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Chapter 156: Exiled Disciple

Chapter 156: Exiled Disciple

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"Complete your quest?" The Informant gasped.

The level 20 quests for normal jobs were already hard enough. The quests for players with hidden jobs would naturally be even harder. Since the Martial Artist was special, even amongst the hidden jobs, it would only be naturally for Wang Yu's quest to be the hardest. What the Informant could not understand was how Wang Yu had completed it, despite only having accepted this quest two days prior.

"Yup!" Wang Yu took out the five quest items, laying them out in front of the Informant.

"Hmm? You didn't use the quest helper that I gave you?" The Informant asked.

"Quest helper?"

"The Buddha's Pupil!" The Informant replied.

"You mean this?" Wang Yu asked as he pulled an item he had never seen before out of his inventory.

"That's right!" The Informant exclaimed: "You have to go to the Sanctum of Darkness with this..." The Informant methodically narrated the process to Wang Yu.

First of all, Wang Yu had to go the Burial Site in the Sanctum of Darkness, using the Buddha's pupil to purify the spirits there, gaining the Abyssal Bones and merit points for the faction of light. Afterwards, he needed to deliver the Killer's soul to Atticus, earning him 200 merit points for the faction of light and the Killer's Soul itself. Once that was done Wang Yu would gain the recognition of the Heresy Judge. Finally Wang Yu had to challenge both the Blood Dragon God and Zeus.

Even though these quests seemed nearly impossible to complete, all you needed to do was to complete one and the others would fall into place effortlessly.

"How did you complete the quest if you didn't use it?" The Informant quickly asked Wang Yu.

"I killed the Angel Of Judgement in Vatican City!" Wang Yu boasted.

"F*ck! What the f*ck were you thinking? No wonder I can feel an aura of evil from you!" The Informant grumbled as he took a sip of alcohol.

But the Informant had to acknowledge the fact that there was no restriction as to how Wang Yu completed his quest, it was just that doing it that was would cause the difficulty of this quest to be raised by several levels... The quest was designed in such a way that allowed Wang Yu to slowly accumulate merit points for the faction of light, yet Wang Yu actually killed his way through the faction of light and even succeeded in finishing the quest...

The Informant never expected that he would be so shocked by this level 20 player.

"Then why the f*ck didn't you tell me that earlier?" Wang Yu growled after hearing the Informant describe the method to clearing the quest.

"You just needed to give me a little something and I would have told you the shortcut!" The Informant shamelessly replied.

"F*ck you..." Wang Yu angrily growled: "So what now? Have I completed the quest?"

"Of course! But you have to give me 5 gold first!" The Informant laughed.

Wang Yu silently swore revenge on the Informant as he fished 5 gold out of his inventory.

The Informant contentedly smirked as he kept the gold that Wang Yu had handed to him before chant an indiscernible sutra. The Buddha's eye glowed streak of white and black light before transforming into five rays of light, drilling their way into the five quest items.

The Informant reached out and kept the five items, each glowing with a dim light, as he waved his hand, sending Wang Yu a notification.

<System Notification: You have completed Brave Heart part 4: Mark of the Martial God! Quest rank S. Completion will allow you to receive the hidden job Martial Sage.

Hidden Job Martial Sage: After experiencing many hardships, the strength of the Martial Artist has greatly increased, becoming the peak expert of an era.


[Unparalleled Genius](Passive): Everytime the player levels up, the player will have 8 attribute points.

[Personal Mastery](Passive): The player is able to learn all the skills and talents of the Pugilist job.

[Seasoned Warrior](Passive): The player gains a 20% chance to combo his attacks and skills.

[Lord of Arms](Passive): The player is proficient in all weapons, gaining a 15% increase in Attack Damage when a weapon is equipped,

Once he had completed his job advancement quest, Wang Yu's strength greatly soared again. Not only did he gain more attribute points, he could even choose the talents he could gain.

Once players had crossed the threshold of level 20, they were able to gain talents.

For example, a Pugilist would innately have the talent [Nimble Swallow] at level 0. Once they reached level 10 and changed their jobs, the Qigong Master would gain the talent [Irresistible Force], increasing their attack, while the Fighter would gain the talent [Fierce Tiger].

Wang Yu on the other hand, had learnt the talent [Agile Hare] as a Martial Artist, increasing his movement speed. This talent was pretty useless to someone like Wang Yu who did not lack speed.

Once he had completed his job advancement, Wang Yu would not only be able to learn [Irresistible Force] and [Fierce Tiger], but the level 20 talents [Wave Mastery] and [Tyrant Fist] as well. Wang Yu could even learn the exclusive talent of the Martial Sage, [Inner Peace], which allowed him to passively recover both his HP and MP. Wang Yu's strength had greatly soared once again.

Next up was to learn the new skills available for him.

The reason that players that completed their job advancement quests were so strong was because of the difference in the skills that they possessed. A player that had not completed their job advancement were only learning entry level skills, once they had finished their advancement, they were learning intermediate level skills.

Not only were these skills stronger, players could also being to learn the signature skills of their various jobs.

The Fighter would become a Martial Savant after advancing his job, while a Qigong Master would become a Cloud Walker.

Wang Yu had immediately chosen to learn [Tiger God Fist] and [Spirit Blast], the signature skill of these two jobs.

[Tiger God Fist](Active): Strikes the opponent with your fist, ignoring 30% of the opponents defense and dealing 150% Physical damage.

[Spirit Blast](Active): The player creates a concentrated spirit bomb, detonating it and causing 200% Magic Damage for enemies in a five metre radius.

A strong single target physical attack and an AOE magic attack, these were two useful signature skills.

Once Wang Yu had learnt these two skills, he had immediately logged off.

Wang Yu had never been too engrossed with this game, but he had spent the entire day today playing, something rather uncharacteristic for him.

After playing for an entire day, Wang Yu was famished. Noticing that Mu Zi Xian was not in their room and there was a sound of running water in the kitchen, Wang Yu shouted: "Honey! I'm hungry!"

"Got it! Food is almost ready!" Mu Zi Xian replied.

"Okay!" Wang Yu replied as he wiped his face with a towel, sprinting towards the kitchen. Unable to control himself as he looked at the spread Mu Zi Xian had prepared, Wang Yu unconsciously reached out for a piece of meat.

"Are your hands even clean?" Mu Zi Xian scolded as she beat Wang Yu's hands with a pair of chopsticks.

"I'll go wash them!" Wang Yu sheepishly replied as he retreated to the bathroom.

"Hold on." Mu Zi Xian giggled as she picked up a piece of meat with her chopsticks, feeding it to Wang Yu: "Follow me to the supermarket first. I want to buy some rice now. I'm afraid the store might close early for the new year!"

"Alright." Wang Yu nodded.

"We should go to the bank as well! It'll be rather inconvenient if we don't have some cash on hand during the new year."

"Anything you say!" Wang Yu laughed.

The bank was situated right beside the supermarket. Even though it was the new year, the bank did not cease operations, after all this was the busiest period for the,...

After taking her queue number, Mu Zi Xian joined Wang Yu, sitting at the back of the bank as they waited for their number to be called.

Right at this moment, four burly men walked into the bank.

The four men suspiciously looked around as they walked into the bank. Wang Yu's face hardened as he felt a thick killing intent emanating from the four men.

Wang Yu locked eyes with one of the men. The blank expression on the man's face coupled with his thick killing intent caused Wang Yu to feel rather bewildered.

When Wang Yu had learnt martial arts from his grandfather in the past, he met a martial arts experts from the military with eyes that resembled this man. But this man's physique did not resemble one of a martial artist or a soldier.

"An exiled disciple?"

Wang Yu glared at the four men as he tugged at Mu Zi Xian. Wang Yu did not dare to make any rash moves, simply shielding Mu Zi Xian with his body.

"Are you cold?" Mu Zi Xian curiously asked.

"Nope! But I think we should come back tomorrow!" Wang Yu whispered.

"Oh... alright then!" Mu Zi Xian answered after a slight moment of hesitation.

After having been married to Wang Yu for so long, she understood Wang Yu's temperament very well, there was a definitely a good explanation behind Wang Yu's sudden decision.


A gunshot went off just as the duo were about to leave the bank.

"Nobody move!"

Wang Yu turned around to assess the situation. The man that he had previously stared at had destroyed a surveillance camera with the shot, while the other men had smashed the glass at the counter and grabbed the service staff on duty.

"AHHH!!! HELP!!!"

Ever since the country had banned guns a long time ago, this wasn't something that normal citizens would usually encounter, the gun shot earlier had shocked them to the core.

"Bang! Bang!"

Another two gunshots rang out as two people fell to the ground, lying in a puddle of their own blood!

Killing someone with a gun was even scarier than simply hearing the sound of a gunshot. The crowd immediately fell silent, staring at the four men.

"Kneel down!" One of the men shouted.

Wang Yu gently patted Mu Zi Xian on the back, quietly whispering to her: "Don't be afraid."

"Mm!" Mu Zi Xian nodded.

Mu Zi Xian had more real world experience than Wang Yu. She knew that these men were here for money, not to take the lives of innocent bystanders.

But Wang Yu could sense the bloodlust from these men. This situation was not as simple as he had thought but he did not wish to frighten Mu Zi Xian any further.

Everyone present shared the same view as Mu Zi Xian. That these men were here for the money, all of them had silently resolved to obey their commands so as to not aggravate them.

Time slowly passed. Under the command of the three men, the service staff in the bank had filled their bags with wads of cash.

"Let's go!"

A scar face man shouted at the man holding the gun as they picked the bags off the counter and placed them on their backs, preparing to run.

"No way, they already saw what we look like!" The man with the gun retorted.

"Just kill them all then!" The scar faced man laughed as he pulled a gun out of his bag.