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Chapter 142: A Provoked Ming Du

Chapter 142: A Provoked Ming Du

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After being ambushed once, the players were on even higher alert than before. After sweeping the entire area and ensuring that there were no more monsters did they finally sit down for a break.

After the break, the players began to set off again. However this time, their attitudes to Wang Yu and Ming Du were even colder than before.

Their reaction to Wang Yu was only to be expected. After all, he hadn't even lifted a finger since the quest had started.

Ming Du on the other hand only had his personality to blame. The Magician's death during the fight was not unrelated to him.

With his attitude, Ming Du was naturally standing all the way at the back when the fight had started. Because of this, he had become one of the targets of the Dark Assassins. Just as he was about to be stabbed, Ming Du had suddenly used a spell that switched the positions of himself and another Magician, ultimately causing his demise. How could the other players so easily accept such a despicable action?

Ming Du was walking proof that all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were lunatics. Not only did he seem unapologetic for his actions even under the angry glares of hundreds of players, he even looked more and more pleased with himself!

Ignoring the dirty looks he was getting, Ming Du casually walked to the safest spot in the entire escort team, next to Wang Yu and the four holy ballers.

"Come, let me join you guys! It was really too dangerous just now!" Ming Du chortled as he hugged himself to feign weakness.

In Wang Yu's eyes, Ming Du's actions were really too devious and disdainfully scolded: "Your skill is really despicable!"

"Hehehe… It's a skill I got from a quest. It's called [Protective Switch]! I need a target to switch with though. Why don't you be my scapegoat!" Ming Du cackled.

"[Protective Switch]? That doesn't sound like some evil skill..." Wang Yu mumbled to himself. No matter how he looked at it, the name [Protective Switch] didn't sound like a skill meant to harm others…

"It's a skill meant for guardians to get their allies out of harm's way! But since it didn't have any job requirements, I learnt it!"

"You… this… you really are..." Wang Yu choked. When he heard Ming Du's explanation he finally understood.

[Protective Switch] was meant for tanks to swap places with teammates to save them from an attack. However in the hands of Ming Du, it became a skill to send others to their deaths… Such a noble and righteous skill ended up being used to assassinate others…

"What's the range of this skill?"

"8 metres!"

"Stay far away from me or I'll kill you!"

While Wang Yu and Ming Du were still arguing, the golden Warrior and Magician who had taken charge of the other players just now walked over.

The two of them ignored Wang Yu and Ming Du and went straight to Dawn's First Ray and said: "Master Dawn! I know you're the leader of the escort quest this time but this is still our job advancement quest! We have some words we'd like to say, there's nothing wrong with that right?"

"Erm..." Dawn's First Ray was briefly caught off guard before replying: "No problem! If there's anything Brother Hero is unsatisfied with please do tell!"

As the leader of this escort quest, Dawn's First Ray naturally knew all the members names. The Warrior was Heavenly Hero of the Matchless World. Matchless World was one of the largest guild in <<REBIRTH and definitely no weaker than Imperial Root.

The Magician was called Dust Free and he was the leader of one of the oldest guilds, Pure Lands. The Magician that Ming Du had previously killed was called Impurity Free… Just by looking at their names, even a fool could tell that the two of them were related.

The two of them had terrifying personal strength as well as a backing that didn't lose out to the four holy ballers so they really weren't people that Dawn's First Ray could afford to offend. Hence he had no choice but to lower his head and accept their criticism.

"Alright then, since this is a shared quest, it isn't right for people not to contribute!" Heavenly Hero bellowed.

Although Heavenly Hero was talking to Dawn's First Ray, it was obvious that he was targeting Wang Yu.

Instead of reacting, Wang Yu simply continued to ignore him. Wang Yu's quest was to steal the Killer's Soul after all. As long as he was willing, all the other players would instantly fail in their job advancement quest!

Dawn's First Ray naturally knew what Wang Yu's quest was so he quickly tried to diffuse the situation: "Brother Bull here isn't doing the quest actually… He's just here as my personal bodyguard!"

"Oh what? So it's like that..." Heavenly Hero couldn't continue attacking Wang Yu after that explanation. If Wang Yu was doing his job advancement quest as well then his behaviour would have been completely out of line. However since he was just a bodyguard then there was nothing wrong with not charging to the frontline to fight.

"A pity..." Although Heavenly Hero didn't say anything more, it was obvious that he looked down on Wang Yu even more. How could an expert lower himself so much as to be a bodyguard for a casher?

No matter how monstrous anyone was , the moment others found out that they were under the payroll of a casher, they would immediately lose all respect for this expert.

Naturally, Wang Yu could tell what Heavenly Hero was thinking. However since he didn't want to start an unnecessary fight, he remained silent.

"What about him? Is he a bodyguard too?" Dust Free asked and then angrily pointed at Ming Du and shouted: "This goddamn black sheep purposely sent one of our teammates to his death!"

"This..." Dawn's First ray didn't know who best to respond to this. Personally, he didn't like Ming Du's personality but he was one of Wang Yu's friends so it wasn't wise to offend him either…

With a cold laugh, Ming Du looked at Dawn's First ray and Shrugged: "Master Dawn don't trouble yourself! The next time we encounter a group of monsters, I'll be the first one to charge forward!"

"Brother Ming Du is really too kind!" Dawn's First Ray gratefully replied. He had feared that with Ming Du's personality, a fight might have broken out.

"You just have to compensate me a little..." Ming Du privately sent to Dawn's First Ray as he pretended to flip through a wad of cash.

"Urk… I understand… But don't you think what you're doing is immoral?" Dawn's First ray gritted his teeth and replied.

"It's just a game! Who cares if it's immoral?" Ming Du nonchalantly replied.

"This… You win… As long as you're willing to help then we'll definitely not short change you..." Dawn's First Ray helplessly replied.

"Hehehe Master Dawn really is very generous!"

"Generous your ass! Quickly shut your mouth!" Dawn's First Ray cursed as he gave Ming Du the finger. Although Heavenly Hero and Dust Free didn't lack money, the other players were a different story. If they found out that he was paying Ming Du for not causing trouble then the situation would turn chaotic very quickly.

After this, Ming Du happily skipped his way to the front of the entire escort team and cheerfully greeted Dust Free.

To Dust Free, such an action displayed how much Ming Du feared him and instantly improved his mood.

"What top Magician in the Quan Zhen Sect? He's just a dirty beggar! Just a few words and this lord already scared him off!" Dust Free sent in his guild chat.

Though the rest of the players were all furiously nodding their heads and agreeing, Wang Yu knew that Dust Free was as good as dead. After all, Ming Du had sent him a message: "Watch how I f**k this cuntsack up!"