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Chapter 149: A Passable Lightning Wizard

Chapter 149: A Passable Lightning Wizard

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Wang Yu's command was naturally not for the four holy ballers. As players from Vatican City, acting out against Atticus was no different from acting out against the Church of Light... it was a crime punishable by death.

Would they really do such a thing for a friend? Nonsense, they didn't even know Wang Yu that well...

Wang Yu's command was for Ming Du!

"Hehe, no matter how overpowered you are, you still have to rely on this grandfather to help you!" Ming Du chuckled as he raised his staff...

Just as he was about to touch he beloved armour, Wang Yu's face suddenly appeared in front of Atticus once again...

Without wasting any time, Wang Yu used [Flying Knee], disrupting Atticus' battle state, grabbing him by the throat...

Despair filled his eyes when Wang Yu had knocked him out of his battle state...

"Glory to the lord god almighty!" Atticus roared as he pulled out a small bottle and attempted to drink its contents.

Wang Yu instantly reacted, kicking the bottle out of Atticus' hand, grabbing the bottle and keep it in his own inventory.

Soon after, Atticus was reduced into a ray of white light, returning to the warm embrace of his god.

<System Notification: You have killed the commander of the Chevaliers, -200 merit points from the light faction. You have been listed as a 'Heinous criminal'.

<System Notification: You have gained +100 merit points in the dark faction, you have been listed as a 'friend'.

<Global Message: Iron Bull has slain the commander of the Chevaliers. He has incited the wrath of the lord with his repeated provocations against the light faction. Any player who kills him will earn +200 merit points and the title "Holy Warrior".

"F*ck!" All the players in the camp were at a complete loss for words as the global message was concerned.

"Holy shit, so those two madmen from the Quan Zhen Sect actually came here to kill the commander! Doesn't that mean we've become accomplices?"

"Don't be such an idiot! Brother Bull left the party before the fight even began so he wouldn't implicate us!" Someone angrily retorted.

"Oh! Since we're already here, why don't we make the best out of this situation?"

"Makes sense..."

Dawn's First Ray panicked as he read the party chat, hurriedly informing Wang Yu: "Lord Iron Bull, you better run. They've turned on you..."

"Not a problem, our helpers are almost here!" Wang Yu indifferently replied.

In the Quan Zhen Sect guild chat.

"You guys really killed the commander?" Fearless asked.

"Yup! He wasn't even wearing his clothes!" Wang Yu honestly replied. This fight would truly have been a tough one if Atticus had managed to put on his armour.

"Not even wearing his clothes..." Spring Halo chuckled as he imagined the scene.

"Are you two alright?" Boson asked.

"Of course we're fine!" Ming Du boasted: " How could we not be with me around?"

"That's a shame!' Crotch Lord laughed.

"Just as I said, Uncle Bull isn't like you wastrels. His presence alone will bring storms of blood..." Vainglory said.

"Humph, but at the end of the day, he still needs us to help him deal with this mess..." Frost Blade retorted.

"Cut the crap! You guys better be rushing over here!" Wang Yu chided.

Just as he spoke, the other players had already rushed into the tent that Wang Yu was in.

Since they had been fighting the Chevaliers before this, the first players to arrive had been the Magicians and the Archers...

"[Hell Inferno]! Rise!" Ming Du shouted as he waved his staff. A pillar of fire rose to the skies, consuming the players, turning them into rays of white light and blocking the rest of the players from entering the tent.

"Run!" Wang Yu shouted as he sprinted off in the opposite direction, with Ming Du following closely behind.

But just as Wang Yu ran out through the door, a row of Warriors raised their shields and charged forward...


Wang Yu was in mid-jump and had no way to dodge this attack. He could only grit his teeth and receive the blow...

"Crack!" Wang Yu had been flung far away.


Spirit Guard activated as a golden light wrapped around Wang Yu, completely shielding him.

The [Charge] from the Warriors had little effect on Wang Yu. Wang Yu had already stabilised himself while in midair, gently and gracefully landing on the ground.

All the players here knew Wang Yu was skilled, but they didn't expect him to be that strong...

A barrage of magic, arrows, spears, swords and daggers charged towards Wang Yu.

Fortunately, Spirit Guard lasted for 2 seconds. Otherwise, Wang Yu would already have been killed by the onslaught.

"Chase them!" After their initial attack, the crowd realised that no matter how strong Wang Yu was, this strength was not without limits.

As they chased Wang Yu and Ming Du, they suddenly felt the land beneath them heat up as a sea of fire suddenly engulfed them. Within the sea of fire, the only players that survived were the tanks, but even the tanks were in critical condition...

The tanks immediately activated their movement skills as they fled from the sea of fire. But before they could even catch their breaths, a blue spear of lightning suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


The sickening sound of lightning resounded through the battlefield as several tanks were electrocuted to death.

With just two spells, Ming Du had managed to keep the mob at bay.

This scene had overwhelmed the players!

Lightning Wizards were known to be the class with the highest damage and burst damage in <<REBIRTH. A Lightning Wizard that focussed solely on adding his Intelligence attribute could insta kill almost any player. But there weren't many Lightning Wizards in <<REBIRTH.

Regardless of how strong a Lightning Wizard was, they had very obvious weaknesses. Firstly, their skills were all linear attacks, meaning that they had to take aim before they could attack. Secondly, they did not have any crowd control skills whatsoever.

Lightning Wizards did not have any control skills, anyone could get close to them. A Magician was nothing more than trash in a close ranged fight, it doesn't matter how high your damage was if you couldn't hit your opponent... There were many players that considered Lightning Wizards one of the worst jobs to play...

But today, these experts had finally met a passable Lightning Wizard!

Insane damage and impeccable decision making. This was something only a monster like Ming Du could achieve.

What was the point of control skills if I could kill my enemies instantly? If my damage is high and my aiming is accurate, then who can even get close to me!

After killing the surrounding opponents, Ming Du unleashed a barrage of lightning, opening a path of escape.

Before they learnt [Flash] at level 25, Magicians had no movement skills whatsoever. Furthermore, Ming Du did not have the natural agility like Wang Yu, even if he cleared a path, there was probably no way for him to escape his pursuers.

"[Hell Inferno]! Rise!" Ming Du raised his staff as he shouted.

Knowing how strong this attack was, the surrounding players immediately fled in all directions to escape Ming Du's attack range. But the pillar of fire never came.

"Ha ha ha! My skill is on cooldown!" Ming Du laughed as he pointed his middle finger at the other players.

"F*ck! Where are the Assassins? Kill that fucker for me!" These players were at their wits end after being played by Ming Du time and time again. Even if they couldn't kill Wang Yu today, the had to kill Ming Du at the very least!