassin (LV 25) (Elite)

HP: 10000

MP: 2000

Skills: [Conceal], [Assassinate], [Haste].

When these Dark Assassins materialised, they didn't waste any time mocking or goading the players, they just directly rushed forward and stabbed an Archer and a Magician in the backlines.

Though they were all experts, due to a moment of carelessness, two of them had ended up dying.

To preserve their lives, the rest of the Archers and Magicians all began to use their life preserving moves.

Those that had survived the first wave of attacks from the Dark Assassin cautiously stared at the Dark Assassins.

They all knew that the system and the game designers were out to get the players, but they had never imagined that they would meet with a pincer attack here.

Fortunately, all the players were seasoned veterans so they quickly composed themselves.

One of the Magicians cast a spell on himself that wrapped him in a golden bubble and shouted: "Guardians block the Dark Hunters in front! The rest of you get back and protect the backline!"

Receiving this order, the Archers and Magicians all made their way to the center of the formation while most of the tanks rushed to the back to protect them.

Suddenly, the Dark Assassins stopped moving and began emitting a black fog around their bodies. Seeing this, a golden armoured Warrior realised they were about to use [Conceal] and shouted: "Quickly use [Tornado Slash] and disrupt them!"

After shouting, the Warrior rushed towards the entire group of Dark Assassins and cast [Tornado Slash].

[Tornado Slash] was a Warrior's level 20 skill and it was one of the iconic skills as well. It had a large range as well as high damage. Wang Yu had previously seen Wharton using it so he knew of its strength.

"He linked [Charge] and [Tornado Slash]... Very impressive... But how did he do it?" Dawn's First Ray gasped.

There were quite a few restrictions when casting skills in the game. Unless it was a secondary skill, players couldn't cast two different skills at the same time.

If one wanted to use [Tornado Slash], they had to first cancel [Charge] and then immediately follow it up. The combo that the Warrior had just performed was not a natural one and required a high level of control to properly execute.

"Impressive indeed!" Wang Yu nodded.

Although Dawn's First Ray wasn't able to understand what the Warrior had done, a master like Wang Yu was able to see through it in a glance.

The golden armoured Warrior was definitely using Independent Mode!

If he had been using Assisted Mode, the Warrior would have immediately halted once he cancelled [Charge]. However, because he was in Independent Mode, he could continue running forward. Of course, this distance wouldn't exceed the original range of the skill.

What this meant was that in Independent Mode, unless a player reached the maximum range of the skill, even if he did cancel it, he could still cast [Tornado Slash] while charging towards an opponent!

Although this was very impressive, it did have its own drawbacks. If a player used this skill against a boss, there was a chance that the boss would attack the player before he even had the chance to use his second skill.

The golden armoured Warrior really grasped the timing and range of this combo very well. One look was enough to know that he had painstakingly practised this combo. There really were many surprises in this game. Even ordinary people could come up with things like this…

Since the Dark Assassins had 10000 HP, although [Tornado Slash] was enough to disrupt them, it couldn't kill them off. After his skill had ended, the Warrior used [Taunt] and pulled three of the Dark Assassins towards him to fight.

After watching him, the other Warriors all began to use their [Tornado Slash] as well.

At level 20, all Warriors would have five skills. Aside from [Heavy Strike] and [Charge], there was still [Taunt], [Slash] and [Tornado Slash]. Against a level 25 elite monster, these skills were more than enough. However, it was still a stretch to challenge three of them alone.

However, once the Warriors had used all their skills, the Archers and Magicians began to rain down their attacks as well.

The Dark Assassins all had low defensive attributes so they were nothing more than trash once they couldn't use sneak attacks.

After slightly more than 10 minutes, the players had successfully won the battle. Aside from the Archer and Magician that had died at the start, there weren't any other players that perished in this battle!

These three hundred players all represented the peak of power in <<REBIRTH. If even they couldn't clear this ambush then there wasn't any need for others to even play the game anymore. Those two players who had died were simply too unlucky. If they hadn't been standing so far to the back then they probably would have survived.