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Chapter 151: City of Darkness

Chapter 151: City of Darkness

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In a matter of seconds, the other players had already arrived before the Quan Zhen Sect...

Spring Halo quickly lined up his ghosts as he mocked the crowd: "Gentlemen, what are you trying to do? The road here is blocked!"

"Quan Zhen Sect?" The crowd dumbly stared at them in utter disbelief.

Even though these players did not recognise Fearless and the rest, they knew who Ming Du was. Since these newcomers were all wearing the same emblem as him, it naturally meant that they were from the same guild.

After all the rumours and tales they've read about the amazing feats that the Quan Zhen Sect had performed, they finally met them in person. But who would have thought the legendary Quan Zhen Sect would be a gathering of hoodlums...

"You guys should recognise me! I'm the number one expert from the Matchless World guild! You dogs shouldn't blindly block our path!" Heavenly Hero stated in a refined yet mocking tone.

Perhaps this threat would have worked on other players, but it was completely ineffective to the Quan Zhen Sect, they simply did not put them in their eyes at all! After having played with Wang Yu for so long, they did not consider anyone else an 'expert'...

"What the f*ck is Matchless World?"

"Who knows, I've never heard of them before... their name does sound like a brothel though!" The Quan Zhen sect loudly mocked, not giving Heavenly Hero a shred of face.

"You shameless scoundrels! Move aside! Otherwise, you shouldn't blame us for using force..." Heavenly Hero angrily growled after hearing the jests from the Quan Zhen Sect, unable to contain his rage.


Before he even completed his sentence, Crotch Lord activated [Charge], viciously slamming into him and knocking him back while Vainglory tripped him onto the ground.

Boson and Frost Blade quickly joined in the fray. Within a matter of seconds, Heavenly Hero had been reduced into a ray of white light...


The crowd was speechless... were these really the experts from the Quan Zhen Sect? The men in front of them were no different from a bunch of miscreants.

"What the f*ck!" Some of the players present were friends of Heavenly Hero. How could they possibly stay calm after seeing their friend being killed? These players immediately charged forward in an attempt to avenge him. But they were instantly caught in a [Distortion] and engulfed by a pillar of fire.

The other players simply gawked at this scene, not daring to move an inch... crowd control, AOE damage... if they really wanted to force their way past the Quan Zhen Sect, it would definitely come at a steep price.

Fearless stepped forward, speaking as though he knew exactly what these players were thinking: "Why don't you think about this carefully? Even though we don't have many players with us, it won't be hard for us to kill a few dozens of you guys. Since there isn't any grudge between us, why don't you guys just leave? After all, you gentleman have already completed your quest. Is there really a point to throw your lives away so frivolously? Maybe dying once isn't much to you guys, but do you think you can face the wrath of Iron Bull if you offend him?"

It was no wonder Fearless was the tactician of the Quan Zhen sect. He had managed to scare off the crowd in a matter of seconds.

Being hunted down by Iron Bull... that was something that no one wished for...

An existence that could take on a boss by himself. Even though the players present could be considered the top experts of their respective cities, none of them dared to say that they could take Wang Yu on in a fight... the mere thought of Wang Yu hunting them down sent cold shiver down their spines.

"Er, then how about this... we won't pursue this matter any further! We'll just go complete our quest!" A player declared before retreating...

Seeing that someone else had given up first, more and more players began to leave. Even the most stubborn and hotheaded players finally caved in under the menacing stares of the Quan Zhen Sect.

Even though the Mask of Concealment couldn't trick other players, it could still be used to fool the NPC's... Wang Yu had very quickly evaded the pursuit of the Chevaliers and fled to safety.

"Iron Bull, are you safe yet?" The members of the Quan Zhen Sect anxiously asked after the crowd had dispersed.

"Yup! I'm on the airship now. You guys shouldn't return to Desolate City, there are a lot of players looking for you guys." Wang Yu replied.

"Looking for us? Are you sure they aren't looking for you Uncle Bull?" Vainglory asked.

"We've practically offended all the experts in <<REBIRTH in one fell swoop! Of course they're looking for us!"

"Oh no I'm so terrified! Iron Bull should definitely compensate us for this!" Ming Du added.

"That's right! How does 100 gold per person sound?" Frost Blade laughed.

"Che, you kids obviously don't know how the world works! 100 gold a person is too little! A 1000 gold sounds about right!" Spring Halo stated.


Of course, the players from the Quan Zhen Sect were experts at avoiding their pursuers, after all, it wasn't the first time they had offended a large group of experts. They headed towards Sin City immediately after leaving the camp.

Wang Yu's destination was the last stop in his quest, Hades City...

Hades City, one of many cities under the faction of darkness.

According to the lore of <<REBIRTH, the forces of darkness originally lived in the resource-scarce lands of hell. But for the sake of gaining more resources, the Sanctum of Darkness led armies to the human world, attacking humanity, the beginning of the 'Emerging Darkness'.

The Sanctum of Darkness was led by seven elders, all of whom had undergone the baptism of the demon lord. Under the command of these seven elders, the forces of darkness had once controlled over 90% of the land.

It was only after the arrival of the heroes and the resistance, along with the Church of Light did they manage to force the armies of darkness to retreat. Forcing them into the sorry state they were in now.

But evil and corruption were eternal. After the disappearance of the heroes and the increasing corruption of the Church of Light, humanity was divided into two factions... this allowed the Sanctum of Darkness to slowly gather its strength, launching another assault on humanity...

Hades City was the largest city in the faction of darkness and was also the resting area for the seven elders of the Sanctum of Darkness.

Before reaching level 25, players were able to freely roam between the two factions. But once they reached level 25, players had to choose which faction they wanted to pledge their allegiance to. If a player from the faction of light tried to enter a city under the influence of the faction of darkness, they would be hunted down and killed. Not only would this not have the adverse effects of PK, they would even gain merit points...

Speaking of merit points, Wang Yu currently had 100 merit points for the faction of darkness…...