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Chapter 144: The Weird Saber

Chapter 144: The Weird Saber

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Looking in the direction Wang Yu was pointing at, Dawn's First Ray saw the Manus constantly brandishing his sabre causing numerous golden lights to dance about. These lights each for miniature vortexes which swept up the surrounding sand and transformed them into Dark Sand Bandits!

Since the other players were all in the midst of battle, they didn't have the same luxury as Wang Yu to observe their surroundings. Furthermore, with Manus' small stature, only someone like Wang Yu could even see him behind the scores of Dark Sand Bandits.

"Goddamnit! This shameless boss!" Dawn's First Ray cried out.

It turned out that the Dark Sand Bandits were merely made of sand. In a desert like this wouldn't they be endless then?

In an era where no one had any AOE skills, players could only fight monsters one on one. Because of this, no one was able to rush forward and stop Manus. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the players ended up being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of monsters that they were facing.

Seeing the situation, Flashy Jing and the others couldn't help but ask: "What should we do now?"

After thinking for a brief moment, Dawn's FIrst Ray replied: "Send a detachment to deal with him!"

"Do you think they can even get to him?" Wang Yu pointed to the massive amount of Dark Sand Bandits and asked.

"..." Realising that Wang Yu had a point, Dawn's First Ray was at a loss for words.

The number of Dark Sand Bandits were slowly increasing and the encirclement around the players was getting tighter. Of they could have broken out of this in the first place then these players wouldn't be having so much trouble now!

"Then what should we do Brother Bull?"

Glancing at Manus again, Wang Yu replied: "Watch yourselves, I'm going for him!"

"Huh? Just you? Are you sure?" The four gasped in shock.

Dark Scorpion King Manus was a gold boss after all. Normally, it would take a team of about twenty to thirty experts to take him down. Although they knew that Wang YU was incredibly skilled, they still felt there was a large gap between him and a Gold grade boss.

"Of course! I mean I beat the Angel Of Judgement myself remember?" Wang Yu lightly laughed.

Remembering that Wang Yu had single-handedly slain another Gold grade boss yesterday, the four of them could only stifle their concerns and said: "Then please be careful!"

With a light nod, Wang Yu Wang Yu ran towards where the other players, specifically Ming Du, was standing.

"Ai ya, Old Bull what are you doing here? I thought you were going to hide at the back until this was over..." Ming Du teased.

"Enough bullshit, just open me a path!" Wang Yu immediately interrupted.

Lowering his staff, Ming Du shielded his eyes from the sun and inspected the army of Dark Sand Bandits closer.

"With so many of them will your [Sunset Shift] be enough?" He asked.

"I can give it a try!"

"Alright then! Just don't die!" After he said that, Ming Du turned to the other players and shouted: "Make way! Get the f**k to the side!"

When the surrounding players saw that it was the Quan Zhen Sect, they hurriedly cleared a path for the two of them.

Ming Du was a back stabbing madmen who killed without batting an eye so naturally, no one wanted to get in his way. What's more, a Magician walking to the frontline was a guaranteed death. Since the players all wanted him to be sent back to the respawn point as soon as possible, they wouldn't even think about blocking his way.

After walking to the front, Ming Du hid behind a Guardian and asked wang Yu: "You ready?"


"Rise! [Hell Inferno]!" Ming Du shouted. Immediately, his staff emitted a red glow and a wall of flame erupted and cover a five hundred metre area in front of him.

Casting any spell didn't require the players to shout so loudly. It was just Ming Du being himself and trying to show off.

Since Ming Du could shout so loudly and confidently, the effects of his skill naturally wouldn't be small either. This one spell managed to wipe out an entire segment of the Dark Sand Bandits.

"AOE spell!!" Seeing his spell, the other players all became slack-jawed.

Any kind of AOE skill was incredibly rare before level 30. As expected of the top Magician in Quan Zhen Sect, he even had an AOE spell!

What infuriated them the most was that he didn't use this skill sooner even though they were all surrounded!

At the same time, Wang Yu charged through the flames and activated [Crushing Blow] to close the distance between him and a Dark Sand Bandit.

No matter how weak these Dark Sand Bandits were, they were all still level 25 Elite monsters! They would still easily be able to kill a useless little Pugilist like him in a single slash!

In the next moment, Wang Yu leapt into the air and stepped on one of the Dark Sand Bandit's head. He then ran forward a few more steps on the Dark Sand Bandits' heads with [Eagle Stomp] and cast [Rippling Wave] to propel himself upwards as he began to descend and finally used [Sunset Shift] and teleported behind the entire army.

"This… Is this some kind of action movie???"

The players who had just witness what Wang Yu had done felt as though their eyes were going to pop out of their heads.

Although Wang Yu hadn't used any flashy spells, what he had done was still far more shocking than Ming Du's [Hell Inferno].

Any player would have been able to learn an AOE skill or spell once their level was high enough. What Wang Yu had just done on the other hand was not something that anyone else in <<REBIRTH could ever hope to replicate.

Wang Yu's movements were as graceful and fleeting as the clouds or a flowing spring. His composure and neutrality when performing the entire combo were what amazed the players even more.

The other Pugilists in the quest were particularly captivated. When they saw what a Pugilist was truly capable of they couldn't keep themselves from screaming and cheering.

So this was a true Pugilist…

After Wang Yu had landed behind the army of Dark Sand Bandits, Dark Scorpion King Manus finally took notice of him. He immediately stopped summoning more Dark Sand Bandits and slashed towards Wang Yu.

Manus was a Dexterity type boss so his speed was naturally incredibly fast. His one slash already had Wang Yu against the ropes!

Against the flurry of sabre strokes, Wang Yu could only retreat again and again.

Manus' sabre arts were actually very simple. They only consisted of slashes, chops, hacks and sweeps. Although they looked simple enough, in an actual battle, they were incredibly effective.

To an ordinary player, these attacks might appear to be incomparably deadly and terrifying. However, to a master like Wang Yu, they were incredibly shallow and crude.

The only reason that Wang Yu was being suppressed was due to the absolute difference in speed between them. Manus could easily rely on his high Dexterity to cover for all the openings in his attacks.

As a Gold grade boss, all of Dark Scorpion King Manus' attributes were high. Not just his Dexterity.

If Wang Yu had taken even one of his attacks he would have immediately dissolved into light particles!

Although Wang Yu was currently in being suppressed and could only defend, he had a tranquil and relaxed expression on his face.

After a few exchanges, Manus released his left hand and chopped down at Wang Yu with just his right.

This was the moment that Wang Yu had been waiting for!

Immediately striking out, Wang Yu used his left hand to redirect Manus' chop onto his own right hand! Following this, Wang Yu grabbed what was left of his right arm and pulled him towards himself.

However, a dark light flashed in Manus' eyes and he broke free of Wang Yu's grasp while repelling him backwards. With a casual flourish of his sabre, a small sandstorm surrounded Manus and his right hand rapidly grew back.

"Oh? So it's all because of his sabre!" Wang Yu muttered to himself as he pulled out two different weapons from his inventory.