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Chapter 146: It’s Just Trash Anyway

Chapter 146: It’s Just Trash Anyway

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A boss transforming when it entered rage mode was a very common occurrence after all. AT this point in the game, most players had already seen transforming bosses before. What they didn't understand was why Wang Yu would choose to retreat after the boss transformed.

When Wang Yu and Manus neared the crowd of players, they all suddenly realised that Wang Yu's swords were both shattered and barely had any blade left on them. When they looked at Manus again, the players realised that he essentially looked the same. The only thing about him that had changed was his saber.

HP: 48258

MP: 1245

Skills:[Sand Of Concealment], [Sand Of Time],[King's Blade].

[King's Blade]: Grants the honourable king Manus the ability to sever everything with his saber.

Manus' skills and attributes had barely changed at all. The only thing different about him was that he had a buff now.

"The ability to sever everything..." Looking at the description of the skill and the state of Wang Yu's weapons, the players immediately felt their scalps tingle. What kind of quest was this? Did they really need to sacrifice their weapon?

In the time that the players were still immersed in their own thoughts, Wang Yu had already reached them.

However, none of the players dared go forward and help Wang Yu for fear that their weapons would break as well.

"Great God Iron Bull, I'm coming!" The fanatic who had started the chant about Wang Yu dual blading was the only one brave enough to rush forward and help Wang Yu.

"No! Dodge!" Wang Yu hurriedly shouted as he grabbed the player's throat with his left hand and slammed him into the ground. While on the ground, the player saw a black saber light fly past him and snap his weapon into two.

Wang yu then threw the fanatic back into the crowd and kicked off Manus' chest and retreated another two steps.

"Melee players stay away! Use ranged attacks to deal with him!" Wang Yu hollered.

Hearing his command, the players raised their bows and staves and began casting one skill after another at Manus.

In response, Manus merely brandished his saber and slashed all of the spells and arrows into half as well!

Manus' buff truly was too overbearing… Slashing arrows in half was one thing but magic as well? This simply went beyond all reason!

"Ssssh…..." After just one exchange with Manus, the players all sucked in a cold breath of air in shock and blankly stared at Wang Yu. How had he been suppressing such a monster???

"Restrain him!" Ming Du loudly ordered.

Against a boss like this, it was always more reliable to use crowd control first instead of facing it head-on.

However in response to this, the Dark Shamans and the Guardians merely shook their heads…

The Dark Shamans had already tried to cast [Distortion] during the first wave of attacks. However with Manus' speed, he only needed two or so steps before he escaped the range of their [Distortion].

The Guardians on the other hand stood even less of a chance. If [King's Blade] could even sever a sword then it would definitely have no issue slicing through a shield… No one was willing to stick their necks out against a monster like this…

"Ming Du didn't you say you were going to take the front lines? This is your chance!"

The one who had shouted this was Dust Free. Dust Free had already hated Ming Du from the start and seeing him cast an AOE spell had infuriated him even more.

"That's right!" Ming Du coldly smiled and then threw a handful of sand into Dust Free' face.

Seeing this the other players were completely dumbfounded. Only kids would do something like this…

Following this, Ming Du rushed towards Dust Free and then waved his staff and then appeared right next to Wang Yu… While Manus was teleported right in the middle of the entire group of players!


The players all instantly paled and frantically tried to get away from Manus.

Since Dust Free was still trying to get the sand out of his eyes, he didn't realise what had happened and simply continued shouting: "Motherf**king Ming Du! I dare you to fi..."

Before he had even finished his rant, a black saber light shot out from Manus' saber and cleaved him into a ray of light.

At the same time, Ming Du shouted at the other players: "What are you f**kers looking at?? Restrain him!!!"

Since Manus was so close to everyone, it was hard to say who he would attack next. In this situation, the players didn't dare hold anything back and the Dark Shamans all began casting their [Distortion].

As a boss, although Manus was not immune to crowd control, he was still resistant to it. The 3 second effect from [Distortion] barely lasted a second on him before it wore off. The 1 second stun that Guardians had didn't even affect him at all…

Manus only paused for a split second before he started massacring the players yet again.

Fortunately, there were seven Dark Shamans amongst the three hundred players. Furthermore, although all the players were flustered they still managed to react appropriately to the situation and casted [Distortion] one after another and thoroughly locked Manus in place.

Seeing that Manus had been successfully retrained, the other players rushed forward and wildly attacked him. Within a few minutes, a Gold tier weapon dropped onto the floor.

"A drop!!!" As a quest boss, it was incredibly rare for Manus to even drop an item.

Ming Du was the first to react and switched places with the player nearest to the weapon with his [Protective Switch] and picked it up.

Physical Attack: 31-47

Magical Attack: 22-35

+ 7 Dexterity

+ 6 Strength


[King's Sword] (Passive): 30% Chance of destroying a weapon of lower tier than this one.

[Sands Of Time] (Active): Scorpion King Manus made a pact with the demon king and can reverse time. Nullifies all damage taken within the last 3 seconds.

Job Requirement: All

Level Requirement: 1

After a brief glance, Ming Du sent a screenshot of the weapon to the rest of the players.

Looking at it, the other players couldn't stop themselves from drooling…

Although it was just a Silver tier weapon,it was stronger than most of the Gold tier weapons that people had.

What's more, even Silver tier weapons were relatively rare in this day and age so a skill like [King's Blade] was incredibly overpowered.

A skill like [Sands Of Time] was even more overpowered. Even if an Assassin tried to attack the player, as long as he had a sliver of health left he would be able to easily make a comeback!

"Old Bull, it's yours!"

As though he could sense what the other players were thinking, Ming Du casually tossed it to Wang Yu.

Seeing that the Sands Of Time were now in Wang Yu's hands, the expressions of these players gradually lightened. Although they were all unhappy, none of them dared to voice it out.

Scorpion King Manus was practically killed by Wang Yu alone after all. In the process of saving most of them, Wang Yu had even ended up losing his own weapons! If he didn't deserve it then no one else did…

However, after Wang Yu received the saber, he didn't even hesitate in throwing it to the fanatic who had jumped out to help him.

"Thanks for the help just now… Since your weapon is gone this is for you!" Wang Yu lightly smiled.

If the fanatic hadn't blocked the attack just now, Wang Yu would have definitely been Manus' target.

The fanatic was completely caught off caught and could only mumble: "But Bull God… What about yours..."

"It's just trash anyway! I can always go back and buy more!" Wang YU casually laughed as he tossed them onto the ground.

"White tier..."

"This..." The players who saw the description of Wang Yu's swords couldn't stop themselves from babbling…

When they first saw Wang Yu fighting the boss, they had all assumed that he was using some kind of godly weapon to match it. Yet the reality was that he had only been using two piece of trash to fight…

Thinking of tis, all of them felt that calling themselves experts was nothing more than a joke!