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Chapter 148: Don’t Let Him Put On His Clothes

Chapter 148: Don’t Let Him Put On His Clothes

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Atticus was caught off guard by Wang Yu's sudden attack and frantically screamed in fright: "Arrest the murderer!"

Even though Atticus' scream was not very loud, the system made it so that every other NPC in the camp was about to hear his shouts.

The Chevalier's in the camp immediately swarmed towards Atticus when they heard his cries.

Right at this moment, every player in the party had received a similar quest notification from Dawn's First Ray.

<System Notification: You have received a quest from your party leader. Hold off the Chevalier's until Atticus has been killed. Reward: 10 gold.

<Chevailer (LV25) (Elite)

HP: 50000

MP: 20000

Skills: [Holy Slash], [Knightly Charge], [Cura]

Since all the players had completed their quest, it didn't matter to them whether they died or not. Not to mention the temptation of 10 gold for completing this new quest. The players made a beeline towards the incoming Chevaliers.

These Chevaliers were similar to monsters in the dungeons, they scaled to the level of the players.

Since all the players here were currently level 20, the Chevalier's became level 25 monsters.

The tanks at the front raised their shields to block the initial wave of attacks from the Chevaliers, while the backline casually sent some spells flying their way. The players leisurely blocked the path of the Chevaliers, preventing them from gaining any ground.

Within the tent, Atticus angrily glared at Wang Yu, as he trembled in rage. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that a 'devout' believer would turn on him in such a brazen manner.

Wang Yu had left the party the moment he attacked Atticus so that he didn't implicate Dawn's First Ray and the rest.

The five men surrounded Atticus, preparing to attack!

<Chevalier Captain, Atticus (LV 35) (Silver Boss) (Elite)

HP: 200000

MP: 50000

Skills: [Execution], [Holy Slash]

Wang Yu felt extremely puzzled as he looked at Atticus' attributes. He had even fought an end game boss like Zeus for this quest, yet he was about to fight a Silver Grade boss now, one who didn't even have any equipment on...

Little did they know this was the secret to fighting Atticus. A noble warrior like Atticus would only don his armour when he was in his battle state. If Wang Yu had tried to fight his way into Atticus' tent, he would have had to time to put on his armour while Wang Yu was fighting the Chevalier's. Once he had donned his armour, Atticus would become a Gold Grade boss.

Hence the easiest way to deal with this quest was to sneak into the camp like Wang Yu had done...

"Filthy heretic, how dare you betray god after all the grace he has shown you!" Atticus pointed at Wang Yu as he shouted.

"What kind of logic is this? Do you think your words would make a difference now?" Wang Yu mocked.

"Prepare to taste the wrath of the lord almighty!" Atticus bellowed as he turned around and dashed towards corner of the tent.

This was the exact corner that his armour and long sword were kept. But how could Wang Yu possibly allow him to don his armour? Wang Yu's figure flashed forward as he used [Crushing Blow], firmly grabbing onto Atticus.

No matter how hard Atticus tried, he could not shake Wang Yu off. It was like Wang Yu's hand had become a part of Atticus.

Left with no other choice, Atticus turned around and attempted to fight Wang Yu in a close quarter combat.

Atticus was a Warrior class NPC. Even though his sword skills were extraordinary, his hand to hand combat skills were nothing to write home about...

Be it [Execution] or [Heavenly Slash], these were both skills that required him to have his long sword equipped before he could use them...

Without his skills or his equipment, Atticus was no different from a harmless baby in front of Wang Yu's might. He could only helplessly accept Wang Yu's brutal beating.

Wang Yu casually received Atticus' fist, flipping him onto the ground as he stomped onto his face using [Thunder God's Stomp].


"F*ck you!" Atticus angrily shouted as he climbed to his feet, attacking once more...

Wang Yu grabbed his wrist once more, kicking his shin as he flipped Atticus over again...


Wang Yu stomped on Atticus again, even kicking him a few times on the back of his head.





Third time... he had been thrown onto the ground for a third time... receiving two blows to his chest

Fourth time... his face...

Fifth time... his shin...

Wang Yu relentlessly wailed on Atticus as he watched his health bar slowly decrease...

The four holy ballers were absolutely stupefied by this scene.

Even though they knew that Wang Yu was an overpowered demon, they didn't that he would be this powerful! Even a Silver Grade elite boss was nothing but a punching bag in Wang Yu's eyes...

Even a season player like Dawn's First Ray wouldn't dare to say that he's seen something like this in his entire life.

Atticus only had one type of attack pattern without his sword... But such a crude attack was hardly sufficient to hurt Wang Yu...

"What kind of shit boss is this... it's just a piece of trash!" Wang Yu unhappily grumbled.

"F*ck off... you're the overpowered demon!" The four holy ballers shouted in unison. They all heaved a sigh of relief knowing that they had not made an enemy out of Wang Yu, otherwise their fates would not have been much better.


Atticus loudly bellowed as his health fell just under 30%. But Wang Yu had leapt backwards the moment he had unleashed his loud shout.

"He's going to transform!" Wang Yu hurriedly shouted.

Contrary to his expectations, Atticus did not transform, but instead turned around and ran towards his armour and weapon once more...


This boss really was stubborn... he was still trying to get his equipment after being beaten so brutally by Wang Yu.

But this only showed how important the equipment at the corner of the tent was, and Wang Yu would definitely not give him the chance to put them on. Wang Yu activated [Sunset Shift], appearing in front of Atticus, trying to throw him onto the ground once more. Little did he expect that he could not move Atticus in this state.

"Aiya!" Wang Yu had underestimated Atticus' strength and was nearly dragged off along with him.

Even though the Pugilist's [Flying Knee] skill was able to interrupt the spells and actions of enemies, it required a specific set of actions to activate. It required the player to do a kneeing motion with their legs and a pulling motion with their hands to activate!

Naturally, this was easier to perform on a monster that was charging straight towards the player compared to one that was running away. This was especially the case for Atticus who was running away at top speed. Wang Yu had no way to catch up with him, let alone use [Flying Knee]...

Looking at Atticus who was running towards his armour, Wang Yu impatiently shouted: "What are you guys looking at? Quickly stop him! Don't let him put on his clothes!"