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Chapter 157: Opening A Store

Chapter 157: Opening A Store

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Even though the scar faced man's words were not very loud. They could still be heard clearly in the still and quiet bank.

The crowd descended into a state of chaos after hearing the man's words, each and every person trying to flee for their lives. The man raised his gun, taking aim and preparing to shoot.

"Ahh!!!" The man nearest to the four robbers loudly screamed. Wang Yu, who was not too far from the robbers himself, gently pushed Mu Zi Xian to the side, hiding her behind a table beside her as he picked up several pens.

How could the four robbers possibly take notice of Wang Yu's subtle movements in this chaos? Right as the scar faced man was about to open first, he suddenly saw a jet-black object flying towards him.

"AH!!!" A horrific cry filled the bank as the other three robbers fell to the ground, clutching their eyes in pain as a crimson red liquid flowed out from between their fingers. One could faintly make out that the object they were desperately grasping in their hands was a black colored pen.

Wang Yu's leg flashed, kicking the guns away from the robbers and towards the crowd.

"Brothers! What happened to you?" The scar faced man cried in confusion as he ran towards the door, only to see Wang Yu blocking his path.

"F*ck! It must have been you!"

The scar faced man angrily shouted as he raised his gun, taking aim at Wang Yu. Wang Yu's right hand shot out, grabbing the gun itself. Regardless of how much strength he exerted, the scar face man simply could not make the gun budge an inch.


Wang Yu swung his arm down, forcing the scar faced man to release his grip on the gun.

Wang Yu held the gun in his hand, aiming it towards the man's head.

"Don't... don't play around... this is a real gun!" The scar face man pleaded as Wang Yu gazed at him with smoldering intensity.

"Call the police!" Wang Yu instructed exerted pressure onto the man's arm.


The sickening sound of breaking bones rung out as the scar faced man writhed in pain beneath Wang Yu's feet.

"You guys should leave first!" Wang Yu instructed as he picked Mu Zi Xian from her hiding place, leaving the bank with the crowd.

"They... they actually killed someone..." Mu Zi Xian gasped.

"Don't be afraid, everything is fine! These guys won't be committing crimes anymore!" Wang Yu assured her.

Mu Zi Xian caressed Wang Yu's chin as she cried: "How can I not be afraid? They had a gun but you still charged forward! What would happen to me if something happened to you?"

As a martial artist, Wang Yu knew that no matter how strong he was, he wouldn't be stronger than a gun, otherwise martial arts wouldn't have declined to such a state.

Wang Yu held Mu Zi Xian's hand, gently speaking to her: "I'm sorry for making you worried."

Grabbing a gun with his bare hands was something that required an immense amount of training. Wang Yu never thought that he would actually have to use it. But if Wang Yu had not taken action, everyone else on site could have been killed by those robbers. Forget about the others, the only one he wanted to protect was Mu Zi Xian.

"Hai!" Mu Zi Xian sighed as he rubbed his chin: "There are too many things that martial arts cannot solve in this society. Darling, can you promise me you won't ever do something so dangerous again?"

"I got it!" Wang Yu nodded as he thought to himself: "Martial arts? Are they really only useful in video games..."


Mu Zi Xian had obviously been scarred by this incident. Everytime she thought of what had happened, she was involuntarily grab Wang Yu and mumble to him: "It's dangerous outside, it would be best if you just stayed at home!"

"Of course!" Wang Yu agreed: "Then why don't you just quit after the new year holiday!"

"Quit? Why?" Mu Zi Xian asked.

"I'll take care of you! Since the outside world is so messy... what's more, I'm not comfortable with my wife being someone else's subordinate..." Wang Yu indifferently replied.

Because he had received a very traditional education since young, Wang Yu retained many paternalistic and patriarchal views... even though he had been taken care of by his wife for half a year, there was no need for her to trouble herself with work anymore now that Wang Yu could take care of her.

Even though these five words were very simple, they still brought immense joy to Mu Zi Xian when she heard them.

Which woman didn't want their husbands to become famous and successful? Ever since she realised how successful Wang Yu had become due to this game, it had brought her endless joy.

"Frankly speaking, I was thinking of opening a store. It doesn't have to earn much, just enough for our family!" Mu Zi Xian excitedly replied.

"Of course! I'll handle it!" Wang Yu valiantly replied.

"I was just kidding, opening a store is very expensive... and I don't even know what I will sell... after all we don't have much money and will even have to pay rent..."

"No problem! We just have to sell something that will earn us money!" Wang Yu smiled.

Mu Zi Xian pouted her lips, scolding Wang Yu: "Everytime... I didn't know you had such a sweet tongue! Anyway, earning money isn't so simple!"

"What do you think?" Wang Yu asked as he pointed to the room of the four ladies.

"You want to prostitute them? That's illegal!" Mu Zi Xian exclaimed.

"Hey hey hey, what are you thinking? Do you really think that I am that kind of person? I meant we can open a shop in the game!" Wang Yu unhappily replied.

"Opening a store in the game? Can we do that?" Mu Zi Xian hesitated for a moment before replying.

"Of course we can!"

Truth be told, Wang Yu had already been thinking of opening a shop for quite some time. After all, these in game equipments did not have a production cost like goods in the real world. As long as you invested some money and some time, it would guarantee you some equipments and items.

The guild member that Wang Yu was the closest to was the one that had recruited him in the first place, Frost Blade. Wang Yu often spent his free time chatting with Frost Blade, trying to understand the market of the game. Wang Yu roughly knew that high quality equipments were sold in auctions while low quality goods were sold in stores.

Even though high quality goods were hard to come by, they could earn a pretty sum once they were sold, the only downside being that they had to pay a commission to the auction house. The other problem with the auction house was that it required an immense capital to start buying items. Only a insane casher like Frost Blade could even hope to earn money from such a place.

Low quality equipments were sold everywhere throughout the city and didn't require any commission to be paid. The problem was that many professional players were all trying to earn a living from selling equipments. With the fierce competition going on, one could hardly anything at all.

Since Wang Yu was one of the top players in the game, he was naturally not short of any top tier equipments. Li Xue was also the only player in the whole game that could craft Middle Grade Recovery Medicine and an alchemist as well. Wang Yu was not afraid that they would run out of goods to sell.

This was Wang Yu's masterplan to earn a stable income.

A prominent casher like Frost Blade had innumerable contacts and a good eye for pricing along with the experience to back it up, hardly anyone in the game could match up to him in this aspect.

Since he did not have the experience, Wang Yu had long shelved this idea. But after Mu Zi Xian had mentioned the idea of opening a store today, Wang Yu had finally decided to explore this idea once again.

Like any other online game, <<REBIRTH allowed players with sufficient gold to open their own stores, selling their own wares, all they needed to do was to pay rent every month. The only drawback was that the player had to be physically present to make the transaction.

At this current point in time, there were already several players that had opened their own stores in <<REBIRTH. But not every player could make a profit from these stores. Not only did the player need to have a keen sense of pricing, they also needed to constantly bring in new goods.

The most important consideration was that the drop rate of equipments in this game was very low. Hence many players simply sold medicines that were of about the same standard as the ones that NPC's sold.

Since the NPC stores were open 24/7, who would specially go to a store manned by a player? The earnings the players were hardly enough to pay for their rent.

Thus Wang Yu instantly agreed when Mu Zi Xian suggested opening a store.

At this moment, Li Xue and the other girls had also logged off, Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian immediately shared their idea with Li Xue, who was extremely receptive of it. Since Li Xue could only sell her medicine through the auction, she had to constantly give some money to them as a form of commission. Once or twice was fine, but repeatedly doing so would take a toll on her earnings in the long run.

"Money is not at issue! As long as we can pay our rent every month!" Wang Yu declared.

"Since we can all challenge dungeons now and the market is full of crafting materials, I have absolute confidence that I can meet the demands of the store!" Li Xue confidently replied.

"All right then! I'll shall apply for a store permit tomorrow!" Wang Yu beamed.