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Chapter 145: Dual Blade Master Iron Bull

Chapter 145: Dual Blade Master Iron Bull

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It was common knowledge that swords were supposed to be elusive and profound while sabres were domineering and tyrannical.

In Chinese martial arts strength, technique and speed all countered each other.

The greatest benefit of the fighting bare handed was its speed and flexibility. Because of these advantages, barely handed fighters could rely on various techniques to grab or grapple with their opponents. In general, barehanded fighting styles were more suited to deal with other speed based or technique based fighting styles even if they used weapons. There was even a martial art specifically meant for barehanded fighters to deal with armed opponents.

However, against an opponent that used a strength-based fighting style then barehanded martial arts would be rather powerless…

Usually, against an opponent that was much stronger than oneself, it was only natural to try and overcome him with speed. However, a boss like Dark Scorpion Manus with both strength and speed, Wang Yu didn't have any opportunity to grab him at all! With the suppression of the difference in their attributes, no matter how skilled Wang Yu was, the only outcome if he tried to disarm Manus would be death!

Left with no other choice, Wang Yu took out a weapon of his own.

However, the weapon that he chose wasn't the Martial Artist's Dedication. Instead, it was a pair of swords!

More accurately, it was a dagger and a one-handed sword.

These two weapons were purchased by Wang Yu from Tia's shop back in Titan City. Both of these items were nothing more than White tier trash. The only thing special about these two weapons was that they had very long and curved hand guards that almost resembled a cross.

Although these two weapons were sold as individuals, Wang YU knew that they were meant to be used as a pair. He had previously learnt a martial art that used two blades very similar to these. They were known as the Awry Blades and belonged to a unique path of the way of the sword. The longer sword was meant for offense and the shorter one was meant for defense and this was a martial art that focused heavily on technique.

Because of the handguards and the combination of both swords, they would have been very effective in dealing with an enemy whose speed and power vastly outstripped the user himself.

The crux of this martial art was the coordination of both the hands together. Although a Pugilist was able to dual wield, the system wouldn't have been able to assist anyone else enough to perform this martial art. In the real world, there were only three people that were able to perform this martial art and Wang Yu just happened to be one of them.

It wasn't as though Wang Yu was trying to show off his skill, it was just that he had no other options left. Although the pole had a longer range, it was a more defensive weapon and would only be useful in blocking. Against an opponent who could even regenerate an arm, it was rather useless.

As a boss that could barely even be classified as a western character, Manus naturally didn't know what Wang Yu was trying to do and simply slashed towards him as he had been doing.

With a twist of his hand, the hand guard of the longer sword locked the blade of Manus' sabre. Following this, Wang Yu positioned himself right next to manus and drove the dagger straight into his heart.


This was a game after all… Even if he stabbed the throat of the heart of the boss it would at most be a critical hit. With the atrocious attributes of these two weapons, this damage was already counted a miracle.

Grimacing in pain, Manus forcibly swung his sabre towards Wang Yu's lower back. In response to this, Wang Yu stabbed the dagger downwards, once again locking Manus' sabre and then stabbing his throat with the sword.


Having been stabbed twice in a row without even being able to touch Wang Yu, Manus leapt backwards and scattered a handful of sand into the air and disappeared.

Seeing this, Wang Yu couldn't help but chuckle. He simply stabbed towards the ten o'clock direction and a sabre suddenly appeared between the handguards of his blades. Without even pausing, Wang Yu cast [Thunder God's Stomp] and revealed Manus.

Without even giving Manus any chance to respond, Wang Yu stabbed his heart and throat yet again.




"Despicable bastard! I will hang your head on my sabre as a trophy!!!" Manus bellowed as the sabre flew back into his hand and he engaged Wang Yu yet again.

Although the attack of the two weapons wasn't very high, Wang Yu's skill with them was absolute. Though he was originally being suppressed, with the two swords, Wang Yu was able to defend and retaliate against Manus with relative ease.

Since Wang Yu was engaged in battle with Manus, he wasn't able to maintain the buff on the Dark Sand Bandits or continue spawning them.

Under the combined attacks from the three hundred experts, the Dark Sand Bandits were soon nearly exterminated. Since the pressure on them was practically gone, these players began to pay attention to the fight between Wang yu and Manus.

"Are you f**king kidding me?! Didn't that bastard run away just now?"

When Wang Yu had escaped from the encirclement previously, the players had originally thought that he was taking the item away to protect it. No one had even considered the possibility that he was running out to challenge the boss alone…

"So that's why these monsters suddenly got so much weaker… No wonder he's the number one expert..."

Even if they didn't talk about whether Wang Yu was winning or losing the fight, the very fact that he had the courage to challenge a Gold grade boss like that alone was already more than enough for all the players to sigh in admiration. Although these players were all cream of the crop, none of them had the courage to do the same.

"Hey… Is it me or does the boss seem like it can't take it anymore?"

Gradually, more and more players began to realise that Wang Yu wasn't merely distracting the boss. He was suppressing it with every intention of killing it alone!

Everyone one of them saw how nimble and lively Wang Yu's strikes were. They constantly varied in height and angle and each and every attack dealt more than a thousand damage to Manus!

In the face of Wang Yu's overwhelming onslaught, Manus was nothing more than a powerless little child. No matter how he struggled his sabre was locked by Wang Yu over and over again while his body was repeatedly stabbed. Even when he tried to escape with his [Sand Of Concealment], he would still end up being stabbed by Wang Yu.

"The rumours really are true… He's just abusing this boss!"

The surrounding players really didn't dare to believe their eyes. Everyone present was a top expert as well with top tier equipment. If it was solo-ing a small boss then it wasn't out of the question them either. However, all of them found it difficult to accept what Wang Yu was currently doing.

This was a Gold grade boss for crying out loud! How could it be so weak???

Those who had previously thought that Wang Yu's fame was all a scam found it even more difficult to swallow the scene before their eyes. Why would someone this strong lower himself to become a bodyguard?

Heavenly Hero was also an Independent Mode player and had above average mechanics as well. How else would he have become the top expert of Matchless World?

Because of this, he was extremely arrogant and conceited. To him, there were only three kinds of players in the game. Experts, normal players and trash!

He had originally thought that Wang Yu was an expert who would have been able to fight on par with him. However, after hearing that Wang Yu was Dawn's First Ray's bodyguard, he immediately assumed Wang Yu to be trash.

Yet now, after witnessing Wang Yu in action, Heavenly Hero finally understood that he was nothing more than a frog at the bottom of a well. They were truly not suitable to be opponents but now the roles had been reversed.

"So Iron Bull was a dual blader!"

"That's right! Iron Bull is dual blade master! Not bad kid! You're quite observant!" Ming Du loudly praised.

"Ohhhhh! Dual blade! Dual Blade!" The one player excitedly chanted.

According to a study, when humans were in shock, they would be inclined to do things even if they didn't understand why. Hearing the player shout, the others around him soon began chanting as well.

At this time, Wang Yu suddenly leapt backwards and shouted: "What are you just staring at? The boss is going into rage mode soon!"