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Chapter 154: Making Every Second Count

Chapter 154: Making Every Second Count

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When Wang Yu had first entered the main area in the Burial Site, he had received a notification about 'summoning the altar'. This made him extremely wary about the changes in the altar throughout his fight with the Skeletal Demon's.

Once the Archers and Warriors had been killed, Wang Yu quickly turned his attention towards the Skeletal Demon Knight's flopping on the floor.

Once they had turned into a puff of black smoke and entered the altar, the altar shone with a brilliant light. The symbols on the altar gradually faded as a shriek from the depths of hell filled the Burial Site. A eerie green light suddenly floated out of the altar.

<Vengeful Spirit (LV5)

HP: 1000

MP: 1000

Skills: [Spiritual Decay]

Just as Wang Yu was about to slap the Vengeful Spirit to death, a rumbling sound emerged from the altar. The altar gradually fell apart, revealing a large set of bones beneath it.

While Wang Yu was curiously assessing the set of bones, the Vengeful Spirit had already flown towards it.

"Abyssal Bones!" Wang Yu exclaimed, stepping forward to retrieve it…..

But Wang Yu suddenly felt his body stiffen up... he had suddenly lost control of his arms, throwing the Abyssal Bones onto the ground...

"Huh?" Wang Yu bent over, retrieving the Abyssal Bones once again, yet the same thing happened. But this time, Wang Yu could feel an overwhelming killing intent had locked onto him.

Wang Yu turned around, being frightened so badly that even he took two steps back...

The tiny little Vengeful Spirit that had been flying around had suddenly swelled in size... that little football sized creature had become a monster at least 30% larger than the Skeletal Demon Warrior.

Wang Yu grabbed his pole, throwing it towards the Vengeful Spirit. The Spirit remained motionless, allowing Wang Yu's pole to phase through it without a single shred of damage taken.

The Spirit had flown too far off the ground, so much so that Wang Yu was unable to attack it.

After a few more seconds had passed, the Vengeful Spirit had finally completed its transformation, turning into a greenish, humanoid creature .

<Eternal Spirit, Khmer (LV35) (Gold Boss) (Elite)

HP: 200000

MP: 500000

Skills: [Spirit Charge], [Hell's Cry], [Flames of the Nether]

Wang Yu heaved a heavy sigh, thinking about the meek little Spirit that had suddenly transformed into a Gold Grade Boss. This game designer really was devious, taking advantage of a single moment of distraction to plunge the player into a world of despair.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Khmer guffawed as his body formed: "So you're the person that wants to disturb the Demon Lord's slumber?"

"I only want the Abyssal Bones, you can continue sleeping..." Wang Yu sheepishly replied as he stared at the Abyssal Bones.

"Ha ha!" Khmer coldly laughed, stretching out his hands to hide the Abyssal bones, turning around to shout at Wang Yu: "Foolish human! You will have to pay the price for your greed! [Spirit Charge]!"

Two eerie flames lit up in Khmer's once empty sockets as a deep flame flame fell from the skies.

Wang Yu performed the Seven Star Steps, carefully evading the blue wraiths as he arrived before Khmer. Wang Yu raised his pole, savagely slamming it onto Khmer.



Khmer staggered backwards, his form dimming slightly...

It was then that Wang Yu realised, even though Khmer might possess a spiritual body, he was not immune to physical attacks...

"Despicable human you dare harm me?" Khmer loudly roared as a piercing shrill filled the Burial Site. The words 'Terrified' appeared over Wang Yu's head, causing him to lose control of his body, running away from Khmer...

Wang Yu involuntarily ran to the centre of the blue wraiths that were descending into the Burial Site, nearly costing him his life.

Fortunately the terrified status only lasted for 3 seconds. Once Wang Yu had regained control of himself, he immediately dodged what was left of [Spirit Charge], rolling towards the corner of the map.

Oddly enough, Khmer did not give chase, merely floating at the same spot.

"Strange!" Wang Yu mumbled to himself. All the bosses that Wang Yu had fought were always scheming to finish him off as quickly as possible with one way or another. Yet this boss was indifferent floating about, as though he simply did not care about Wang Yu's existence. Was he not interested in this fight at all?

Whether Khmer was interested in their fight or not was inconsequential to Wang Yu, but the boss was tightly holding onto the Abyssal Bones.

Wang Yu daringly dashed forward in the attack range of [Spirit Charge], activating [Void Seizing Palm] in an attempt to steal the Abyssal Bones from Khmer, throwing out [Rippling Wave] with his other hand.



Wang Yu spun around, sending another [Rippling Wave] towards Khmer.


After throwing out three skills in succession, Wang Yu immediately stopped, retreating to his corner once more.

"Foolish mortal!" Khmer loudly cursed, calling the blue wraiths down around him once more.

"This... this is rather irritating..." Wang Yu grumbled, helpless before Khmer's skills.

Wang Yu attack range was a mere three metres, but this boss had such a great attack range. Not only did he have his seemingly endless [Spirit Charge], he also had [Hell's Cry] to force Wang Yu to receive damage from [Spirit Charge].

If he only had [Spirit Charge], Wang Yu could still find some way to close that gap, but with [Flames of the Nether] constantly looming in the sky, there was simply no way to avoid Khmer's attacks!

Even though Khmer was arrogantly taunting him, it still floated at the same spot, seemingly having no intentions of attacking Wang Yu.

Wang Yu looked at his quest timer. There was only 25 minutes left, did the system take some time away from him???

Even if the was the case, Wang Yu couldn't do anything about it. This boss largely resistant to physical attacks and Wang Yu's magic attacks were few and far between. Time was ticking away, did Wang Yu have patiently wait for his own demise?

Just as Wang Yu was muling over his plight, Khmer suddenly casted [Spirit Charge] at Wang Yu's location, rushing towards him.

"Something's not right!" Wang Yu barely dodged Khmer's sneak attack, carefully observing his surroundings to see what had changed.

After their short exchange, Wang Yu had a rough understanding of Khmer's [Spirit Charge] range. Even though Khmer was actively trying to attack, he was still unable to land any blows on Wang Yu due to his slow movement speed.

"Ha ha ha! You're as slow as a tortoise!" Wang Yu mocked as he pulled a small box out of him inventory.

<Mystic Snare: Enemies snared will be unable to move for 45 seconds and incapable of using their skills for the next 3 minutes.

This was something that Wang Yu had picked up during his time in Storm City. But he had not found a reason to use it up till now.

It wasn't because Wang Yu wasn't willing to use it, but that this item required 30 seconds to be activated. It was extremely hard to get a boss to fall for such a trap.

Zeus was a pinnacle existence in this game, 30 seconds was more than sufficient for him to kill Wang Yu. Such a petty little trap was useless in the face of absolute strength.

But this wasn't the case for Khmer. It did not have any physical attacks and had an incredibly slow movement speed. Once it was caught in this trap, it was just a sitting duck!

Wang Yu took out the Mystic Snare, grasping it tightly in his palms as he walked into the attack range of [Spirit Charge]. While rolling past the wave of attacks from Khmer, Wang Yu had carefully planted the Mystic Snare of the path he expected Khmer to traverse.

Independent mode bosses were extremely clever. If Wang Yu had openly planted this trap, there was no way that Khmer would fall for it. Even now he did not have complete confidence that he could trick Khmer into activating the trap, he could only take a gamble using himself as bait...

After planting the trap, Wang Yu once again rolled away, taunting Khmer as he went.








A deafening sound rung out as a white, six starred array rose up, trapping Khmer within it...

<System Notification: You have activated the Mystic Snare.

After which, the blue wraiths from the [Spirit Charge] did not descend, even the [Flames of the Nether] surrounding Khmer had dissipated, leaving Khmer completely vulnerable.

"I only have 3 minutes!" Wang Yu shouted as he lunged forward, sending a [Rippling Wave] flying towards Khmer.

Even though the Martial Artist job had both magical and physical attacks, Wang Yu himself was someone that valued physical attacks more. Thus he only had three skills that dealt magical damage.

Khmer was highly resistant to physical attacks...

Not to mention the fact that these three skills had cooldowns. Wang Yu was only able to shave Khmer's health by half in these 3 minutes...

Once 3 minutes had passed, the effects of the Mystic Snare had completely worn off, Khmer had regained the freedom to cast his skills. After receiving such a brutal beating from Wang Yu, Khmer immediately decided to retreat in the opposite direction.

"F*ck! How can you be so shameless!" Wang Yu angrily shouted as he pursued Khmer...

Despite Khmer's extremely pathetic movement speed, Wang Yu was simply unable to come close to him. After circling him twice, Wang Yu realise that he was unable to close the distance between them.

There was only slightly more than a dozen minutes left for this quest... was he really going to fail?

"F*ck it, I'll just have to take the risk!"

Wang Yu grit his teeth, dashing towards Khmer once again. Khmer immediately waved his hands as he saw Wang Yu dashing towards him, casting [Spirit Charge] again...

Wang Yu's figure flashed, appearing in front of Khmer as he balanced in the top of his pole.

Khmer wailed, using [Hell's Cry]...

The words terrified appeared above Wang Yu's head once more.

After being 'terrified', Wang Yu lost control of his body, falling down from the top of his pole.

Wang Yu had fallen into the attack range of [Flames of the Nether]...