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Chapter 153: A Three Way Battle

Chapter 153: A Three Way Battle

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From the looks of it, this Burial Site was located within an ancient tomb.

This ancient tomb was extremely dark, except for the dim candle lights that eerily filled the surroundings.

"Shaaa... sha!"

After having only taken a few steps forward, two arrows pierced the air as they firmly planted themselves into the ground, forcing Wang Yu to retreat in order to avoid them.

Wang Yu pulled a torch off the wall, throwing it towards the direction that the arrows came from. As the light from the torch tore through the darkness, Wang Yu could faintly see two skeletons drawing their bows, taking aim at him.

<Skeletal Demon Archer (LV25) (Elite)

HP: 10000

MP: 2000

Skills: [Night Vision], [Take Aim], [Spirit Erosion]

These Skeletal Demon Archers were standing on a high ground several metres away from Wang Yu, allowing them to freely take aim at him. Their attack range was even greater than regular Archers, they were truly the bane of close ranged players like Wang Yu.

Fortunately there weren't many Skeletal Demon Archers, not to mention that their attack speed was nothing spectacular either. Wang Yu dashed forward, activating [Crushing Blow] to destroy them. But just at this moment, four more skeletons appeared before him!

The appearance of these four skeletons were especially odd. Two amongst them were extremely large, carrying a shield in one hand and a sabre in the other. The other two were holding spears and riding skeletal horses...

<Skeletal Demon Warrior (LV30) (Elite)

HP: 100000

MP: 1000

Skills: [Shield Bash], [Shroud of Darkness], [Crippling Strike]

<Skeletal Demon Knight (LV35) (Elite)

HP: 1500000

MP: 1500

Skills: [Trample], [Charge]

These four newcomers were extremely large, any two of them could easily block the entire pathway.

"Intruder, for the crime of disrupting our lord's sleep, you shall be put to death!"

The two Skeletal Demon Knights raised their spears, charging straight towards Wang Yu...

Facing a situation where the close combat enemies were charging straight towards you while the long ranged enemies lay in ambush behind, any gamer would have tried to slip past the front line in order to kill the enemies at the back.

But these monsters in the dungeon were different, they would endless pursue their prey all throughout the dungeon…...

But Wang Yu had only challenged the dungeons in <<REBIRTH a handful of times so he didn't really understand how their aggro system differed from the normal maps. Not wishing to waste any time, Wang Yu bravely charged forward.

But Wang Yu did not dare to challenge the [Charge] of the Skeletal Demon Knight's head on. Wang Yu's figure vanished right as the Knight's spears came crashing into the ground, only for them to see that Wang Yu had already leapt into the air, using [Flying Knee] to propel himself past them.

The Skeletal Demon Knight's reacted quickly, raising their spears in an attempt to skewer Wang Yu while he was in mid air. Wang Yu remained calm in the face of their cunning assault, casting [Rippling Wave] to once again avoid their attacks.

Right at this moment, two bone arrows tore the sky. Wang Yu quickly used [Thunder God's Stomp], ferociously landing on the Skeletal Demon Archer's heads.


Wang Yu's [Thunder God Stomp] was not light at all, causing a deafening sound to resound through the burial site.

The two Skeletal Demon Knights had already turned around and arrived before him, striking out once again. Wang Yu quickly dodged, leaping into the air once again as he grabbed the two archers, throwing them onto the ground.


The two Skeletal Demon Archers fiercely collided against the four tanks, causing a blood red number to rise from all their heads.


Once he had taken them off their high ground, Wang Yu had reduced their attack range to that of a normal Archer. Wang Yu turned around, ignoring the monsters as he ran further into the Burial Site.

The Burial Site was not very large, adding to the fact that Wang Yu was running on the walls of the place, he had shortened his travelling distance even more.

Along the way, Wang Yu had encountered several minor monsters, but they had all been pushed off the wall like the Skeletal Demon Archers...

But the time Wang Yu had reached the deepest part of the Burial Site, he had a whole legion of monsters chasing him...

In the depths of the Burial Site, there was an altar with many strange symbols drawn on it.


Wang Yu jumped off the wall, staring intensely at the altar, at a loss of what to do...

The monsters didn't waste any time, quickly launching an assault on him the moment he stopped moving.

Fortunately, the small area in the depths of the tomb limited the range of motions for the monsters as well. Wang Yu was able to easily dodge the [Charge] from the Skeletal Demon Knights.

Before he had even stabilized himself from their [Charge], the Skeletal Demon Archers had shot a volley of arrows at him.

Wang Yu nimbly caught the arrows in his hands, but a sense of confusion suddenly overwhelmed him...

[Spirit Erosion]: The arrows of the Skeletal Demon Archer are coated with the vengeful spirits from hell. Contact with this arrow will cause the player's flesh and marrow to be corroded, losing 10% of their speed. This effect can be stacked.

Wang Yu had caught a total of six arrows, each adding a stack of [Spirit Erosion]. At this point in time, Wang Yu's speed had been reduced by 60%.

The Skeletal Demon Warriors inched forward, pressing forward towards Wang Yu, raising their blades to cleave him in half.

Wang Yu instantly dropped to the ground, rolling out of the attack range of the Skeletal Demon Warriors, only to face the [Charge] of the Skeletal Demon Knights...


The monsters even knew how to cooperate...

After 10 seconds had passed and [Spirit Erosion] had worn off, Wang Yu quickly switched to the 'Martial Artist's Dedication'. Wang Yu rolled beneath one of the Skeletal Demon Knights, using his pole to brutally beat the horse that the knight was riding.

The Skeletal Demon Knight raised it's spear in an attempt to thwart Wang Yu's attack, only to be flung off the horse by Wang Yu's counter attack...

Wang Yu stuck the pole into the ground, using it to lift himself onto the horse whilst blocking the attack from the other Skeletal Demon Knight.

Wang Yu forcefully swept his pole out, knocking the other Skeletal Demon Knight off its horse as well.

Once they were knocked off their horses, the Skeletal Demon Knights were incapable of moving... they could only lie on the floor and await their deaths.

Out of the three Skeletal Demon monsters, the hardest to deal with was the Skeletal Demon Knight due to its high health and strong defenses. But once they were knocked off their horses, they possessed no combat strength whatsoever.

The Skeletal Demon Archers launched yet another volley of attacks. But this time, Wang Yu deflected them with his pole instead, before rushing behind them.

There were two main aspects to pole arts. One was attacking while the other was about controlling. Faced with Wang Yu's impeccable skill, the two Skeletal Demon Archer's were hard-pressed to even turn around, let alone counter attack.

The pole was considered a heavy weapon. Once the attack reached over 100% perfection, it would cause piercing damage... but since these Skeletal Demon Archers did not have any armour, their bones were shattered instead.

Pierce caused an additional 30% damage to these skeletal monsters.

Even though poles were supposed to be a single target type weapon, Wang Yu's proficiency in the pole arts allowed him to deal AOE damage to these monsters.

The Skeletal Demon Warriors would naturally not just stand by idly while their comrades were being slain, stepping forward to kill Wang Yu.

Wang Yu rolled forward, dodging their [Shield Bash] as he lashed out with the pole, knocking all of them back.

If Yang Nuo was present, she would definitely be tongue-tied with amazement looking at this scene...

The footwork Wang Yu had performed was exactly the Seven Star Steps from the Yang family...

Before 20 seconds had even passed, Wang Yu had already killed the Skeletal Demon Archers with over a hundred thousand health. But because they were quest monsters, they did not drop any good items, merely turning into a puff of black smoke before floating towards the altar in the depths of the burial site. The purple symbols on the altar suddenly glowed with a faint golden hue.

The Skeletal Demon Warriors were much hard to deal with... these monsters specialised in close combat and were infinitely more aggressive than the Skeletal Demon Archers...

Wang Yu unleashed a barrage of attacks on Skeletal Demon Warriors, interrupting their skills.

Looking at the time, Wang Yu realised that he still had over 40 minutes left to complete this quest. Wang Yu grew increasingly worried. If the normal monsters already took so long to fight, how much harder would the boss be!

Wang Yu slammed his pole onto the Skeletal Demon Warrior's shield, using the force to propel himself three metres backwards.

The Skeletal Demon Warrior raised the shield in its left hand, blindly chasing after Wang Yu again.

"I found it's weakness!"

Even though the shield in its arm was extremely large, the Skeletal Demon Warrior had a large stature as well. Everytime it raised it's shield, it would involuntarily reveal its right leg.

Wang Yu chuckled, sweeping the pole out as he smashed the lead Skeletal Demon Warrior's shin. Wang Yu spun around, sweeping the other Skeletal Demon Warriors as well... all the Skeletal Demon Warriors staggered back, nearly falling onto the ground.

"This is it!" Wang Yu laughed, darting back into their midst.

The sound of breaking bones resounded through the Burial Site, almost as if it was following some sort of rhythm...


Under Wang Yu's ruthless attacks, it was only a matter of time before the Skeletal Demon Warrior's right legs had been completely destroyed...

Without their right legs, these Skeletal Demon Warriors were in the same state as the Skeletal Demon Knights, helplessly flailing on the ground. Wang Yu leisurely strolled to each Skeletal Demon Warrior, brutally beating them till they became black puffs of smoke, floating to the altar as the symbol glowed an even brighter hue of gold/

Wang Yu looked at the time, he still had 35 minutes to complete this quest.