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Chapter 150: Help Has Arrived

Chapter 150: Help Has Arrived

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Thieves were considered to be the most overpowered job in the early stage of the game. Other than Guardians and Templars, no one could withstand a single blow from them.

Assassins had the highest burst damage amongst all the Thief jobs. Forget about a mere Magician, even a Warrior would be hard pressed to survive a single attack from them.

[Magic Shield] was an uncommon skill that Ming Du did not possess. There was only one way to defend himself from the onslaught of Assassins and that was to use [Ring of Fire]...

From just the name itself, one could tell that the amount of damage this skill dealt was negligible, most Assassins wouldn't even bother about it.

Ming Du immediately casted this skill, but since he did not use it very often, his mastery was extremely low. The flames surrounding him were nothing more than tiny flames that struggled to resist the incoming wind...

"[Hell Inferno]! Rise!"

But the players simply ignored Ming Du's words. Did he really think that they were that stupid to fall for the same trick twice? Had he never heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf?

But right at this moment, a huge pillar of fire rose from the ground, incinerating all the players who were unlucky enough to be caught in it. Each and every Assassin present had been burnt to a crisp, turning to a ray of white light...

"F*ck! This scoundrel!"

The players angrily cursed him as they launched a barrage of magic and arrows towards Ming Du...

Ming Du had already used all his skills... facing this ferocious onslaught, Ming Du knew that there was nothing he could do as he steeled himself and waited to be killed...

A figure suddenly appeared in front of him, pulling him out of harms way...

"F*ck there was still another one..." Everyone glared at Ming Du, they had clearly forgotten that Wang Yu had not been killed...

The enraged players reacted quickly, targetting Wang Yu instead.

In the group of over two hundred players, there were over a hundred Magicians and Archers, there were even players that played jobs that excelled in control...

Wang Yu's route of escape had been completely sealed, the wave of attacks coming towards him was simply too dense. Even though he managed to avoid some of the attacks, there were still many others that had managed to land on him. By the time Wang Yu and Ming Du had escaped the encirclement, Wang Yu had only 6 health left...

"F*ck! Why did you come back!" Ming Du angrily shouted: "who cares if I die! But if you die you would have wasted both our time!"

"Shut up! If we weren't from the same guild, I really would have left you there!' Wang Yu grumbled.

"F*ck! Consume some potions!"

"I didn't buy any..." Wang Yu sheepishly replied.

"You idiot!" Ming Du sighed as he pulled a bottle out of his inventory, handing it over to Wang Yu: "This is a potion that only the Quan Zhen Sect can make, you better repay me when we get back!"


Wang Yu consumed the potion as his health suddenly surged to 30%, greatly easing the tension he was feeling. But there was simply no time to rest, the other players had already arrived, surrounding them once again.

"What should we do now?" Ming Du asked.

"I don't know..." Wang Yu sighed as he looked at his surroundings. It really seemed as though there was no way out.

They had been surrounded from the north, west and south by both players and Chevaliers alike. They could only run to the east, but just as they were about to head to the east, another group of players arrived again.

"We're finished..." Ming Du whined, quickly opening the guild chat: "You bunch of idiots, are you even trying to reach here in time?"

"Come towards the east." Fearless indifferently replied.

"To the east?" Ming Du glanced towards the east, only to find that the players who had arrived were all experts fully decked out in bronze tier armour.

"There are people there! They're all experts!" Ming Du shot back.

"No shit sherlock, everyone there is an expert! Find a solution yourself!"

"F*ck you! If I could come up with a solution myself do you think I would be begging you for your help?" Ming Du raged.

"What's the cooldown for [Protective Switch]?" Wang Yu suddenly asked Ming Du.

"5 seconds!"

"Good, let's go!"

"Go? Don't tell me you mean..."

"That's right!"

"Great idea!"

"Since we're going to die anyway, we might as well try!" Ming Du nodded as the duo charged towards the players in the east.

There were roughly twenty players coming from the east, all of whom were from the same guild. As his movement speed was higher than Ming Du, Wang Yu charged towards the men first.

Seeing how fearsome Wang Yu was, the players immediately targeted Ming Du instead. But with a simple wave of his staff, Ming Du had swapped positions with one of the players in the front line...

If Frost Blade was here he would have immediately recognised this guild. They were called Pure Lands and the player that Ming Du had swapped position with was called Lone Blossom, the guild leader of Pure Lands...

Based on the system's design, you could not harm a player in the same party. Only under special circumstances could a player from the same party be harmed.

This was a 'bug' that Wang Yu had discovered early on when he had used a Thief as a meatshield against his own party...

But before Lone Blossom could even react, he was already in the receiving end of his allies attacks...

"Boss!!!" The members of Pure Lands cried out when they realised that they had killed their own boss, angrily striking out at Ming Du again.

Wang Yu instantly appeared behind the crowd, activating [Void Seizing Palm] as he pulled Ming Du out of harm's way.

Even though {Void Seizing Palm] could move your allies, it wasn't a skill that would grant you invulnerable status when you activated it. Within a short span of time, the duo were one the brink of death again.

Wang Yu grabbed Ming Du's leg while he was still in midair, flinging Ming Du over his shoulder as he launched [Rippling Wave] on the ground before him, leaping backwards.

Just as they had turned to give chase, the players from the Pure Lands guild were suddenly caught in a [Distortion] spell!

"Help has arrived!" The duo happily cried out as they looked at the silhouettes walking towards them.

Spring Halo had expertly trapped the players from the Pure Lands guild in his [Distortion] and sent his ghosts out to block their advance and to shield Wang Yu and Ming Du.

Fearless waved his staff, bathing the duo in resplendant rays of light, allowing them to fully recover their health.

"F*ck you!" Ming Du shouted at the players from the Pure Lands guild. Taking advantage of their plight as he casted [Spear of Lightning] in one hand and [Hell Inferno] in the other, instantly killing several players.

The players who managed to survive were quickly dealt with by Boson and the rest.

"You should leave, we'll handle the rest!" Fearless signalled to Wang Yu.

"Ok! Take care of yourselves!" Wang Yu shouted as he ran towards the city.

"You guys looked like a bunch of stray dogs just now... it was so satisfying to see your sorry states!" Fearless guffawed when he saw that Wang Yu had already left.

"Why didn't you guys doing something sooner, I almost died!" Ming Du roared.

"Ha ha ha, we just wanted to enjoy the sight of your sorry state for a while longer!"

"You f*cking bastards!"